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I run with Wolves. If you can get me off my Laptop!!!!

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Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
i love to read
i want to be an author
i've always wanted a puppy, or a werewolf or a wolf. i'd name it jacob!
twilight saga is my favourite book series
i'd love to meet taylor lautner
I'd love to cuss Miley Cyrus off anyday!
I'm always promoting my culture! [trinindad/hindu]
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
i started to read twilight in febuary 2009 and i have read all the books and read new moon
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
team jacob because he's cooler to hang out with and he's 3 words:Hill, Heir, Rio, Us! [hilarious] and edward's sorta boring. though to Bella, he wouldn't be a better boyfriend than edward. but also because i've never heard of 'they DIED happily ever after.' But i don't hate Edward and im glad Bella chose him. it's just Jacob has a better personality. though edward is the guy of everygirl's dreams, he's sorta *sign* [daydream sigh/fainting sigh] and jacob's like *haaaaaaaaaaaaa* [rofl, lmao, lol] and he makes u smile more often. edward's so serious.
Which Character Are You Most Like?
I'm most like Alice Cullen because im very out going and if one of my best friends said she didn't want to do anything for her birthday, i would do something huge just for her.
Favorite Books
Breaking dawn
Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets
What is Your Favorite Music
R&B, pop. songs by Jordin Sparks, but i also like songs by Taylor Swift.
Battlefield and You belong with me rule! i also love chris brown's songs and i don't care what anyone else says. his music rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
The legend of zelda:twilight princess, phantom hourglass
ugly betty
pirates of the carribbean
Favorite Quotes:
~Through ones smile, is another's tears. it's the way life works.
~that's so not fair.
~happys endings
~ I run with wolves.[because it sounds betterr than i run with vampires. more like i kill with vampires. hey im just saying. but i do like vampires. but i like werewolves more.]
Favorite Activities
thinking about my possible future


Poem #1: (life poem);):o)
Stars in the sky
When the sky is darkest you can see the true stars.
You can see the imitating Helicopters and the stars that will always be with you.
And if you’re lucky, one night you might find the rarest of them all.
The Wishing star.
For only once will you find that one special star that you will recognize each night.
And it’s up to you to determine if it’s a real, magical, special star that will always be there, or just another helicopter to you.
As the sun rises and sets each and every day with you, you will see Helicopters that pretend to be stars, and you will get hurt if you fall for they’re tricks.
But remember you always have the real stars there to be with you and protect you.
You won’t always be able to determine who the helicopters are and who the stars are all the time, but there’s nothing you can do about that.
You can only wait for when your vision is clearer, and when destiny decides to stop letting the helicopters hurt you.
And at times, you won’t be able to find the stars in the sky, and never know where they went or why they aren’t there, but that’s just life.
Just because they left, doesn’t mean they’ve shut the shine they had on you off.
And you always have your wishing star there whether you’ve found it or not.
But when your sky is at its darkest,
When your New Moon comes along, you will be able to find those stars.
But you will also, be able to find how bright a star you are, if you’re a wishing star, or if you’re just another helicopter.
Consider your New Moon to be the time when you can find who you are, and who they are.
But it’s always up to you to figure out your path to the moon.

POEM #2 (friendship poem, one friend to another.):o)
I wish I had more words than I do, but I don’t.
You are indescribable.
There are only a few things I can say about you, and there is so much more I want to say, but I don’t have the words for them.
You helped me fly when my wings had no more
You always let the wind take me as it pleases and never pushed it towards me.
You supported me when I bled love.
You helped cured the scars that were embedded on my skin.
Though they would never disappear,
You helped me see them as a memory that I would laugh at in a while.
When I wanted my valuable whispers locked up
You were me private safe.
When I wanted to cry you were my pillow
When I wanted to dream
You were my fairy god mother.
When I fell down the stairs you were at the bottom waiting to catch me.
When I took off and never looked back, you watched me go and didn’t pull me back.
When no one understood me
You knew exactly what to say.
When the villain’s sword plunged through my heart,
You gave me your life.
When you were wounded and I couldn’t cure you, you still told me not to worry about it at all. You’d be ok. And with your spirit, I knew you would be.
There are so many more things I could say about you, but I can’t.
Your actions, I can say, but you,
You are indescribable.

Poem #3 (love poem)
I love you.
When I look at the moon in the night, all I see is
When you take a twirl, the world spins ‘round.
When you laugh, all I hear is an
Angel singing.
When you smile, my world is alright.
When I asked you to dance and you said “there’s no music” and I put my hands on both our hearts and told you “the beat of our hearts together is my music” and we danced, you let my heart fly.
I’d look into your eyes just so I can get lost and never come back from heaven.
I’d twirl you around and back just so I could hold you close.
I’d let you fight you own dragon just so I’d know you were Happy.
Though, I would be right behind you on our white horse just incase you needed me to catch you if you fell.
I’d call you from the bottom of the balcony and sneak off behind both our parents” back just so I could be with you.
I’d hold your beautiful face that seemed out of this world in my hands just so I’d know you were
I’d press my lips to yours just so I’d know you were mine.
And I know,
No matter what happens to me, if I have you it will be alright.
I’d rather be stabbed in my heart one million times than live without you.
I love you.

