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Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
Oh hai, hello, bonjour. My real name is Stacie. I live in New York. I believe in mythical creatures. And my bffl's are my life. I'm single D:. But whatever. My heart is still taken by a beautiful woman. I'm bi-sexual. Shall I say more?
This would be Sammeh hacking Stacie. This girl is amazing! She writes fantastically!If you hurt her, I kill you. Got it? She's one of the few people that I like role playing with. Only because she knows what the word 'paragraph' means. I think I'll leave now XD Thank you for listening! STACIE RULES!

{Off}line. LYNXIE:D <3

Forever Dawn;;

Mason was walking through a dark alley way, filled with homeless men huddled around their fires. The heat felt extremely good against his cold, hard porcelain skin. As he walked he hummed lightly, as if it were a normal environment. His footsteps echoed off the alley walls as he walked. The    homeless men all begged him for food and money as he passed, but Mason acted as if nothing was there.

Dark clouds rolled over the city of New York, blotting out every celestial body except the Moon. The moon’s light cast an eerie silver glare across the skyline. A shaft of lightning sprung from the clouds, striking the ground somewhere in the outskirts of the city. The brilliant white light split into branches on its way down, each of which fed into others gracefully. Suddenly, a rain fell down on the city, pounding against the glass windows of cars and buildings. The water streaked down a particular window.


In the corner of an old, abandoned warehouse, a girl sat in her sleeping bag. As a magnificent clap of thunder shook the warehouse, she shot up.

“Damn thunder,” she muttered angrily as she stepped out of her sleeping bag. “how can I sleep with all this noise?”

She walked over to a duffel bag, which was filled with many of her belongings. She zipped it up, slung it over her shoulder and walked out of the warehouse’s gaping doors.

Mason smiled, as he saw a young, Asian girl alone, rummaging through some garbage. She was quite a fool to be picking through garbage, especially alone at night. The rain poured down on Mason, but he took no notice. Silently, he walked up behind her.

“Redrum,” he whispered in her ear, ever so softy.

The girl jumped, terrified. She turned around to Mason, now smirking. His pointed white teeth were visible through the smirk. The terrified girl let out a small shriek.

The girl turned on her heel, ready to bolt, but before she could do anything else, Manson already had her in his grasp. Laughing softly, he slashed her neck wide open, and  began feeding from her. Her blood was sweet, like sugar. This would really pick him up. After he’d had his fill, he threw the her to the ground where she landed in a heap. He directed his gaze to a nearby building and simply hopped on to it and began climbing. Climbing a sheer building face like this was nothing to him, considering his vast experience.

Nothing was fun to him anymore.

Having only taken several steps outside the warehouse, the girl stopped as she heard a squeal. It could have been nothing, it didn’t even concern her, but she decided to check it out anyway. She ran to her car and threw her bag in, where it landed with a thud, she wheeled around slamming her door and walked down the street, fingering the cross she kept in her pocket. Around her neck was a locket, in which she also kept a clove of garlic, should something happen to her cross. As she rounded the corner, she came to a stop. She looked down the block and saw the crumpled body of a young woman.She smiled lightly as she she walked up to the lifeless girl.

“Here’s the body, but where’s the vampire?” she thought to herself. Hearing no footsteps, she looked up and saw a dark figure scaling the side of the building above her.

“There he is,” she chuckled to herself.

Mason did a flip backwards, onto the side of another building. He spread his wings and flew into the sky. He knew someone was watching him, but he didn’t care. He’d kill them later. After all, he was the only one who could fly, and it was a good gift. It had always served him well.

He paused for a second, thinking.

“May as well kill her too,” he said out loud. His sweet, velvet, soprano voice was lost in the rain. Had anyone heard him, they may have thought him to be a girl, before he slaughtered them.

He appeared black, suspended in the sky as he considered how to best kill the girl, it was great to be able to camouflage. He flew a loop in the sky and descended, landing several yards behind the girl who was still gawking upwards in his direction. He walked confidently up behind her, trapping her in the alley way.

He smirked.

“Well, hullo, what do we have here?” The girl suddenly asked, turning on Manson. She smiled lightly as his annoying smirk. Then her expression became an utter sneer.

“Wings? How’d a pretty boy like you get those?” she laughed.

“Looks? How’d you get those, cutie pie?” He asked, grinning. “Silly girl, you shouldn’t be hanging around here,” he chuckled.

