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Ryaan;;-'s Friends

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  • ERYN*<3

Rack City <3

Life's good, all the time.

Lie to me some more; It's addicting

Bipolar. Sarcastic. Young.


See what my friends have to say about me? Love them all


So, uhm, we're kinda the deffinition of Bestfriends.

CURTIS <3 People probably wonder why I call you that....OH WELL sucks to be them. :3 Anyway, You're my life and I love you to bits and pieces. We've known each other for a year, and i honestly don't know how I survived without you before. A lot has happened this past year. I think you can agree <3 The only time we don't talk is when you have stupid hockey turnaments -.- I actually really hate those. BUT ANYTHING FOR YOUR PRECIOUS SIX PACK xD but let's not go there. I pretty much love everything about this relationship. I can tell you seriioouusslllyyy anything, and I know you really don't hold back when you have something to Good Lord. I love Jackson <3 I love staying up till 2:00 in the morning on the weekends for our show. You make me laugh. I worry about you too much, but I am your mother after all. ;3 I love messing with other people with you. Ima hoe, you're a hoe, WE'RE ALL HOES. Aha. But I mean what would you do for a Klondike? A hell of a lot if your YOU! xD Love helping you with all your problems and it seriously makes my life to see you happy after a bad day. Can't wait to deal with all your summer romances again. Ahahha :) Music...nough said <3 Uhm I really love the way you ignore me while you straighten your hair -.- xP I'm rambling on pointlessly and I need to study for my exams...SO DO YOU. In any case we're the perfect two, baby me and you. Yeah we're the perfect two <3



Kings of love. <3

<3; Well, I'm not great at hacks, so i do think this will suck. Dx Ehhh, well I love texting Ryan, we literally text for hours, like 10, I enjoy our talks. And what Patrick is saying up there, is true. I love you. ;D Anyways, we watch Spongebob, we really enjoy it. o_o Anyways, we stay texting up late, and I've been trying to wake up earlier to say, "WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD." But it never works. >.> He's always awake, anyways we're kings that don't know how to rule, but we do. We're bro's in love. o_o lmfao. Anyways, we are awesome. We made a fairytale of Shrek, it's completely different. I'm Fiona, the sexy green. >.> And he's the fat cat, even though he hates cats, he probably hates himself then. .-. I love love him so much. c: I'm so happy. :'] Anyways, we talk almost everyday about my dad moaning all night in his rooms, and me finding used condoms. It was disgusting. I have millions of text messages in my phone. xD TOOO MANNY. We talk about my cousin trying to kkill me, and how i tied her up in the closet while watching Shrek, and then Alice in Wonderland. xDD And sometimes i die for 2 seconds. o_o He almost died, too. Anyways, well Ryan, I love you. I've got nothing to say, I think I've said enough. Goodbye. o.o I love you Ryan darn much. <3 OH NO. I have to say more. Why? Because Ryan and I are so much more now. So much I had to get a paper and pen! Well, we are very much stuff, we are ; Finn and Jake, Brothers, Husbands, best friends, kings, he is Holly and Chaka from Land of the lost. :3 He's pretty sexy btw; and also, we're Courage, and Muriel, he's also my very personal sexy teacher, he's trying to teach me to speak espanol, which I'm getting pretty good. :3 I'm his "sexy" student, we're both Squidward, since we can't sing. Dx I'm also Icarly and he's Gibby, Puss in boots, Fiona. <3 and Aaron is Freddie, the nerdy one. xD From Victorious he's Rex, and I'm Robbie, he stares at me at night; creepy, but I love him. <3 He's always gonna mean so much to me, very much. <3 Love you Ryan. :'] <33
I always start writing with a clean piece of paper and a dirty mind


 Well that's what my friends have to say, now listen to me? I'm nothing like the rest, I'm far from the best. I adore music. I have great respect for people who can sing because God knows that I can't v.v I have trouble sleeping, so if you see me on at 3 in the morning don't be surprised. I got nothing better to do x3 I'm extremely sarcastic, I speak fluent sarcasm. The pictures you see, aren't me at all. They're site models. Beautiful aren't they? Dayum :3 The only sport you'll see me play is hockey. The color lime green pleases me. I use faces or emoticons a lot xD They're entertaining and, I think, help express my point x3 Uhm, I hate HATE when people abbreviate every other word till it gets to the point where you have to read it a BILLION time to understand. Like, I'm dead serious. You won't get a comment back... unless your special :3... but most of you aren't so I wouldn't try it :3 I have no life, sorry :3 I tend to ramble, lo seinto xD I know this is boring, but honestly IDGAF. You can text me? If you want. I don't get on as much as I used to. Ask and I will give you my number :3 Talk to you maybe? I guess I'm still on for a selected few? Once they're gone, I'll be too. Kbai <3


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At 11:32pm on July 18, 2011, Minda said…
Hello there, beautiful.
At 7:44pm on June 29, 2011, Minda said…
REMEMBER! Inside every girl, is a boy....WAIT NO that came out wrong. xDDDDDD
At 6:32pm on June 28, 2011, Minda said…
Hi, I miss you lots. And I think you should contact me in some way, shape, or form. Soon would be nice. It would make me so happy to talk to your beautiful face right now. You're lovely in every way and I wouldn't ask for anything more in my bestfriend. So, you know, I love you so much. And no one else will ever love like I do, cause we're close like that. So don't you ever let anyone tell you you're not good enough, alright? Cause I will always love you best. Better then the next and better then the rest? Does that make sense? No? Not even a little? TOO MANY QUESTIONS. Tehe. Come home soon Kay? OhmyGod that's a question! Well whatever. I miss you. I love you. Come back to me <3
At 11:44pm on May 28, 2011, Minda said…
I'm not a freak, you just love the way I get freaky xP

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