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[ chuckles ] wow


Jeydon Mars Smith

an average name for an average bloke



21 Years of fricken age.

Yep Legal finally no sneakin' drinks



No sheila

Let's not get into this one...



Anyone caught my eye

I don't want to talk about it...



Any kids lurking around

None that I know of



Date of birth

August 9, 1989...



Place where I was born

 Sydney, Australia Mates



Yeah I drink

I'll stick to my whiskey you can keep your fruity drinks



I admit that I'm deadly. Not someone most people want to mess with. But it seems that even when I warn people it seems to draw them in more. I guess I'm just intoxicating. I don't like breaking hearts but that doesn't mean I never have. I don't want to sit here and make myself seem like the bad guy but I'm not going to make myself seem like the all around good guy because that is one thing im not. Don't count on me. I'm bound to let you fall. I won't hold your hand through the rough times because no one  did it for me. I rarely ever keep a girl around after I sleep with them unless their special because I despise the concept of leading a girl on. a Warning to all girls. please do not assume the best when your messing with the worst. 



All we ever do is fight

Person on my mind::~

  Always  fricken you


  Drinking, Screwing, Repeating.



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