“Genetics,” she said sarcastically. He looked at her oddly. She blinked and was taken aback by the soft spot growing in her. She growled a little under her breath.

He moved in closer, but her looks took him by surprise, she was actually quite beautiful. “Oh deary, I couldn’t kill a precious thing like you.”

“Oh?” she said. “Because I could kill you,” she said weakly. It sounded like she was lying, and she felt like she was.

“Kill me? Please.” A crooked smile took over his face. “With what, garlic? Oh, wait, perhaps holy water?” He shook his head mockingly. “Oh dear, we’ve got ourselves a young one.”

He looked up towards the sky. “You can’t kill me with those stupid things, I’m to old to be done in by those things, too experienced.”  It was still raining and the feel of it against his skin was actually very refreshing. He looked back down at her.

Her heart skipped a beat when he smiled. “Trust me, I’m not a ‘young one.’ I’ve been raised to kill things like you my whole life,” she said as looked to the sky. The rain hit her hard. She blinked and looked down. She tears forming in her eyes, as she remembered the night her family died.

“Great,” she said. “The only thing that would work with you is dead man’s blood. And the girl hasn’t been dead long enough for that.”

“Watching too much ‘An Interview With A Vampire’, have you? Dead mans blood is very sour, but I won’t ever die. I won’t even go away.” He smelled the salt in her tear drops. “Oh love, don’t cry.” He held out his hand to her.

“Crying is no use.”


“Tell that to someone who didn’t watch a vampire kill her family,” she said grimly and smiled rudely. She sighed and grabbed his pale hand hesitantly, it was ice cold. For some reason, it felt really nice against her warm skin.

She licked her lips and pursed them. “What am I doing?” she thought aloud.

“Not all vampires are the same,” He said, in a serious tone. He held her warm, wet hand and smiled at her “you’re holding my hand.” he said, chuckling lightly.

“Yes, but ‘why?’ is the question. You’re the first vampire I’ve seen that I haven’t killed immediately,” she said to him guiltily. She pulled out of her trance and looked at him in the face.

She was frozen by his beauty. Many vampires had that beautiful appearance, but his was much more so.

“I only kill to survive, not for fun like some. We aren’t all the same. Besides, I don’t think you can kill me. I’m too old.” He sighed. “Damn immortality.” He looked at her, his eyes glowing bright green.

He studied the structure of her face, and smiled. He watched her nostrils flare as she breathed.
“She’s breathing,” he thought to himself “I wonder what that’s like.”

She blinked and breathed through her nose. She sighed and looked at his eyes. They were insanely beautiful.

“You still killed an innocent person,” she said, trying to deny that what he was doing was okay.

Mason shook his head, “Everyone dies at some point, or at least humans do.” He smiled again. “Besides, she was a thief. She broke into a bakery one night and stole all the food she could lay her sticky fingers on.” He looked passed this girl over to the one he killed.

“If I hadn’t killed her, she would have died in jail.”

He looked sad. Scar sighed and looked at him. “I know everyone has to die. I’m used to death, though,” she said smiling lightly. Her heart accelerated when he looked away, and she was sure he’d hear it.

“How freaking embarrassing!” she yelled to herself in her mind.

“Death is an interesting transition.” He looked back at her. “However, dieing is hard. Well, my death was at any rate. It’s supposed to be easy.” Mason thought for a second. “Wait a moment, I haven’t properly introduced myself.” He let go of her hand, stepping backward some.

“My name is Mason Alic Linkmen, I died 481 years ago. I was 19.” He missed the warmth of her hand. “And you are?” He asked. His voice was really, different. You could tell he was a boy but it was gentle. Very gentle and quiet.

“Scarlett Samantha Dust. I’m nineteen now and have yet to die,” she said and smiled at him. As soon as his hand slipped away from hers, her face fell a little. She missed the cool feel of it against her warm skin. She needed it.

Mason heard faint sirens. His ears pricked up with the noise. “Someone is dying, lucky its not you.” He turned his head to listen. “Nice to meet you Scarlett.” He said, in a happy tone. Then he heard a Fright Ranger. His eyes widened. “I must be going.”

Without letting her say anything more, he spread out his angelic wings again and flew up into the night sky, disappearing into the clouds.

“N-wait,” she stuttered. She growled and kicked at some rocks as she walked away.

“Why is it so important? He’s just some stupid vampire, right? No, no he’s not. For some reason he’s more..” she angrily brooded.

