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<--Gina)Ness:Belle it's all ur fault she fell!!~Belle:I'd say it wasn't my was HIS fault...the one she was going to jump for~Ness:*rolls eyes*

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We aren't smart because we are pretty we are pretty because we are smart


Dear Renesmee,
I [__like____] you.
You Make Me [_smile____]
My Fav Part On Ur Body Is [_eyes_____]
You Have A Nice [_smile_____]
I Really Love it When You [giggle and smile______]
Someday I Will [______]
You + Me =[______]
If I Saw You Now I Would [do something with you______]
If I Had Lots Of Money I Would Buy You [__anything you wanted just name it___]
I Would Build A [_anything_____] Just for youu.
I Would Get Your Name Tattoed On My [_arm_____]
If I Could Sing You A Song it Would Be [___your favorite song___]
We Could [___laugh__] under the stars.
If You Could Do Something With Me it Would Be [__anything____]
I think you are [__sweet___]
When i look at you i wanna [_smile__]
If we were alone we would [__do something____]
You are so .[__giggley____]
If we were at the park we would.[_have fun_____]
I wish I could .[______]
Describe Me In 3 Ways..[___sweet__]''[__pretty____]''[_giggley___]

PS:What Would You do if I told you that[__i think i imprinted on you?__]

Name: Renesmee Carlie Shine
Nicknames: Ness,Nessie,
Age: 17
R.Status: Taken By Jake

Name: Isabelle Anne Shine
Nicknames: Belle,Anne
Age: 17
R.Status: Single,looking
Twins with Renesmee

Name: Kristen Taylor Shine
Nicknames: none
Age: 17
R.Status: Single,sorta looking

Name: Demitria Luna Shine
Nicknames: De,Demi,Luna
Age: 16
R.Status: Single not looking until the rest get a guy unless the right one comes along

Name: Serenity Eclipse Shine
Nicknames: Ser, Eclipse
Age: 16
R.Status: Single...ready to mingle

Name: Aphrodite Athena Shine
Nicknames: Dite
Age: 17
R.Status: Single wanna mingle

Name: Gina Lee Shine
Age: 16
R.Status: Single...

Name: Delilah Ray Shine
Nicknames: .........
Age: 16 almost 17
R.Status: Single...

Name: Rosie Lorain Shine
Nicknames: Rose
Age: 16
R.Status: Single.....


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