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Kaleb Nation and Rawr! Means I Love You! are now friends
Mar 15, 2010
Rawr! Means I Love You! left a comment for Alice E. Cullen
"seizurious tacos! lol... i can't see why Wite Rabit wouldn't wanna be a groupie, Queen o' Hartz! I mean, I Alyss, would be a groupie if the band didn't need my awesome drum skills!"
Oct 10, 2009
Rawr! Means I Love You! left a comment for Alex
"you rock! ppl like us that aren't afraid to say that they don't like twilight are so awesome! maybe all these ppl obsessing over edward will learn something from ppl like us...."
Sep 1, 2009
JeNnA MaRiE CaRbOnE <3 left a comment for Rawr! Means I Love You!
"ok nice page. and now i know why u hate blow pops lol nice 1. add me"
Aug 26, 2009
Rawr! Means I Love You! updated their profile
Aug 17, 2009
Rawr! Means I Love You! commented on Hachette Book Group's blog post NEW MOON MOVIE COMPANION: THE COVER!!
"i was hoping for something a little bit more unique, this just looks like a ripoff of the first one...."
Aug 10, 2009
Rawr! Means I Love You! left a comment for Alice E. Cullen
"you've got mail! well, not really, but you've got a.. uhh.. COMMENT!!"
Aug 5, 2009
Rawr! Means I Love You! left a comment for ☞♫☽☮☠Joy Washington☠❤☮☾ツ
"wow! I've never known anyone else that like the song Ur So Gay too!"
Jul 30, 2009
Rawr! Means I Love You! and terribly wonderful sarah are now friends
Jul 17, 2009
Rawr! Means I Love You! joined LadyMinnyOfRaven's group

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Post your own little Twilight Inspirsed Stories right here!
Jul 14, 2009
Rawr! Means I Love You! left a comment for mollie k. cole
"hey! this is elle!"
Jul 12, 2009
Rawr! Means I Love You! is now friends with nezzie black and Official Misty Waterflower
Jun 28, 2009
Rawr! Means I Love You! left a comment for Sarah {Victoria}
" found this hilarious. lol."
Jun 22, 2009
Bella Cullen left a comment for Rawr! Means I Love You!
" ur hilarious the whole anti-blow pop thing and ur pic "this is my vampire face" its awesome but u no who i would like 2 c a vamp i would like 2 c michel jackson as a vamp even hes a really,really ugly form of a vamp also brittney spears"
Jun 2, 2009
Rawr! Means I Love You! and Bella Cullen are now friends
May 30, 2009

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May 21st

Posted on May 22, 2009 at 4:50pm 0 Comments

Well, today is the 22nd but I was sooo busy yesterday so I couldn't do a blog post! So I'm doing it now cause I got alot to say! Okay, well first off, this post is also a game! I'm reading a book called So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld (The author of Uglies!!!!) and in the book they use no brand names and just give you clues to what it actually is! So... I'm going to do it in this post and see if everyone can get it! Just put your answers in the comments! So, me and my friends made a… Continue

May 19th

Posted on May 19, 2009 at 5:50pm 0 Comments

Haha. What a GOOD day I had today! Haha. Got to do a impression of the head blowpop. I was so awesome! I would put what I said in here, but i won't. They might think somethin REALLY WRONG. lol. I think you all have an idea of what I mean. Lol. AND, i got up early this morning to see the New Moon poster the moment it came out. I was so happy that they had Bella holding on to Jacob and Edward just kind of standing there. But! I think it would of been so much better if like Jacob had his arm… Continue