She sighed and got in her car.

Mason flew past the moon, hoping she’d see him. He took a big risk doing that, as the fright rangers were following him. She really was something else. He smiled, remembering the feeling of her warm hand in his.

She glanced at the moon and felt a warm feeling in her as she saw a figure silhouetted against the moon. She smiled, knowing somewhere inside of her that it was Mason.

She drove down the street and sighed.

Mason followed Scarlett’s car, as he was trying to escape. The Fright Rangers shot one of their purple nets at him. Mason dodged it, jumping onto Scarlett’s hood, then back up into the sky.

She stopped and her eyes widened. “The hell?” she said. It was Mason. She knew it. She got out and looked up to find him. She bit her lip. She would have called out for him, but it’s New York, there was no way he’d hear her.

Mason hid behind a building, to relax for a second. “Was that… Scars car?” He thought to himself. “My god.” The Fright Rangers had found him, and if he was caught he might as well be dead.

Things had quieted down, and so Mason walked out from behind the building right into Scarlett. “Oh whoops.” He said, He looked up to see it was her again. “Such a small world, ain’t it?”

“Yeah,” she said. She smiled at him happily. Through the sheet of rain she could just barely make him out. She knew it Mason. Mainly from his voice.

He smiled back. His lips a bright pink now. “You’re going to get sick, go home.” He said to her. “Come, I’ll escort you and we can talk more.”


She smiled lightly at the offer. “I don’t have a home,” she simply, truthful, some hurt in her tone. She added a sigh. “Haven’t since I was seventeen. I’ve been on my own for two years now. I go where my feet take me.” She attempted to explain herself, but it was hard.

Mason rolled his eyes. “We have to get you inside somewhere, then I can heat you up.” He hinted in her tone, that again, he was different. She didn’t know he was a hybrid, and when he was to possibly show her, he hoped she didn’t freak. Mason looked around thinking. “Any ideas? Possibly the sewer. That’s usually where I stay, considering no one can see me going back to my current space.” He took her hand once more and kisses the top, his lips meeting her skin lightly. Then he let it go, and her hand fell.

Her heart skipped another beat when his lips touched her hand. Then when he dropped her pale hand her face fell. She hoped the rain was too thick to see through for a vampire, as the expression on her face was too obvious. “How could I be falling for him?” She thought to herself.

“There’s a motel nearby,” she said to him, noticing his frustration to find somewhere to stay. She certainly didn’t wanna stay in some sewer in New York City. There would be way too many rats for her liking.

Mason nodded. “Alright. If you get sick it’ll be me to blame. You look freezing.” Mason had no need to blink, so the rain drops didn’t bother him, neither did the air. He saw everything perfectly. Everyone was hauling taxis to get home and out of the weather.

“I’ll pay for it. Lead me there.”

She smiled and led him there in the cold heavy rain. The rain drops were whipping Scarlette now. They were falling harder, and streams of water slid down the sides of the wet busy streets. By time they got there, she was freezing. Way worse than before. “Damn my super powers don’t work,” she muttered and smiled lightly to herself.

“My super powers? I’ll warm you up.” Mason took a pause. “Only once we are alone.” Mason smiled and walked up to the main desk. He had a quiet conversation with the women behind the desk with “Elizabeth” written across her name tag. After their conversation, Mason pulled out a big wad of cash, in which he stole the money of the people he killed. Mason got them a room. He turned to Scarlette, tossed her the key and smiled at her. “Ready to go up to our suite?” He asked, pressing the button on the elevator, which was located beside the desk to go up.

[They were in a small, cold room polting together. They rarely saw each other and when they did it was strictly business. Neither of the two cared for love or compassion. Their bodies contained just cold dry hearts. Over a piece of red paper, written in black there were two single names written on the piece of paper, located underneath the boys. “Annihilate” Both twins nodded, and spoke together. Their voices were the same, or similar enough. They sounded almost robotic when the spoke like that.]

“Suite?” she asked. She smiled to herself, liking that idea very much. Last time she stayed anywhere decent was in Chicago, three months ago. Some guy paid for her room. It was odd enough, but nothing as odd as what was happening tonight.

“Yes, suite. Presidential.” They stepped into the elevator. The doors closed, as Mason pressed the button for floor 8, and he looked over at Scarlette. “Why don’t you have somewhere to live?” He asked, a curious pitch in his voice. He was merely just trying to figure her out.

