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Renesmee Elijah Delilah Cullen
  • 20, Female
  • With You With You With You XD
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Awesomefabuweirdnesstickless. XD "You People Can Kiss Mah Bleepin' Eerp." ~ I Run This - Lil Wayne. XD

Cross My Heart ; I Really Do Hope You Die.

And That's The Girl Who Will Whoop Your Ass For No Reason ;)

Renesmee Elijah Delilah Cullen
-Nicknames: Ren, Nessie, Elly [Only ChiChi!], Bevcoon [Only Chinchilla!], Mrs. Skittlez [Only Mr. Skittlez!], Nessasaurus [Only Lilahsaurus!]
-Age: Sixteen!
-Specie: Half Vampire-Half Human

Besties!<3: ChiChi!, Chinchilla!, Mr. Skittlez!, Lilahsaurus!
Quotes: "Bordom Will Be Illegal.", "Don't Be Someone Else. Be The Person You Trust Most-Yourself."
-Status: Single..
-Looking: No.. But If He Comes.. He Comes. [ Shruggs ]
-Crushing: Maybe.. Maybe Not.
-On Who: Like I Would Tell You.
-Appearence: Long Brown/Black Hair, Big Chocolate Brown Eyes, Olive Skin Tone, "5'6", 120 Lbs, Sharp Teeth (For Biting XD), Birthmark Under Chin; The Shape Of A Blurred Heart,
-Personality: Kind Of Like Leah Cleawater's. I'm Hardly Show Any Emotion, And If I Do, It's Rarely Even Negative. Get To Know Me, And I'm Super Sweet. My Outside Cover Is Really Harsh, Emotionless. And When You Do Know Me Some More, I'm Really Awesome. [ Laughs Lightly ] I'm Stubborn.. Yeah, And I'm Not So Easy With B******.
-Likes: Candy, Sweet Things, Photography, Vintage, Hyperness, Boys, Books, My Glasses <3,
-Dislikes: Snobby People, B******, Plaid, Robert Pattinson, Evil People,

Mom: Bella
Aunt[s]: Alice

Hello :) I'm Renesmee. My middle names are up there with the rest of the info ^^. I'm sixteen (16), and loving it. I don't have a car-yet. But I'm getting one, even if it means getting in trouble for it XD. I'm single, NOT looking, but if he comes with true love, then he comes. I'm not going to waist my time on stupid little boys who can't make up their minds. I don't like getting played, so if there's something I need to know, you better tell me or I'ma go bam on your ass :). I have a weird personality. I can be sweet and polite, or I can be harsh and emotionless. But if your like my bestie, I'm always happy, and sweet, and blah blah blah XD. I take ALOT of pictures, so if your my bestie, I'll prolly have hundreds of pictures of you on my phone, camara, etc. XD

Meh Hackerz!

Ello It's Mitchierzzz here Hacking Nessie because I'm bored and She asked and I was like '''Sure!'' Haha! Sorry -Laughs hard- Anyway like I own her and If you think that Oh.. I'll own her,, I'll find you! Yeah! I will and Not Kidding! Just kidding! Haha! See haha1 I bet you are Scared! Yup you Probably not! xD Anyway I rock, Nessie Rocks and We both rock! As I say We! yeah wee! Haha :D Not you! Nessie and Me Soo I'm finishing this right now! :DD Byee!
Since You Persons Donot Read The Top Boxy Thing.. -.-
Meh Don't Like Nessie.
You Can Call Me That If You Want,
But If I Don't Have Like Some Awesome Friggin' Nickname From You,
Call Me Elijah. :D

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At 9:21pm on June 13, 2010, Delilah Danielle Elena Stryder said…
*gigles*of course!

Whats that? Could it be...
Nessasarous & Lilahsarous!
RAWR..means..we KICK YOU AZZ!*chuckles*

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