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Hungry, hungry, I'm hungry, May I eat you?, May I eat you?

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
I HATE!...

wearing socks XP

panda bear's
anime & manga
Green Day
O.K computer - radio head
J-pop & K-pop
annoying people
LK ( LittleKuriboh - Creator of yu gi oh abridged )
Team Four Star - Creator of DBZ abridged
Hearts they make everythng better <3

Kappa are a type of water sprite that live in rivers. In oversimplified term, they are aquatic goblins. Often portrayed as having a turtle shell and beak, they're known for having a curiosity about humans, sometimes challenging humans to tests of skill, eating children, and having a love of cucumbers. They have an unique body structure called "dish" on top of their head, and it must be filled with water for the creatures to function properly on the land. Kappa are known to pull out the shirikodama (a*** ball) out from human killing them in the process. The a*** ball is an imaginary gland that is said to exist somewhere near the anus or around the stomach, although where exactly is open to debate. This story seems to originate from the tendency that drowned corpses often having their anus wide open as if something were pulled out from there. Kappa are sometimes depicted as creature with strength, as in case of stories where a human is not able to withstand against a kappa in a match of sumo wrestling when it is done fair and square. The kappa in Gensokyo wear a uniformed style hat and a backpack instead of a shell. Kappa live mostly around the base of Youkai Mountain.
Kappa in Gensokyo seem to think they're on good terms with humans but some of the folklore humans handed down over the generations suggest that humans think otherwise. Around the time the Hakurei Border was formed, the kappa constructed the dragon statue in the Human Village that people there worship every day. The kappa even installed a weather prediction device into it.
all kappa are geniuses at the things they care about, but (perhaps because of this) they don't work well in groups

Vote for me I'm against all those things people hate

-> Kappa likes it rough and not being stabbed repeatedly <-
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
Forgot sue me
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
Jacob for the movie
Edward for the book

But here's a joke that won't offend anyone

A person and a person walk into a place
....That's it =D
Which Character Are You Most Like?
I don't know my personality changes every day
Favorite Books
<3 means I favorite it with a passion which can turn kind of obsessive. o.o

Book : True vampires <3
Book : F my life
Book :The time travelers wife
Comic book : The watchmen <3
Comic book : The dark knight <3
Manga : Death note
Manga : Fruits basket
Manga : Cardcaptor sakura <3
Manga : Yotsuba&
Manga : Hikaru no go
Manga : Yuru Yuri ( pronouced Yulu Yuli ) <3
Manga : Beyblade <3<3<3
Manga : Yu Gi Oh <3<3<3
What is Your Favorite Music
Everything rocks my fuzzy purple socks <3
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
8 simple rules
the big bang theory
brotherly love
batman ( live action cheesy show from 60's with Adam West ) =3
Dragon's den
The middle

Beyblade - ORIGINAL <3
Bakugan - ORIGINAL <3
Yu gi oh - ORIGINAL <3
Favorite Quotes:
" If the world didn't suck you'd fall off it "

" she turned me into a newt!! " (silence) " I got better"

"I'm okay with death, as long as I'm not there when it happens"

" I laughed, I cried, it touched me"

" Have you ever looked at your ex and thought....Was I drunk the entire relationship??" o.O

" Don't seek the treasure!!" " we thought you was a toad!!" "WHAT!? OoO"
Favorite Activities
Listening to music
Watching anime / cartoons
obsessing over animation and voice actors ^o^

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At 8:50pm on November 23, 2011, Venomania said…

Ahh, the GIFs made me very VERY happy. And the pictures don't suck! Soul was among them =)

and by info, I merely mean you seem to be cool and of good taste. By the way, I HATE a&f too, in response to your discussion 

At 5:57pm on November 21, 2011, Venomania said…

Hello! We're friends on here... but we havent actualy talked! so hey. Love your pictures and info btw

At 2:44pm on October 30, 2011, Mikhala♕ said…
Okay,I take back what I said about lame costumes.Some of them are actually pretty cool.And because you keep bugging me about going,I geuss that means that you are?Besides,you're assuming that I don't have any plans for Halloween at all.I'm insulted.I may not be going trick-or-treating,but my dog is.Before you run off to the optometrist,let me tell you that you did read that correctly;I'm taking my dog trick-or-treating.Well,we're really just going to be visiting the neighbors,but she will be in costume.I bought a skeleton costume for her a couple weeks ago,for my dog to use as pajamas,because we were having trouble finding any in her size(she's a pit bull)that were also affordable.
At 8:09pm on October 27, 2011, Mikhala♕ said…
I can't go trick-or-treating because of my pride and common sense.I could buy candy cheaper than some lame costume that I would only wear once.
At 3:26pm on June 23, 2011, Make a Wish ♥ said…

lol ! yeahh ! It's one of my favorite cheesy manga's a love to read. 



At 6:16pm on June 12, 2010, Rawrr<333 said…
wat r u listening to?

At 12:38pm on June 11, 2010, ken said…
i'm good,nothing
At 1:10am on June 11, 2010, Rawrr<333 said…
listening to music

At 10:28pm on June 9, 2010, ken said…
sorry is how are u ok
At 9:54pm on June 9, 2010, Rawrr<333 said…
lol, thanks, u too, Panda
i think thats the best name ive ever seen on here :)


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