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<--Ponyboy.) Dally: |Smokes a weed| Try to make it interesting? I'm already bored.

justin bieber Pictures, Images and Photos
Justin Bieber Pictures, Images and Photos
Full Name: Ponyboy James Curtis.
Goes By: Ponyboy.
Nicknames: Pony, Kiddo(Darry or Soda) Make some.
Age: 16.
DOB: March 15th, 94.
Love Status: Single.
Looking?: No.. |Smirks|
Crushing?: No I'm not.
On Who?: Don't get on my damn nerves.
Smoke/Drink/Drugs: Yup, Yup, No.
Note: Yes. My real name is Ponyboy. It's on my birth certificate. Don't make fun of it.
David Pictures, Images and Photos
david henrie Pictures, Images and Photosdavid henrie Pictures, Images and Photos
Full Name: SodaPop Henry Curtis.
Goes By: Soda.
Nicknames: Soda, make some.
Age: 18.
DOB: August 3rd, 92.
Love Status: Single..
Looking: Not any more...
Crushing?: No. Not since Sandy broke my heart.
On Who?: NO ONE.
Smoke/Drink/Drugs: Sometimes, Sometimes, Nope.
Note: Pony and Darry are my brothers. You hurt Ponyboy, Darry and I will come after ya. Ya hear?
aww how cute Pictures, Images and Photos
taylor lautner (twilight) Pictures, Images and Photos
Full Name: Darrell Winston Curtis.
Goes By: Darry.
Nicknames: Darry. I don't need no nicknames.
Age: 20.
DOB: January 1st, 90.
Love Status: Single.
Looking?: Nooo.
Crushing?: Hell no.
On Who?: I said no one.
Smoke/Drink/Drugs: No, No, No.
Note: Like Soda said, mess with my brothers, you're gonna have to deal with me. And you probably wouldn't like that.
Liam Hemsworth Pictures, Images and Photos
Liam Hemsworth Pictures, Images and Photos
Full Name: Dallas William Winnington.
Goes By: Dally.
Nicknames: Dally, Dal.
Age: 19.
DOB: Who wants to know?
Love Status: Single.
Looking?: Naw.
Crushing?: Crushing? What, is this 3rd grade?
On Who?: |Raises an eyebrow|
Smoke/Drink/Drug: |Smiles| All of the above.
Note: What's to say? I'm good looking, and I smoke a lot. |Shrugs|
zac Pictures, Images and Photos
zac efron Pictures, Images and Photos
Full Name: Johnny Stephan Cade.
Goes By: Johnny.
Nicknames: Johnny, create some.
Age: 17.
DOB: June 20th, 93.
Love Status: Single.
Looking?: Sure.
Crushing?: No?
On Who?: I ain't 'crushing.'
Smoke/Drink/Drugs: Yep, Yep, Nope.
Note: |Shrugs| Umm.. Ponys my best friend. And umm.. I want friends..?
Selena Gomez Pictures, Images and Photos
Selena Gomez Pictures, Images and Photos
Full Name: Marcia Renee Rodriguez.
Goes By: Marcia.
Nicknames: Don't have any.
Age: Seventeen.
DOB: July 16th, 93.
Love Status: Single.
Looking?: |Shrugs| Sure.
Crushing?: Nope.
On Who?: I'm not crushing, silly.
Smoke/Drink/Drugs: Nope, Sometimes, Nope.
Note: My best friend is Cherry, and I'm friends with all the guys. I'm pretty happy most of the time, |Smiles| If I'm not, I'd have to have a pretty good reason to.

Nina Dobrev Pictures, Images and Photos
Nina Dobrev Pictures, Images and Photos
Full Name: Sherry Cassandra Worthington.
Goes By: Cherry.
Nicknames: Cherry.
Age: 18.
DOB: March 7th, 92.
Love Status: Sinnglee..
Looking?: Why not?
Crushing: Nope.
On Who?: |Laughs| I'm not crushing.
Smoke/Drink/Drugs: No, Sometimes, Nope.
Note: They call me Cherry cause I used to had red hair, but I died it brown. But people still call me Cherry. And Marcia is my best friend.

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At 4:15pm on October 9, 2010, The Outsiders.™ said…
Pony: Alright. They are some rules, but not a lot. To get your attention, I'm gonna put THIS in red. Okay, so first you gotta put somewhere in the comment the name of who you wanna talk to, alright? We have a lot of us and are too lazy to put everyone in the conversation.|Grins| You can say more people, just...not the whole gang. Okay, and another thing, you guys, PLEASE, make the conversation interesting. Because, we will delete it if it's not. We're very strict on that kind of thing. And you have to be like...grammar correct. If you know what I mean. Soo.. Thanks. Talk to us!

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