Poem # 4 love poem [same one as the last one, but in the girl's point of view
When im with you
When i see you, i feel like my heart might break out of my chest.
When you play with my hair, I feel like i might fall into a deep sleep and not wake again until you kissed me.
When we snuck off in the night to gaze upon the stars, I felt like the whole qorld was at peace. No matter how many battles were being fought.
When you twirl me around i feel whole. Not broken and crushed to pieces like they make me feel.
When i bleed love I feel like you are my veins trying to keep me running.
When we danced with no music but the sound of our heartbeats blending together, I felt like theres no where safer in the world. Even if you were in war.
When you came to rescue me from the monsters that i was raised by, adn caught me when i jumped, all the pieces of my heart came together again. All the missing puzzle pieces of my life became whole. Because of you.
When you came back from the battle that saved my life, I forced you to show me your wounds, and as i touched them i cried, I realized that thoses wounds were mine.
I realized that whenever i see you and my heart starts sprinting, It's because it couldn't wait to get back home.
Because it always has and always will belong to you. Thye cna try to tear me away, but we will never truly be apart. Even if you had to go, a aprt of me would always be with you, my heart.
You are whatt keeps me from shutting down from everything they say. You are my oxegan. You are the water that keeps me blossoming as a beautiful flower adn not rotting on a summer day that was too hot.
You are my purpose
When i'm with you, everything is perfect.

Poem #5
False love

False love
Being in love is not meeting someone for the first time and only realizing how “cute” they are.
It is not coming home and telling all your friends you met someone today, not knowing anything about the person, not feeling anything in your heart, and telling them you love the person.
It is not when all you want to do is “flirt” with them when you see them.
It is not when you think you’ll end up with each other just because you make a “cute couple” when you don’t even know who he truly is, or if he wants you.
It is not when as soon as you find out a piece of information about them, you pretend to do or be the same way just to get attention.
It is not when you find out they are already in love with someone else, wanting to hurt that person deeply because they took your spot. But not realizing that by doing that, you’d be hurting the person you
Think you love, just so you could get your own way. You’d take away their happiness, just so you might get yours.
That is a crush.
Crushes do sometimes lead to love, but you’ll have to cross a long river, take a long journey before that.
You’re in love when you are willing to cross that river. To fight that battle. And actually wanting to do so, not just telling yourself you will, and when the challenges come along, just run back home.
Love is when you know they’re waiting at the end of that river, waiting for you, knowing that you will get scared, but not turning back no matter what.
Your lover is supposed to be your best friend. Someone who you can catch when they fall, knowing how to help them get back on their feet again. And someone who can do the same to you.
So how can you do that, if you know nothing about the solution to the problem, knowing nothing about how to get them standing again?
By lying, even if you get lucky, they’d fall in love with the person who you pretend to be. Not you. And you’d never know what it felt like to have someone in love with you. How do you expect to be caught when you fell, when they try to get you back up in ways that are not meant for you? Because they wouldn’t really love YOU. They’d love the person you pretended to be. But you don’t have to have all similarities; it’s just, if you really love them, if your heart is really dedicated to them, It will know what to do. And sometimes, your heart will know what to do, but theirs won’t. Just because you have real feelings for someone, does not mean they have some in return.
Love is……Indescribable.
Though, there are many different forms, and different beginnings, they all share one source: The heart.
But do not mistake it for a crush.
There are only about three words that can truly describe love.
Magic, Destiny, and Heart.
Though love can be weird……
But great……
But about one million other things…..
But, mainly three….
Love is indescribable.
Poem #6
A Teddy bear
A Teddy Bear is given by a lover so you know they’ll always be there.
A Teddy Bear is for hugging when a heart is broken.
A Teddy Bear is for loving when a soul is lonely.
A Teddy Bear is for listening when your voice is not heard.
A Teddy Bear is for bringing a smile to a tearful face.
A Teddy Bear is given to mark a memory of good or bad.
A Teddy Bear is for knowing you have not been forgotten.
A Teddy Bear is for bringing pink to ones cheeks.
A Teddy bear is a safe for your private whispers.
A teddy Bear is there through sickness and health.
A Teddy Bear is for opening doors to another world.
A Teddy Bear is him.
poem #7 (french poem)
Ons est les Princesse En Guerre De Romeo Dallaire.
Sur des cheval blancs, on batter pour les enfants.
Sans de prince charmant, ons batter independament car on abesoin pas!
Ons est les princesse en guerre de romeo dallaire.

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