She looked over at him, and sighed heavily. There was more explaining to do, and she was getting frustrated with the idea. Scarlettes life story was long, and painful. Why should she have to speak of it? “I’m always traveling across the country,” she said to him, keeping her reply simple. Scarlette kept herself guarded.

[Both twins grunt and one sets down the pen. “God this is hard.” He looked up at his brothers hard face. “Their just a couple of Vampires, brother, and those are the easy ones” The other mutters quietly, trying to get on with it. They both looked at the paper under the desktop lamp, which happened to 0be the only light in the room.]

“After vampires, huh?” He asked. His voice was colder this time. “Trying to avenge your family?” Memories started soaring through Mason’s head about his family, his friends. In his face you could see a mood change, an expression like pain. His grim, yet happy smile was faded. He stared off into space, just letting the memories seep in.


[One of the twins stops the work they had been pondering on, and stood up looking for a way out, he murmurs something about room service and walks out into the hallway of the floor they were staying on. As he ran his fingers threw his hair, the other followed his brother out, almost worried. Although there is no reason to be, considering both the twins are trained and armed.]

“In a way,” she said, answering his question. Her voice turned to stone as she spoke of her past. “My uncle raised me this way. Him and his brother were raised to hunt things, like you. He never wanted me and my brother to live this life, but we had to. My parents were killed, and now I have to live on my own. My uncle passed away recently.”

She looked up to him, shaking the burning memories out of her mind. “Hey,” she said, noticing he was different than before. She got a bit nervous. Why was she even trusting him? He could kill her, and she knew it. She reached for his hand, trusting him, even though she shouldn’t. It was against everything she believed. “Okay there?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. When we get to the room, get in the shower to warm up.” The elevator stopped and the doors opened. Mason stepped out. Immediately he smelled a wolf hunters tools, some of those tools for a vampire. His eyes got widened. “Damn people.” He thought to himself.

She stepped out, as well, and saw the twins staring at them. Probably knew. She held Masons hand tighter now, trying to tell him to keep walking. Mason stood put and looked right back at them.

[Both of the twins look up when they see the elevator open. The shorter boy grabes the sleeve of the other, and pulls him back. They sensed the danger but, they weren’t ready for making a scene. They just stop and look at the vampire, as he stood by and looked right back at them.]

Mason stepped closer and looked at the two twin boys. “I’m not only a vampire children” he teased. He stared at them, and saw in their eyes they were misreble, or once were. “But don’t worry, I’m not here to kill everyone and everything. We are not all the same.” Mason repeated, from earlier int he night.

[Nylx, the taller of the twins smiled at Mason. “I know.” He said, slight humor in his voice. “I didn’t think you were normal.” The other one just looked at the hybrid and attempted to smile. “We just don’t trust any of you.” The other twin, Nike, chimed in. The twins held hands and turned away, and walked back into their room.]

Mason shook his head. What odd boys they were. He slid the key into his and Scarlettes room. Mason kicked off his black, high topped converse and plopped down on the bed. It was covered in white sheets, pillows and a blanket. At the very end of the bed was a red satin folded blanket. It stretched across the bed, and hung off the sides slightly.

“Relaxation! Finally!”

Scarlette smiled at Mason. He looked so comfortable. “I didn’t know vampires liked beds.” She joked around. “Oh, excuse me. I meant. Hybrids. Even worse.” She tossed her full ring of keys on the nightstand beside the bed. “I’ll go shower, just like you said.” Scarlette stepped on her heels, and slipped off her shoes.

Mason nodded at her, and waited for her to leave. After she turned the golden doorknob on the bathroom door, and stepped in, he shot up off the bed, and began stripping himself. He took off his black skinny jeans, then his black jacket. Now all he wore was a bright white shirt, a pair of socks, and his purple boxers. He slipped under the fresh covers. Mason gripped the edge in his hand, and pulled them up to about his ears, as he turned onto his side.

Scarlette locked the door behind her. A vampire is a vampire. God only knows, he could be tricking her. She wanted to be cautious, even though this feeling deep down inside her told Scarlette she didn’t have to be. She slowly removed her clothes, which consisted of a navy blue pair of thick sweatpants, and a tight v-neck shirt. She only dressed for warmth, but not style.  


