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At 1:32pm on April 15, 2010, The Mixed Coven/Pack said…
We Read
We Reply
We Delete
Only Keep the Special One's

The Fairchild/Moonchild Coven and the Wolf Pack Aka The Mixed Coven/Pack

The Fairchild Coven
Kristen and Taylor Fairchild
Status-Married to each other
Kristen's Story- Kristen was abused from a young age, when she was 17 she ran away and got attacked by an unkown Vampire, lucky Taylor found her and saved her by turning her into a Vampire. As she got to know him better they fell in love and got married and adopted 5 children and had 3 of their own.
Taylor's Story- Taylor was turned into a Vampire in the early 30's at 19 Years old, When he found Kristen he saved her by turning her into a Vampire, Taylor is the most protective of the Coven.He is a Silver Blood and so is the rest of the Family.

Emily Fairchild
Emily's Story- Emily was in a car crash when she was 15, her perants died but Taylor and Kristen got her out but were to late to save her mom and dad, Kristen turned her into a Vampire to save her, Emily is the shy one of the whole family and also the sweetest when you get to know her, Taylor and Kristen adopted her.

Drew Fairchild
Drew's Story- Drew was always a happy kid, loving sometimes even the bad boy in his group of friends, but when he lost his real perants in a fire he changed and went all quite and never spoke to anyone, he got kidnapped by a Vampire that nobody ever knew, Taylor saved him and turned him into a Vampire and now Drew is happy again and has a good family that he loves and perants that he looks up to.

Carlie Fairchild
Carlie's Story- Carlie was in a Carcrash and was admitted to the hospital where Taylor worked. Her perants died, but she was in a come and almost died, Taylor turned her into a Vampire and took her home to Kristen and his other adopted Children and his own that were in his coven so far. Carlie is the bubbly one of the coven but if you get on the wrong side of her she will not be nice.

Liam Fairchild
Liam's Story- Liam was an orphan, when he grew up he ran away becuase nobody liked him and he didnt like anyone. He got attacked but Kristen saved him and brought him home to Taylor and Changed him.

Selena Fairchild
Selena's Story- Selena was always shy but outgoing girl, until her dad almost killed her out in the streets after her mom comminted suicide. Taylor found her dying and turned her. When she first became a Vampire she didnt speak at all to the other members of the Coven but Taylor and Kristen who seemed to understand what she was going through, but now she is really happy and back as she used to be when she was human. She is this Paul's Imprint

Mellisa Fairchild
Mellisa's Story- Mellisa is the first Child in the Fairchild Coven that isnt adopted or changed into a Vampire, she was born in 1990 and is now stuck at 16 years of age. she is bubbly and loves to meet you new people and she is alot like Taylor who is into sports and cliffdiving.

Joe Fairchild
Joe's Story- Joe is also not adopted or not turned into a Vampire, He is fun to be around and loves his family even his older sister Mellisa who is protective of.

Name-Amy Fairchild




Amy's Story-Amy is the 3rd boiligical child of Kristen and Taylor Fairchild, she is a new born baby and adorable, she is daddy's little girl



The Wolf Pack:

Paul Empriam


Status-Imprinted on this Selena

Paul's Story-Paul is the only child in his family, he is a Werewolf and he was lonely and didnt speak much till he met Selena Taylor and Kristen's daughter, she changed his world and she is his Imprint, he's protective of her

Embry Call



Embry's Story-Embry is new to the wolf pack, he's a bit shy and doesnt talk that much, he is single and not really looking for anything, he is outgoing and a really good friend to the Fairchild Coven and to Paul and Jared. 

Jared Uley



Jared's Story-He's not that new to being a wolf, he is single and not looking, he wants too be there for his lil sister Izzy who just turned into a wolf, so dont attack him as he doesnt want like needy girls


Izzy Uley



Izzy's Story-she is Jared's little sister, he loves her to bits and is very protective of her, she is single and not sure if she is looking, she just started phasing and is a bit scared so Jared is helping her through it all



The Moonchild Coven
Miley and Jamie Moonchild
Status-Married to each other
Miley's Story- The Only Related Sibling to Taylor Fairchild, Also born in Verona and only 2 years younger then Taylor, A Skinwalker attacked her and that's how she was changed, when she found Jamie dying she changed him and they are happily married with 2 adopted children and 2 of their own,
Jamie's Story- He was born near Volterra and is 1 year older then Miley, He got attacked by a wolf, Miley Found him and saved him by turning him into a Skinwalker

Stacey Moonchild
Stacey's Story- Stacey ran away from home shortly after her dad and mom split up, she got attacked and almost died, but Jamie found her and saved her and Miley Changed her at her house with Jamie.

Bailey Moonchild
Bailey's Story- Bailey was almost killed in her own home becuase her dad put the house on fire, Miley and Jamie saved her and changed her as she was in a deep coma and slowly dying.

Cody Moonchild
Cody's Story- He is the first one to be born as a Vampire/Skinwalker in the Moonchild Family. He is like his dad in many ways but also gentle like his mom.

James Moonchild
James's Story- he is the Second one to be born in to the Moonchild Family he is protective of his 2 sisters and 1 brother and his perants,


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