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
5. Oh! Um... I like Twilight!
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
I first read Twilight 4 months ago and I have read all the books 3 times each! I woulda read em more, but I read several other series and can't read Twilight every single week.
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
Team Jacob... Cause he's HOT! And Edward's a wimp! Big derr there. Oh, and I'm on Team Anti-BlowPop. (Just read the text box, K?)
Which Character Are You Most Like?
Well, my friends say I'm a Rosalie. I don't think so but idk. I look absolutely nothing like her though. If it was going by looks, I would say I look sorta like Bella because I'm definately not perfect, and I'm pretty clumsy. Only I can trip on flat concrete and break out my teeth! :P I'm making a Twilight parody movie sometime soon and I'm playing Rosalie cause my assistant directors said that would be what I would be best at cause I've got a good heart, but I'm grumpy and very Rosalie-ish at times. But I can see myself being several different characters! But I'm not going to say I'm Alice or Bella cause EVERYONE does. I'm a powerful person, and know what I want in life. I even know what I want to be when I grow up! And I can't think of a character like that. Rosalie is kinda close, or maybe Jasper.
Favorite Books
Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Uglies, Pretties, Specials, Extras, and The Giver. And if there were any Anti-BlowPop books, I would love them too! And oh my gaaaa, So Yesterday is sooooo awesome!
What is Your Favorite Music
Ummm, Beyonce, Rihanna, Chris Brown, 3OH!3, Paramore, Toy-Box, Fall Out Boy, Katy Perry and more! Like, anything Toy-Box, I really like alot. I like overly happy music, but not just happy. I like emo music too, but I ain't Emo or nothin. Emo is a genre of hard rock music, and its pimpin! Lol.
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
Uhhh, That '70's Show, Malcolm In The Middle, America's Got Talent, POKEMON!!!!! Ah! I love Pokemon with a burning passion!!! And Powerpuff Girls Z is awesome! Even though it isn't available in the U.S., I still watch it on YouTube in Japanese with English subtitles! As for movies, I like The Benchwarmers, Mean Girls, and Legally Blonde. I honestly didn't like the Twilight movie too much, because the books were so great, and I think I expected too much out of the movie.
Favorite Quotes:
"Nature didn't need a operation to be beautiful, it just was." From Uglies

"One world, Now and forever! Best friends, Loyal and true! One dream, That's side by side! There's nothing we can't do! One hand, Helping the other! Each heart, Beating as one! We live, Always together! Sharing the same bright sun! One world... You and me and Pokemon!"

"Just because I'm sad doesn't mean I cry. I know that crying will not help in any way! As long as I keep smiling, I am able to brighten my day! At least that's what I have heard people say!"

And the finish line is just around the bend... I'll pause this game, so our love will never end... Let's go again... ~ A line from my fave song, Mario Kart Love Song~

This is one of my fave parts of A Very Potter Musical! There is so much more on Youtube! It's so cool! "Did someone say Draco Malfoy?" Love that character! My Links! My Youtube Channel- My DeviantART- My FanFiction- My Neopets- HATCH THE POKEMON!!!


My thoughts on Twilight
Before you try to talk to me about the book series, please read this and see my side. Thanks.Okay, so I've read this series several times by now. And I can say that I'm not planning on reading it ever again, and if I ever read it again, it will be in the distant future. After that last statement, I know what some of you are most likely thinking... "Omigah! This girl is crazy! How could she not want to ever know how hot Edward is ever again?!?" I know you are thinking it. Trust me. But I do have a reason. My dream is to grow up to be a famous author, and I need to start improving my writing skills. So now your probably thinking that I am still crazy. Well, let me start off with this. The storyline of the Twilight series was great. I love the action and twists and turns in the major plotline. But that is not all of the book. In fact, I have seen several websites that have calculated how much of Twilight is talking about someone's appearances, and its over half! Over Half of the whole series obsesses over how much Bella thinks boys are hot! And that doesn't make a good book! It gets very boring after a while. And also, I would like for you to take a look at a actual statement fro Stephenie herself, "''In my head, Bella is very fair-skinned, with long, straight, dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Her face is heart-shaped—a wide forehead with a widow's peak, large, wide-spaced eyes, prominent cheekbones, and then a thin nose and a narrow jaw with a pointed chin. Her lips are a little out of proportion, a bit too full for her jaw line. Her eyebrows are darker than her hair and more straight than they are arched. She's five foot four inches tall, slender but not at all muscular, and weighs about 115 pounds. She has stubby fingernails because she has a nervous habit of biting them. And there's your very detailed description." Now, if you take a pic of Stephenie Meyer and that description, you see that the description is very close to a younger Stephenie Meyer. I bet most of you have no clue what a Mary Sue is. So I'm gonna tell you! Here ya go! A Mary Sue is a character that is the main character and it seems as the book revolves around her. Alot of focus is put on her flaws, but also how much everyone loves her. She is so normal that she's unrealistic. Another trait of a Mary Sue would be that character being a better version of the author, living out the life they wish they had. Think about it for a little while, and it will become clear that BELLA SWAN is a MARY SUE. And in writing, having a Mary Sue isn't good. So pretty much, the story of Twilight is great, but it is over powered by Bella repeating thoughts and that frekin Mary Sue. That's all I have to say, and if you have any questions, just message me! Thanks! =)

Blow Pops suck. Don't forget it. Blow Pop is actually my personal slang word for a girl with a big head (she's full of herself) and she is full of mush (I think their brains are melted...). So now you know. Blow Pops suck. Oh how I hate them. Don't forget these words. They will do you good in future life. =]

Okay, here's my amazing plan to become a werewolf. I go out there and find Jacob Black and take some of his werewolf blood, then I inject it into my bloodstream. Then I go irritate some vampires, and WHABAM! I'm a werewolf. Pretty impressive, huh?

