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Name: Ryan Lee Clear Cloyd

Age: I was like, 17, correcto?

Species: It's a PACK. so like, werewolfy?

Imprint: was Allister, but she probably hates me so....

Imprintee: Hmm...not that I know of.

Status: Pretty sure I'm single. :(

Personality: Umm.....I'm just that awesome. xD *Laughs* Just kidding. I guess you could say I'm funny, nice, sarcastic, nice to girls cos they deserve it. ;)

Dislikes: When a girl is all lovely duvvy, then breaks up with you the next hour.

Name: Dylan Xavier Cloyd

Age: Um...I think it was 17. I don't remember. (:

Species: Werewolfy. Doy, dog.

Imprint: Um...

Imprintee: None that I know of.

Status: Taken by my baby. (:

Personality: Um. I'm pretty random, and I highly enjoy the smell of chicken. (Shhh) I'm funny, nice, and love a good time.

Dislikes: Ninjas, and Simon Cowell. I mean, talk bout mean!

Name: Charlie Alana Cloyd

Age: Um, 16...yep.

Species: Werewolf. (:

Imprint: Nopers.

Imprintee: Not that I know of.

Status: Single. :( Change it!

Personality: Super duper clumsy, and I always try to dance...too bad I fall every time. Dylan makes fun of me, so I dislike him so much. I'm nice, sweet, adorable.

Dislikes: Um...Dylan, by far.

Name: Midnight Ella Cloyd

Age: 20,987. Just kidding. 16. (:

Species: Werewolf, though I hate it.

Imprint: Nope.

Imprintee: None that I know of.

Status: Single.

Personality: I am pretty much in love with animals, and would do anything for the Earth. I'm a veggie, which means I dont eat meat. I'm pretty cute, too!

Dislikes: Probably animal killers, abusers, etc.

Name: Justin Logan Cloyd

Age: The best age. (: 16.

Species: What else? Werewolf.

Imprint: Umm...

Imprintee: Uh...nope. *Laughs*

Personality: Pretty random, cute, totally the smartest ever. :) I'm kinda competive, and some people think I'm cocky.

Dislikes: All those crappy singers on American Idol.

Name: Jaden Shea Cloyd

Age: I'm 16....

Species: Werewolf. Gosh.

Imprint: Renesmee from the Hot Pack.

Imprintee: Nope.

Status: Single.

Personality: Um...I'm kind of protective, and like so many people I lovr having a good time. Family and friends mean to world to me, and I'm nice. (:

Dislikes: Nothing really.

Names: Cheyenne May Cloyd (Left) And Pheonix Lucille Cloyd (Right)

Ages: Cheyenne is 15, and Pheonix is 14.

Species: Both are wolfies.

Imprints: Both have no imprint.

Imprintee: Not that they know of.

Personalities: Cheyenne and Pheonix both live for music and animals. Both of them volunteer at an adoption center for animals, they also love kids and are very kind.

Dislikes: Mean people, animal haters, and lazy people

Name: Diana Carter Cloyd

Age: I recently turned 15.

Species: What else? Werewolf.

Imprint: Single.

Imprintee: Not that I know of. :(

Status: SINGLE. Change that, please.

Personality: I'm kind of flirty, and I speak my mind. If I get hurt doing it, then I was stupid...but t doesn't stop me. I'm cute, and I love to cuddle. (:

Dislikes: Selfish guys, boys who think their soo hot.

Name: Logan Quil Cloyd

Age: I just turned 16 in January.

Species: Stop asking. Lol. WOLFIE.

Imprint: Um, no?

Imprintee: Not that I know of.

Status: Single, change it. Kthxbai.

Personality: I guess I'm kind of quiet, but that doesn't mean I'm not loud once you get to know me. I love basketball, and I'm looking for the right one. <33

Dislikes: Gross movies and skittlez.

Name: Derek John Cloyd

Age: I'm 16, and a half...for a LONG time.

Species: Werewolfy.

Imprint: Um.

Imprintee: Not that I know of.

Status: SIngle. :(

Personality: I'm the type of a guy who will actually STAY with a girl longer then 2 weeks. I'm sweet, funny, cute, and I love partying.

Dislikes: Umm....

Name: Nicholette Stormy Cloyd

Age: I'm 1!

Species: Full wolfy.

Imprint: Too young.

Imprintee: Nope.

Status: Too young.

Personality: Is very cheerful and fun loving. She loves to play and color, and is so spoiled. Sweet, kind, adorable.

Dislikes: Being alone, and the dark.

Name: Ally Izzy Cloyd

Age: Ryan.

Species: Werewolf.

Imprint: Nobody

Imprintee: Nobody

Status: Single.

Personality: I like having a good time, and I'm bi. Don't like it? Get the hell away. Anyway, I cuss sometimes but I have a sweet side. Find it.

Dislikes: Being rejected. Who does?

Name: Joshua Jacob Cloyd

Species: Werewolf. ;)

Imprint: Nope.

Imprintee: Noo.

Status: Single, not looking really.

Personality: I'm more on the wild side. I love partying and body shots. ;) You have to dig way deep to find my sweet side.

Dislikes: Working, not partying.

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At 5:44pm on March 6, 2010, Ryan and the pack said…
Do you realize how dangerous these Zu Zu pets are? They will eat you alive if you stalk peoples comments. I don't like comment stalkers. These are for MY eyes, not yours.


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