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Renesmee Claire Cullens Pack's Friends

  • poppy
  • Ĵαƨσи Δи∂яɛω ѦcƆαии ☮♡☺
  • Ness, Ashley, and Taylor Cullen
  • Renesmee Cullen
  • We Forgot(2 Teens,2 Preteens)
  • Jake,Winter,Mary&Anthony Black™
  • the rocking wolf pack
  • Jacob Black & Delilah Cullen
  • σffι¢ιαℓ ѕнαиє gяαу вℓα¢к
  • ●Renesmee Carlie Cullen●
  • Lɛαн, Ĵακɛ & Fαm
  • Renesmee and Carlie Cullen
  • Jacob and Evangeline Black
  • Jacob, Andrew And Kevin Black
  • ATZB's Pack

<-------Sara and Mason: we are best friendz!!!!! *smiles*

Latest Activity

Ĵαƨσи Δи∂яɛω ѦcƆαии ☮♡☺ and Renesmee Claire Cullens Pack are now friends
Jul 25, 2010
Renesmee Claire Cullens Pack updated their profile
Feb 6, 2010
Renesmee Claire Cullens Pack is now friends with One Tree Hill Pack, Selena Black, A mixed up species pack and 5 more
Feb 6, 2010
Renesmee Claire Cullens Pack is now friends with Renesmee Cullen, Orianthi, The Winter Pack/ Coven and 4 more
Jan 24, 2010
Renesmee Claire Cullens Pack left a comment for the rocking wolf pack
"Sunshine: thats good"
Jan 24, 2010
Renesmee Claire Cullens Pack left a comment for the rocking wolf pack
"Sunshine: how are you"
Jan 24, 2010
Renesmee Claire Cullens Pack left a comment for the rocking wolf pack
"Sunshine: hey *smiles*"
Jan 24, 2010
Renesmee Claire Cullens Pack left a comment for Lɛαн, Ĵακɛ & Fαm
"Sunshine: how are you"
Jan 24, 2010

Pictures of Me!

HI! *smiles* im Renesmee Claire Lillian Ashley Marie Cullen, but you can call me nessie or any other of my names. im 17 years old and im a vampire/human. my b-day is on june 1. im taken by jake. i love you jake! My fav colors are blue, purple and green.
My Jakey *smiles* from The Blacks and cullens!
Daughter: Midnight Marie Ann Cullen
sister: Nessie from Nessie Pack
brother: Justin from Nessie Pack
Nessie Cullen Black
♥☻♥ ☮Renessme Carlie Cullen♥☻♥☮
☮Eℓeηa Giℓbert☮
Jacob Black from the winter pack
Jacob Black

HEY PPLZ! Im Emma Carlie Jasmine Samantha Cullen...but you can call me emma :) im 16 years old and i love to have fun and be random! im a shapeshifter like other pplz and i love it! im single so guys come on and talk to me! my fav colors are yellow and green! my brother is jake and sister is victoria from this pack. i like to have fun and fool around with emily! XD
Best Friends:
Emily from this pack

HI!!!!!! *smiles* Emily Juliana Maria Cullen....thats me!but you can call me Emily. im 17 as the others are and im also a shapeshifter! how cool is that?!?!?! im also SINGLE!!!!!! but i dont realy care. ill meet someone eventually :) my B-day is on december 22 and i <3 the color GREEN! Family: Jason Besties: Emma from this pack ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hey Yall *smiles* im Sunshine new here so i dont know alot about this. i came here cause sara and me are BFF'S :) im single! of course but im not despret. my parents dies when i was little and im 16 right a trusting, loyal, and funny person *smiles*
Family: ----
Besties:Sara and Jacob

HELLO PPLZ!!!!! Ally Midnight Black is me! *smiles* im 17 and i love to party and have fun! im single!!!! so guys please talk to me *winks and laughs* my B-day is on october 27 and i love to hang out with my bro and other pplz
Family: Zac
Besties: -------

hi! *smiles wide* im Sara Black and single!!! *laughs* im very funny and i love to joke around and do fun things. im not really looking for a relationship but if the right boy comes around ill say yes *smiles*
Family: nick
Besties: Sunshine, Mason, and Juliet
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jason Alexander Cullen but people call me alex or jason. im 17 and looking for my special someone that will be fun and nice *grins* my birthday is march 21 and im loving the time here :)
Family: Emily
Besties: -------

wats up? i am Zac Joshua Black and im cool! *laughs* jk...i like to be around people and talk....especially with anabelle....i love you babe *grins* im taken and loving it. D.O.B. april 16
Family: Ally
Besties: -------

Hello. im Jake Black. im 17 and im single but not please dont try to flirt or do anything. i lovce to hang out and have fun. i live in la push and my sister is emma. if anyone hurts her you better birthday is on november 6.
Nicknames: Jake, Jakers, Jakey Pooh(only nessie can call me that)
Girlfriend- nessie
Besties: -------

my name is Jacob Lucas Black. my mom is nessie and my dad is jake. i was named after my father. i live with my mom in her pack and i like it. im single and looking for the special girl. i was born on january 15. im a shapeshifter like my dad.i live in lapush with my parents and i like to meet new people.
mom- Nessie from this pack
dad- Jacob William Black
Besties: sunshine

im Michael Cullen. im taken by love. shes great *grins* im 17 and i love to talk. i love to joke around with people. i was born on may 8 in la push. i have great friends here and i love it. i have fun every day *chuckles* but i guess im also bored like everyone
Family: -----
Best Friends: ----

Hello. im Nick Cullen. i love to play guitar and sing with my sister and friends. im single. i live in la push with the pack. i dont know when i was born. all i know is that im 17. my childhood was all so weird to me....i dont really know wat happened. but now i just care about here and and my sister
Family: sara
Best Friends: Claire

hi *smiles* im juliet. im 17 and im new in nessie pack. im nice, sweet and love to have fun and meet people. i came here cause i now sara and we love to hang out and have fun. im single but im not desperate...ill find the right one when it happens.
Bestfriends: Mason and Sara
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mason *grins* im new like juliet. i have a twin named mark. im 17 and i like to hang around with people and laugh. me, juliet and sara and good friends. we love to laugh and have fun. im taken by madison.
my twin mark
Girlfriend- madison
Bestis: Juliet and Sara

im Mark *smiles* im twins with Mason. im also 17 and im single. im kinda like mason but a little different. im looking for the perfect girl for me
twin Mason
Besties: ----

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At 4:42pm on January 17, 2010, Renesmee Claire Cullens Pack said…
Nessie: WE READ
Victoria: WE DELETE
Nick: we dont like comment stalkers
Emma: or do we *smiles*
Jake: we dont!
At 10:21pm on January 12, 2010, The Blacks and cullens! said…
jacob william- [ smiles happily ] I love you.... marry me?


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