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♥Яɛиɛƨмɛɛ Ɔαяℓιɛ Ɔʋℓℓɛи♥'s Page. *smiles* Cuter than you since 2006 *grins*

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Jul 26, 2010
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"Ello,i'm Renesmee."
May 8, 2010
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"I'm good, thanks. -Smiles-"
Apr 23, 2010
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Apr 22, 2010
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Apr 21, 2010
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Apr 20, 2010
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Apr 12, 2010
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"what's up?"
Apr 11, 2010
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Apr 11, 2010
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Apr 11, 2010
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"I'm about to be 17.*frowns*"
Apr 8, 2010
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Apr 8, 2010
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Apr 8, 2010
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"*sits down*"
Apr 7, 2010

"I'll never let you go."

Ƥℓɛαƨɛ ∂σ иσт cσρʏ! Ɩ тσσκ мʏ тιмɛ тσ ɢɛт ɛʌɛяʏтнιиɢ яɛα∂ʏ

My Twin sister and I *smiles*
My Bestie!

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Currently: Thinking:You never know what you have until it fades away and you don't have it anymore. Eating:----- Drinking:---- Watching:The Screen Reading:Comments Mood:Happy

Name:Renesmee (Ruh-Nez-May) Carlie Cullen
Age:Mentally 5 but Physacally 16
Status:Single and Maybe looking
Parents:Bella and Edward Cullen
Species:Half Human/Half Vampire (Rawr!)
Aunts:Rosalie and Alice
Uncles:Emmett and Jasper
Nicknames:Ness,Nessie,Giggle Monster,Sis (Jakerz only)
D.O.B:September 10,2006
Eye Color:Chocolatey Brown
Celebrity Crush(es):Justin Bieber,Liam Hemsworth,Christian Beadles,Chace Crawford,Logan Lerman

Renesmee "Nessie" Carlie Cullen is the half-vampire, half-human daughter of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, born on September 10, 2006, on the day of Bella's human death in Breaking Dawn. Her name is derived from the amalgamation of the names of Bella's mother, Renée, and Edward's adoptive mother, Esme. Her middle name, Carlie, is a combination of the names Carlisle, Edward's adoptive father, and Charlie, Bella's father. She has the same facial features and hair color as Edward, but the curly hair of her grandfather, Charlie Swan, and the brown eyes of Bella. She is described by Bella and Jacob as being the most beautiful person in the world, even though she is so young. Her heart pumps blood, giving her a blush, and her pale skin glows in the sunlight. Her skin is very warm and soft to the touch, but is as strong as a vampire's. Renesmee can survive on both blood or human food, though she prefers blood, and she doesn't produce venom. Her special ability is being able to send someone a memory or thought by touching their skin. Renesmee grows both mentally and physically at a fast rate, being able to speak only seven days after her birth, and by the end of Breaking Dawn she is able to read, run, hunt, and perform other tasks at advanced levels for her young age. Her intelligence stuns everyone - Bella and Edward especially - as she can understand what is going on around her when the Volturi arrive. Jacob Black gives her the nickname "Nessie" because he considers her full name to be a mouthful, though Bella strongly dislikes him naming her child "after the Loch Ness Monster". However, by the end of the book, all of the characters adopt this shortened version. She will reach physical maturity after about seven years, when her physical appearance will be around seventeen, and will then stop aging.

After Jacob Black imprints on Renesmee, Irina, a vampire from another coven, sees Renesmee and believes she is an "immortal child", a child who had been bitten by a vampire. She informs the Volturi, as immortal children are not allowed to live. Intent on killing Renesmee, the Volturi travel to Forks. However, the Cullen family members gather witnesses from around the world to prove that Renesmee is not an immortal child. Alice brings another half-breed, Nahuel, who explains what he is. No longer seeing Renesmee as a threat, the Volturi leave.

Fave Snack: Hmmm,Crackers and fruit
Fave Candy: Sour Patch Kids
Fave Fast Food Restaurant: Mcdonalds
Fave Pastime: Drawing
Fave Color: Purple
Fave Valentine’s Candy: Hershey’s Kisses
Fave Date Place: Beach
Fave Songs: Never let you go,baby,Tie Me Down,If we ever meet again
Celeb Crushes: Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner, David Henrie,

Original Profile
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Jacob Black

Єℓℓσ Ɩт'ƨ Ĵαcσв Ɯιℓℓιαм Ɖαиιɛℓ βℓαcκ нɛяɛ. Ƭнιƨ ιƨ мαн ƨκιттℓɛ вɛƨтιɛ ƨσ ιғ ʏσʋ нʋят нɛя Ɩ ωιℓℓ ƨℓαρ cнʋ,ʏɛƨн Ɩ ƨαι∂ Ƨℓαρ. Ƨнɛ ιƨ ℓικɛ α ƨιƨтɛя тσ мɛ ƨσ ʋмм ʏα ˩σʌɛ ʏα ƨιƨ

Ƥ.ƨ:Ƨιƨ ιƨ мɛн Иιcκиαмɛ ғσя нɛя

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At 6:36pm on April 5, 2010, ♥Яɛиɛƨмɛɛ Ɔαяℓιɛ Ɔʋℓℓɛи♥ said…

Yozerz,Its Nessie here. I am here to say I read,reply,and delete. Only keeping the special comments *smiles*

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