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Emily: Sorry we have not been able to be on for long periods of time. Spring Break is over for us today so we will be getting on less frequently. But you wont miss us. We will still come on

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At 11:55am on April 24, 2010, The Scene Kids Pack said…

Meet the Kids

Full Name: Natalie Scene (we all ditched our real last names)
Nicknames: Nat, Alpha
Love Status: Single Pringle
Fave Colors: neon colors. anything bright and crazy
Fave Food: im not picky but I would have to say ... ligers. Who can resist a mix of lion and tiger?
Species: Wearwolf : rawwr!
Age: 17 and loveing every second!
Virgin: *giggles*
Drink/Drugs/Smoke?: mhm/no/tried once...but no

Full Name: Emily Scene
Nicknames: Em, Omega
Love Status: Single
Fave Colors: dark colors... black... gray.
Fave Food: Mountain Lion
Species: Vampire
Age: vampire age? you dont want to know. Physical age? 16
Virgin: *sighs* yes
Drink/Drugs/Smoke?: nope/yes...once/no

Full Name: Katherine Scene
Nicknames: Kat
Love Status: single
Fave Colors: love them all!
Fave Food: anything thats out. When im hungry i eat everything!
Species: Angel
Age: lost track *giggles*
Virgin: yeahhhh. waiting for someone special
Drink/Drugs/Smoke: No to all. Ima goodie goodie XD

Full Name: Alexia Scene
Nicknames: Alex
Love Status: single
Fave Colors: purple and green
Fave Food: cookies. i just love cookies!
Species: Human
Age: 19
Virgin: yes
Drink/Drugs/Smoke?: yes/yes...not anymore/yea but not anymore

Full Name: Trace Scene
Nicknames: i just go by Trace
Love Status: In a relationship with Danger
Fave Colors: red and black
Fave Food: Bears
Species: Wearwolf
Age: 18
Virgin: no
Drink/Drugs/Smoke?: yes/no/no

Full Name: Addison Joseph Scene
Nicknames: please call me AJ
Love Status: single
Fave Colors: green and black
Fave Food: Angel
Species: Vampire
Age: 16
Virgin: *sighs* no
Drink/Drugs/Smoke?: yeah/nah/nah

Full Name: Spencer Scene
Nicknames: Spence
Love Status: single... lone wolf
Fave Colors: hard to choose
Fave Food: blood. any blood
Species: Red Vampyre Fledgeling
Age: 18
Virgin: yeahh
Drink/Drugs/Smoke?: yah/nah/noooo

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