Haha. Lord, help me. I think Star Trek has come to life.

You know, Pokemon rocks. Not the new episodes, but the old series that was more violent and it had the best character ever, Misty! I still watch the new episodes though, just to see how stupid Ash is and to watch Team Rocket blastin off again! w00t! Dawn sucks. May sucks. Ash and Misty are so pimp. Gosh, I am such a nerd! And I love it! Heheh. Wouldn't it be so awesome if the world was really like it is in Pokemon? Like, when you turn 10, you don't gotta go to school and your parents just set you free! That would be so awesome.

If there wasn't a Jacob Black, I would so be Team Jasper!

Who is your perfect Cullen boy?

MusicPlaylist MySpace Playlist at

Songs On Playlist: 1. Kibou no Kakera (Powerpuff Girls Z Theme) 2. Sanctuary (Kingdom Hearts 2 Theme) 3. Irresistible
Kibou no Kakera English Translation
(This isn't exact, but it is worded to go with the beat of the music.)
Let me tell you a story
Just as long as you don’t laugh
When I tell you

It's just about this world
That we live in
Love and know

Sometimes I wonder why
The trees are so green
And the sky is so blue

And I always wonder why
The sun is so bright
Why is it so?

I'm guessing that it's just because
Of something that I don't understand
But I've been told that it isn't important to know
You can never touch it with your hand

Right now I believe all of my dreams will come true
Just as long as I have faith in them all the time
But I know I can't have everything in the world
But I have hope in what is supposed to be mine

Just because I'm sad doesn’t mean I cry
I know that crying will not help in any way
Just as long as I keep smiling I am able to brighten my day
At least that is what I have heard people say

Look over here
And you’ll see that
There isn’t anything
You cannot find

You’d be surprised
How much you can accomplish
As you go

Stars in the sky show us
That there are pieces of hope in life
While they shine

They watch us every night
When we sleep and dream
Just watch them glow.

Even though you want to learn more
Knowing too much can damage your mind
Cause I’ve been told that it isn’t important to know
It’s just there being a part of our life

Right now show love from your heart because I’ve been told
That it is the closest thing we have to magic
When someone receives a bit of love, they feel happier
And they feel complete cause nothing can interfere with it

When you are afraid, I’ll be by your side
I’ll be there to help you fight your fears
Just as long as you keep smiling, you are able to brighten your day
It is always better than shedding tears

Many feelings from my heart
Fly so freely in the sky
When it’s time for you to release your own feelings
Will you promise to smile and not cry?

Right now I believe all of your dreams will come true
Just as long as you have faith in them all the time
But you know you can’t have everything in the world
But you can have hope and everything will be all right

If you’re feeling sad, you should not cry
You know that crying will not help in any way
Just as long as you stay happy, the whole world will be happy with you
Happiness is the key to a brighter day

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At 9:03pm on October 12, 2009, Alice E. Cullen said…
Yes alyss. white rabbit should have been a groupie but she intruded on the mad hatter and mine, the queen o hartz, singing session! so did mouse in tcup but whatever. lol.

<3 Queen O' Hartz <3
At 4:46pm on June 10, 2009, GG.Cullen de Messi <3 said…
At 7:06am on June 2, 2009, Bella Cullen said…

ur hilarious the whole anti-blow pop thing and ur pic "this is my vampire face" its awesome but u no who i would like 2 c a vamp i would like 2 c michel jackson as a vamp even hes a really,really ugly form of a vamp also brittney spears
At 11:14am on May 26, 2009, Sarah {Victoria} said…
awesome!!!!!!!! lol
At 7:44pm on May 6, 2009, Alice E. Cullen said…
I know! lol. except my pink streaked hair. You now my mom wouldn't let me color my hair pink! lol.
At 4:22pm on May 5, 2009, EMILY BERRIOS said…
hey lol u no ur like my new (and i hope u always will b) my bff u rock!!! lol (and ur supper funny)
At 8:24am on April 24, 2009, Jessica-Rose Cullen said…
hey. i love ur pic! lol. can we b friends? :)
At 6:49pm on April 21, 2009, Darian said…
At 5:15pm on April 20, 2009, EMILY BERRIOS said…
At 5:12pm on April 20, 2009, Darian said…
Hey! Write back :D welcome

luv ya darian
P.S. lets be friends!

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