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Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
My name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen.
I am a hybrid human/vampire.
I belong to the Olympic Coven.
I don't kill humans.
If you wish to know something ask me I won't bite [Giggles].
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
I have read it very many times. It is about my family and Breaking dawn has me in it.
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
Team Edward because he is my daddy.
Team Jacob because he imprinted on me [Smiles]
Which Character Are You Most Like?
Renesmee because I am her.
Favorite Books
I have many favorites.
What is Your Favorite Music
Mommy's lullaby that daddy wrote.
Grandma Esme's favorite.
Depends on my mood.
Favorite Activities
Being with my family.
Being with Jakey
Hunting [Giggles]

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SELENA NESSIE & CRAZY GIRLS left a comment for Renesmee Cullen
"hey sis *smiles and hugs u* i missed u...i have something 4 u sissy *takes it out of box and gives it to u* her name is roxy she is only one month old"
May 11, 2010
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May 11, 2010
Renesmee Cullen left a comment for Rosalie Hale
"Yes I will be fine aunty [Smiles][Goes after the deer]"
May 8, 2010
Renesmee Cullen left a comment for Rosalie Hale
"The deer is good [Smiles]"
May 8, 2010
Renesmee Cullen left a comment for Rosalie Hale
"Yes I smell mountain lion,deer and I think a bear"
May 8, 2010
Renesmee Cullen left a comment for Rosalie Hale
"{Giggles] Yup [Runs and jumps over the creek. Lands beside you]"
May 8, 2010
Renesmee Cullen left a comment for Rosalie Hale
"[Follows you]"
May 8, 2010
Renesmee Cullen left a comment for Rosalie Hale
"Okay [Smiles] Lets go then"
May 8, 2010
Renesmee Cullen left a comment for Rosalie Hale
"[Smiles] What do you want to do aunty?"
May 8, 2010

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[Online] Mood: Happy {Smiles} Looking for my family

My page nooo touchie!!!

Name:Renesmee Carlie Cullen Love Status:Single Imprint:Um. I don't imprint
Who Imprinted on me:For me to know [Giggles]
Born:September 10 2006 Age: Unknown Still Growing Alias:Nessie,Ness,Vanessa Wolfe(Alias given by Bella), Little Nudger
Physical Description
Species: Hybrid Human/Vampire Gender:Female Hair Color:Bronze Eye Color:Chocolate Brown Skin Color:Pale
Special Characteristics
Abilities:Basic Vampire Abilities Special Abilities:Tactile Thought Projection & Anti-Shield Loyalty:Olympic Coven & Jacob Black's Pack

Family Members
Vampire Family The Cullens
My AuntyRosalie Hale
My Daddy Edward Cullen (Not found) My Grandpa Carlisle Cullen (Not found) My Grandma Esme Cullen ( Not found) My Aunty Alice Cullen (Not found) My Uncle Emmett Cullen (Not found) My Uncle Jasper Hale (Not found)
Human Family
My Grandpa Charlie Swan (Not found) My Grandma Renée Dwyer (Not found) Phil Dwyer (Not found)
Werewolf Family
Jacob Black's Pack
Jacob Black (Not found)
Seth Clearwater (Not found) Embry Call (Not found) Quil Ateara (Not found)
Sam Uley's Pack
Sam Uley (Not found) Paul (Not found) Jared (Not found) Brady ( Not found) Collin (Not found)
Other Family

Some Information About Me
Physical Description I Was Depicted As The Most Beautiful Baby My Grandpa Charlie Has Even Seen. I Was Also Described As Being Even More Gorgeous Than My Aunt Rosalie Who Is Very Beautiful.I Have My Father's Facial Features And His Bronze Hair And I Have My Grandpa Charlie's Curly Hair. I Have Chocolate Brown Eyes The Same As My Mothers When She Was Human. I Have Pale Skin With A Bit Of A Blush Because My Heart Pumps Blood Although My Heart Beats Faster Than A Humans. My Skin Is Hard Like A Vampires But My Temperature Is Only A Few Degrees Below A Werewolfs. I Do Not Sparkle In The Sun Shine Like The Rest Of My Family I Only Glow A Little. Do To The Massive Amount Of Blood That Flows In My Veins And The High Pumping Of My Heart I Have Red Cheeks Like Petals,Purple Eyelids And Pink Palms. Diet I Can Survive On Both Human Food And Blood.Even Tho I Don't Care For Human Food I Will Eat It. I Don't Mind Drinking Animal Blood In Order To Conform To The Olympic Coven Life Style And Due To The Fact That I Love Humans. However Like The Nomads I Prefer Human Blood And I See The Donated Blood That My Mother Drank While She Was Pregnant With Me As An Acceptable Compromise. In The Beginning In Order To Get Me To Drink Animal Blood Jacob Starts A Hunting Competition Between The Two Of Us To See Who Can Catch The Biggest Pray Which Kept Me Motivated.
Special Traits
Similarly To Alice's Inability To See The Future Of Werewolves,Because She Was Never One Herself. She Can Not See Me At All. This Annoys Her Very Much. I Am Very Much Alive With A Rapidly Beating Heart And Veins Filled With My Own Blood, Just Like A Human I Can Not Fully Function With Out It. Unlike The Rest Of My Family I Am Able To Sleep But I Am Also Immortal Like My Family. I Will Grow To My Full Maturity At The Age Of Seven And Will Forever Look Seventeen Like My Father Edward. I Am Also Not Venomous.
A Bit More Info
My Name Derives From An Amalgamation Of The Names Of My Grandma Renee And My Grandma Esme. My Middle Name Carlie Comes From My Grandpa Carlisle And My Grandpa Charlie. Jacob Black Nicknames Me Nessie Because He Thinks My Name Is A Mouthful And Due To The Fact That He Use To Think I Was A Monster For Almost Killing My Mother, My Mom Refused To Use This Nickname Because Of The Obvious Allusion To The Loch-Ness Monster. But Later On She Doesn't Mind. My Nickname Nessie In Addition To Jacob Imprinting On Me Made My New Born Vampire Mother Very Angry Enough To Attempt To Attack Her Bestfriend. She Thankfully Didn't Susceed Because Seth Clearwater Jumped In The Way Breaking His Shoulder And Collar Bone. My Mother Apologized Later When She Calmed Down.

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At 3:28pm on May 10, 2010, SELENA NESSIE & CRAZY GIRLS said…
hey sis *smiles and hugs u* i missed u...i have something 4 u sissy *takes it out of box and gives it to u* her name is roxy

she is only one month old
At 9:10pm on May 8, 2010, Isabella Marie Swan said…
*looks around and smiles* We're here.

At 7:29pm on May 8, 2010, Isabella Marie Swan said…
I love you too, Honey.

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