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"So Just A Few Comment Rules 1. Please Talk To A Boy And A Girl If You Are In A Group 2. If You Add Us Please Comment 3. Make Comments Long And Interesting, We'll Get To Those First 4. Drama Is Ok But Please Just No Killing People Off 5. Have…"
Jul 20, 2012

To Die Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure

Guess What We Look Like Before You Click On Our Names


Childhood is not from birth to a certain age and at that age the child is grown and puts away childish things, childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies.



Everyone has a story... And ours are somewhat told in The random picture under us. It is supposed to describe a part of us,
The Gentlemen Of Neverland
Kaidan Arnold Lost, he is such a lovely boy always watching out for his brothers and sisters. He is single and he's not quite sure if he's looking for a girlfriend but it does depend on the girl.

Carter Straight Lost, the model of the family, always up for fun He doesn't enjoy morning very much because he has college classes to attend and he's very clumsy on top of that. He is not a single man, for he is taken by the lovely Shealynn Sawyer.

Caleb Remington Lost, he's a sweet fellow who is very, very shy but he tries to step out of his shell every once in a while. He's always curious about something so he's always doing what you'd never except a normal person to be doing. He is in fact looking for a lady but he has not been able to find one yet.

Bandit Mark Lost, is a boy who doesn't feel sometimes, you could even say he's heartless sometimes except when it comes to his Siblings. Some say He's the closets you can get to Peter Pan. He doesn't have a girlfriend but he's up for a one night stand almost any time.

Rocky Coin Lost, he's a very instinctual boy who enjoys to live life on the edge. His life has been full of horrible things but he's always looking to the bright side of everything. He's currently Taken by the lovely Katherine James A.k.a. Mrs. Weasel,

Axel Gene Lost, loves to be immersed in a book or somewhere on his skateboard. He also loves to be around animals, he's probably the most mature boy in the group but he is still no adult. He is single because of his strangeness.

Chance Garth Lost, he doesn't care what anyone says about him or even what the law says, he does what he wants and he doesn't care. He's always ready to take a Chance that's why He's single and that is because he can't hold a relationship...not very good at it.

Tristan Mason Lost, he's a bit of a goofball, but he's the best with children. He loves to mess around with people but he's always respectful. He is single but he's not sure if he wants to settle down... that would me growing up.

Eagle Dalton Lost, is a bit of a strange kid. He grew up with animals and he's always had a love for the strong and powerful ones. He's single due to the fact that he doesn't spend much time with people.

Alec Levi Lost,Is a single father. He's the only one with a son, his name is Landon Leo Lost. Landon and his dad do many things together, skateboarding is the biggest one. Landon's mother left before he knew who she was and he doesn't like many women who come around trying to get his dad to be theirs. Both the boys are single but only Alec is looking because Landon is only four.


The Lovely Ladies Of Neverland
Danika Annie Lost, is truly a Darling girl, she loves to read and put on a front but she is very sweet. She is single because she pushes people away, so no one ever gets too close.

Audra Bene Lost,  acts like a girly girl but she does like to have fun and she's always watching her family's back. She's unattached at the moment because of a rough break up not too long ago.

  Memphis Lillian Lost,She's a careless one. She's a bit naive but she doesn't have an agenda ever and she loves to relax on the beach, never doing anything. She meets guys all the time but she's looking for a different guy to call her own. Someone who's not trying to impress her all the time.

  Angel Shelby Lost,used to be the perfect little girl, always doing what her mother said and never going against it, until one day her mother wanted to make her marry someone. That's when she ran away and found her siblings now. She models a lot and is almost Barbie like, but she is nasty most of the time. She's single because of this but if a guy can get under that layer or nastiness then he can have her.

  Rose Maria Lost,is a beautiful girl, she has never liked makeup or fancy clothes or anything but life doesn't always work that way. She was kicked out of her house at 12 and had to make some decisions, thats how she met her siblings and why she's the quietest person in the group. But if you can open her up she's great to hang around with. She doesn't meet any guys this way so she's single.

Aria Eden Lost, is the laziest girl known to man. She hates getting up and getting dressed, she loves to lay in bed all day and just hide away. She is also single but doesn't really mind.

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At 4:38pm on July 20, 2012, Ƭнɛ Lσƨт DαяƖιиgs™ said…

So Just A Few Comment Rules

1. Please Talk To A Boy And A Girl If You Are In A Group

2. If You Add Us Please Comment

3. Make Comments Long And Interesting, We'll Get To Those First

4. Drama Is Ok But Please Just No Killing People Off

5. Have Fun!!

If You Can't Follow These Rules We Will Simply Feed You To Fluffy... He's Always Hungry.


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