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Summer,Winter and Jacob Black
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<----Winter- *smiles*

About Us

>-Full Name; Summer Crystal Black ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
-Nicknames; Sum, summy, Make one up *smiles*
-DOB; June 21, 1993
-Age; 16
-Currently Living; La Push, Washington
-Status; Werewolf
-Imprint; Nope.
-Who imprinted on me; No one... That I know of.
-Drink/Smoke/Drugs?; Yes/No/No.
-Virgin?; Yes.
-Swears?; Um.....
-Personality; Happy,Funny,Smiley, Doesnt like Drama
-Parents?; Only have Dad (Billy)
-Siblings; Jacob Black and Winter Black
-Celeb Crush?; Taylor Lautner. (he looks like Brother Jake!)
-way Talks- Southern accent
My Story-
On June 21, 1993 I was Born in La Push washington. For my Father Billy And Mother Sarah, it was a great day, but shortly after my birth, my mother Sarah soon died. My father and Brother Jake were devistated!
I Grew up most of my life here in Forks/La Push! I love it here! Jake knows the place more than I do! When i was about 13 my father gave me and Jake big news he said that he was going to get married! Me and Jake both didnt like our "new" mother at first but knew we had to live with her. What me and Jake learned at the wedding was that her Neice Winter lived with her.
Me and Jake both invited Winter into our home and didnt mind her there, me and Winter grew up to be like sisters and still act like it today! Jake and me both love her and she loves us!
Ever since I was 13 i was looking for the right guy! And I havent found him yet! Still on a hunt ;)
So thats my story! thanks for reading , loves ya!

>-Full Name; Winter Shasta Black^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
-Nicknames; Win, Winnie. Make one up!
-DOB; December 25, 1992
-Age; 17
-Currently Living; La Push, Washington
-Status; Human
-Imprint; Nope.
-Who imprinted on me; No one... That I know of.
-Drink/Smoke/Drugs?; Yes/No/No.
-Virgin?; Yes.
-Swears?; maybe.
-Personality; Happy,smiley,quiet,keeps to myself, shy.
-Parents?; Died.
-Siblings; Summer and Jacob
-Celeb Crush?; ,Alex Evans
-way Talks?; English accent
My Story
I was born December 25, 1992 in England. My parents both loved me very very much. I have no brother or sisters that are blood brothers and sisters. But i have 2 step brothers and sisters. But i will talk about that later.
When i was about 12 my parents got in a horrible car acciedent and died. They left me with my aunt. For about a year i would go and look at their beautiful graves, filled with flowers In England. But When my Aunt Jenny met A Man named Billy they quickly fell in love. She told me we were moving to a town with him and moving away from england. i was terrified to leave because i would never see my parents again. I refused for 5 months when she made me leave. Leaving my parents graves behind.
When i moved there i met Summer and Jacob, I wouldnt talk to them for the first year and was always in my room. I would look at pictures and usually cry myself to sleep. One night summer came and checked on me and we stayed with each other all night, making tents, and forts, in my room. that was the beginning of our sisterly relationship.
I am very very shy and will only talk if i think is needed. I really love my family and would someday love to go see my parents again. Cause i miss them dearly

>-Full Name; Jacob William Black^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
-Nicknames; Jakey, jake, jakers
-DOB; September 3,1992
-Age; 17
-Currently Living; La Push, Washington
-Status; Werewolf
-Imprint; Nope.
-Who imprinted on me; No one... That I know of.
-Drink/Smoke/Drugs?; Yes/No/No.
-Virgin?; Yes.
-Swears?; Like a sailor... somtimes.
-Personality; Hot headed, nice, funny
-Parents?; mom died
-Siblings; Winter and summer
-Celeb Crush?; Taylor Swift.
-Way talks?; normal accent
my Story
I was Born September 3, 1992 In La Push. my mother Sarah Cared for me. When i was almost too my mom told me that i was going to have a little sister. When she was born my mother died shortly after. I dont remember much about her. Me and my sister grew up together and i grew very protective of her. Our step sister Winter came into our life too around the time i was 14. We have been together since
I am single and proud!

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At 11:09am on December 21, 2009, Summer,Winter and Jacob Black said…
i read, i comment, i delete
Sorry, these comments were sent to me, and i would like to keep them to myself thanks bunches :D

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