Mason shook his head. “What odd boys they were.” Mason thought to himself. He walked past them, floorboards under the carpet creaking and into his and Scarlettes room. Mason kicked off his black high top converse, that he had drawn on. One had a black and white checkered board, the other a big black star. Mason cracked his tight knuckles and plopped down on the bed. “Relaxation!”

Scar turned the hot water off, toweled herself dry with the white hotel towels, and put on some new clothes from her large duffel bag she carried. As she stepped out of the steam filled bathroom, she pulled her hair in a messy bun. “Mason?” she called out to him, looking around there suite.

[Both of the twin boys ignored the vampire as he walked down the hallway, but simply walked down the hallway in the other direction. There hands were still locked together. The taller twin caught the closing steel elevator doors. They re-opened and they stepped in. Nike, the smaller twin, pressed the large L button for the lobby. As the elevator climbed down the stories of the hotel, they stood in silence. Nylx stepped out first, dragging Nike behind him. “We’re going to late because of that stupid leech.” He almost hissed, as they rushed out the door. Nike rolled his eyes, and stepped out into the street, hailing in a bright yellow taxi.]

“Over here!” He waved his pale white hand. He was under the covers. No wonder she didn’t see him. “In the bed! The hunters next door, why didn’t you go say hello?” He asked sarcastically and rolled onto his stomach. His hair was completely dry now. It had slight waves at the ends.

She laughed and made her way over to him. “Hello there, Bed Boy,” she teased him and smiled innocently. “Eh. Other hunters. One thing I absolutely hate.” She focused most of her weight on one leg, as she placed her hands on her hips.

[They stood in the meeting grounds, the place was quiet, and they would soon be entartained by old people and their long speeches. Nylx looked at the floor in patience. He followed the black and yellow checkered pattern.]

“Oh quiet, I haven’t laid in a bed in what feels like centuries. Join me?” He had his crystal eyes closed, and if he were human he would be ready for the best nap of his life. “Why hate them?” He asked, serenely. He left his mouth slowly open, and if he could swallow, and salivate he’d be drooling everywhere.

[Nike and Nylx watched the meeting in silence. There had been nothing to do here lately and though they weren’t very old, they’d been to these ever since they started hunting. This would surprise most people at what age. 13. They both laughed at themselves quietly enough so that the elders wouldn’t hear them. Nylx nodded, and quietly commented, “They are just talking about nonsense. If they want them to stop running then we should kill the settlements first. Then survivors.” Nike smiled at that thought almost evilly. He added, “We’re hunting them, they shouldn’t hunt us back. It’s that simple. They run, we go find them, it’s like a endless game of hide and seek.” Nylx smiled. “Maybe we’ve caught older ones.” He says. “Not together, of course, but we have. Together we could probably find a way to kill them.”]

She smiled lightly, shook her head and sat on the bed. She slipped under the fluffy white covers too. She layed down on her back, and looked up on the ceiling. Her eyes followed the pattern on the ceiling. It was rough, and bumpy.

“Hunters usually avoid others. We get aggressive when going after our, er, let’s say prey?” she said loosely and smiled at the thought of what Mason would say.

[Morgan walked in late. As she slammed the meeting door shut, she made a huge scene. Everyone stopped talking, and turned to watch her as sat beside the twins. Morgan ignored everyone, and everything around her. She pushed her hair over slightly with her fingertips. She now brought her head up, looked towards the elders who started preaching again and sighed. “This whole business is just dumb.” She muttered to herself in a bratty tone. She wondered why she still showed up to the meetings. She certainly didn’t need to After all, Morgan was the best hunter out there.]

Mason smiled, and let out a quiet laugh. His chest shook up and down, as it should as he let the sounds out of his diafram and vocal cords. “Prey or not, you’ll get killed one day. You’ll step upon someone as old as me, and get killed. I don’t think you’d like to fall to one of us. We can be torturous. Mercy free.”

“I hope not,” she said quietly. She played what Mason had slightly described in her head. Visions of her getting killed in the same alley way that her and Mason had met it ran though her head. She looked at the ceiling intently, tracing patterns with her eyes, as the visions munched at her attention.

“Maybe you just shouldn’t kill us anymore?” He suggested. He really hated the though of her killing his kind. “I don’t get it, people think so strange. I mean, they try and destroy what they can’t be. We’re stronger. Faster. Killing machines and yet you are still out after us.” Mason rolled back onto his back, and then sat up. “Are you hungry? I’m getting sick of talking about this absurd subject. We both know I’m right.”

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