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Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?

Matt And Kim - Daylight

<---Adam: Love is my weapon. HAHA. Just kidding im just a lion! Ashlee: *smiles wide* So happy right now! Matt: What up ladies? Julianna: Shut up matt.

thee girls. <3

site model Pictures, Images and Photos
Name: Ashlee Marie Dream.
Age: 14.
Species: Vampire.
Relationship Status: Single.
Looking?: Whatever happens, happens.
Crush?: Nope.
On who?: No one. :)
Favorite food?: Strawberries.
Favorite drink?: Diet coke.
Favorite keyboard symbol: (:
Hobbies: I'm a dancer.

Site Model Pictures, Images and Photos
Name: Kylie Jane Dream.
Age: 17
Species: Vampire.
Relationship Status: Single.
Looking?: Yes please!!! :)
Crush?: Ah...nope.. :/
On who?: Noboddyy.
Favorite Food: Pasta!
Favorite Drink: Kool-aide. hahahha. :)
Favorite keyboard symbol: <33
Hobbies: Im a cheerleader. (:

site model Pictures, Images and Photos
Name: Jenna May Dream.
Age: 16
Species: Vampiiiuuurr :)
Relationship Status: Singlee!
Looking?: Nope.
Crush?: Yep.
On who?: Why the heck would i tell you? :)
Favorite Food?: Your mom.
Favorite Drink?: Blue amp.
Favorite keyboard symbol: XD
Hobbies: Being fly.

Site Model Pictures, Images and Photos
Name: Jasmine Love Dream.
Age: 18
Species: vamppiiiee!
Relationship Status: Single.
Looking?: Yes :)
Crush?: No no no no no!
On who?: No one. :)
Favorite food?: Love <33
Favorite drink?: Root bear.
Favorite keyboard symbol: :)
Hobbies: photographer. <3


Site models Pictures, Images and Photos
Name: Julianna Lynn Dream
Age: 17
Species: Vamp/Werewolf.
Relationship Status: Single.
Looking?: Yes :)
Crush?: No
On who?: You :)
Favorite food?: Pitzaaa.
Favorite drink?: Coke.
Favorite keyboard symbol: ;D
Hobbies: Soccer, and volleyball.

thee boyss.

site model
Name: Cody Lucas Dream.
Age: 17.
Species: Vamp.
Relationship Status: Taken sort of. :)
Looking?: Not anymore! *smiles*
Crush?: Yes *smiles*
On who?: Sophia Anne St. James
Favorite food?: Steak!!
Favorite drink?: Whatevers around.
Favorite keyboard symbol: I wish you were a keyboard symbol. *laughs*
Hobbies: Skateboarding.

cute guy Pictures, Images and Photos
Name: Matthew James Dream.
Age: 19
Species: Vampire!!! RAWR!
Relationship Status: Single
Looking?: Kinda!
Crush?: Yes......
On who?: Ashley Edmerson
Favorite food?: You babe!
Favorite drink?: diet coke!
Favorite keyboard symbol: What kind of question is that? *smirks*
Hobbies: model.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Name: Adam Jay Dream.
Age: 15
Species: Vampire..i wish i wasnt. i WISH i was a lion!!!! ROAR!!!
Relationship Status: Siinggle
Looking?: Not reallyy
Crush?: Nope!
On who?: nobody.
Favorite food?: Im a vegetarian. *laughs*
Favorite drink?: Hansens soda. Hahaha.
Favorite keyboard symbol: ?
Hobbies: I like being a lion! *laughs hard*
Thank you for being my friend. *smiles* Growing up I didnt have a lot of friends, because of who i am and because of my obsession with lions.. :/ guys are awesome. Thank you. :)
Hot Jock Prep Guy :) Pictures, Images and Photos
Name: Mason Daniel Dream.
Age: 14
Species: Vampire. :)
Relationship Status: Single.
Looking?: not anymore. :)
Crush?: yes!
On who?: Stephanie :)
Favorite food?: lobster!
Favorite drink?: Lemonade. (does that make me gay?) *smiles*
Favorite keyboard symbol: What?
Hobbies: hangin.


Hi, we are the dream siblings. Things are very confussing in our lives. As you know we are all related. Somehow. *laughs* There are nine of us, plus mom and dad, so we have a good amount of people in our clan. We are vampires except for one, that is a half vampire, half werewolf. You can ask her about it and she will explain. When we are exposed to the sun, like all the rest of vampires, our skin turn diamond like. It is very interesting, thats why we keep inside. We dont really like telling people we are vampires, because then everyone treats us differently. We dont want that. Each of us are our own person and we stand up for ourself. We dont like being labled or judged..and we dont like starting drama or being involved. So, please keep us out of that! If you wanna talk to us, leave us a comment and lets get talking! *smiles*

NeverShoutNever Pictures, Images and Photos

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At 5:40pm on July 5, 2010, Claire Marie Black (: said…
Hi..adam. *laughs* My friend told me you were cool..and she told me you were a lion? hahaha. mmkay, so here you go. singa lion Pictures, Images and Photos
At 2:42am on July 4, 2010, ℓillianna мay Ƙing™ said…
I Love Youu. :D

At 2:59am on July 2, 2010, The Dream Siblings. said…
Matthew: Hey you..stop stalking me! I know I'm hot but..
Julianna: Matt? SHUT UP. What hes trying to say is...
Cody: We dont want any people comment stalking us. *smiles*
Ashlee: *laughs* Right, so in that case we..
Jasmine: Read.
Adam: Reply.. *looks down*
Kylie: And DELETE!! *smiles evily*
Jenna: Calm down Kylie. Wow. *smiles*
Mason:Leave us a comment!

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