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   I want you to take care of the Rock Academy. I'm not going to be on as much as I used to, so I need someone to take care of the Academy. You will be the Glancer. The one who runs the Academy with Shadow as the assistent principal. I will give you admin powers so you cann add yourself as the Glancer.


   I need to tell you some things though, make sure no one has dorms!! The one people who should have dorms are Lacey,Shadow,and Rocky. Because they can help people. Don't delete me as principal though, even though I wont be there a lot anymore. Make sure the Academy doesn't die. I decided not to follow through with the plan I had, and I'm just going to give away the 2 most important things, Lacey and the Rock Academy. You will take the Rock Academy. Shadow will have Lacey, if she wants her. I'll be on sometime soon to talk to you and shadow more.


My Reply

Lacey... thanku so much. I swear to god im gonna make Rock Academy more active than role play retry. And if i dont i will hand over the academy. Just give me a year. I swear to god i will. All in memory of you. But please get on as much as possible. And im gonna put this on my age so i will never forget the promise i made







Name: Rocky


Age: 5


Mate: Shadow


Gender: Male



Rocky was born a lone wolf,he wonder for the first 2 years of his life. Finally he found The Night Sun Pack, there he found a mate called KC. They had 4 pups together,until then KC left Rocky. But with the help of his friends he made it through. He found his family but a month later they were all slaughtered in a brutal ambush. He then met a wolf called Kshya, he had a single pup with her but she died during child birth. Rocky now lives alone at the rain pack watching over his son Milo. Finally! Rocky has experienced love at first sight when he met earth at The Sun Born Pack. he is now mates with her and is still flirting with her. 

Rocky is now lying on his death bed as his son milo tried to murder him. Shadow has probably saved him and his feelings for her are finally showing,he his torn between her and earyh and cannot choose who.




Age: 2


Gender: Male



Milo was to Rocky and Kshya Hok'ee. He never met his mum but had a brilliant live up until the age of 2 months when his father went into a deep sleep in the Forgotten Swamps of the rain pack. He then found the body of his father,he is now in the process of waking him and has a crush on the alpha Alex.

Well,milos life has head down hill again. He had a murder attempt on his father,would hav worked if it wasnt for shadow... He is now on trial at the rain pack and will probably be omegaed. All hopes of a mate from the pack were chucked out the window and life is gonna get a whole lot worse.


Name: Ebony


Age: 3 weeks


Gender: Female


Story: Ebony was found motherless in the rain pack but has never been saddened by it,she has lived happily at the rain pack all her life and the alpha is thniking about adopting her. Not much has happened in her happy little but she is sure theres lots to come. Ebony has been adopted by kirie and is living happy. a bad experience with a wolf called Severus has sorta tramatised her but shes still ok.



Name: Mozzo


Age: 2 years


Personality: very attractive,really flirty, TOTAL BABE MAGNET, loves long runs on the beach or along cliff edges with the wind in his face.


Mate: None


Gender: Male



Mozzo was born to the alphas of a northern tribe, he was pampered,taught to fight by the best, taught to hunt from the best, but he always wanted to go south,so had the age of one and a half he left. He went looking for a mate,hoping to start a pack,but now he content to be in anothers pack,but after 6 months he's still looking for a mate. Mozzo has used his charm on a stunning wolf Caia. he met her at the heavens pack but everything kicked off at The Night Sun Pack wheer he asked her to be his mate, he got a big yes and the phrase "living happily ever after" might be needed soon.

Caia has deserted him and hes out on the hunt for a mate once more. Any lucky lady out there should have a shot. They might come out good and sepnd the rest of their life with him, u never know. He hasnt been very active lately and is really bored.



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At 9:59pm on February 14, 2011, ♥♦♣♠♪Wôlfíé♪♠♣♦♥ said…

Hey Rocky, you ordered this and you never picked it up, here u go!


At 4:45pm on January 1, 2011, ♥Shadow Aria Luna Black♥ said…

Shadow's song to Rocky. You never knew but she always loved him more than a brother but he never noticed her.


At 5:10pm on December 25, 2010, The Hok'ee Family said…

I Read


I Reply


Then i Delete


Thnx for Visiting my Page

At 6:14am on December 20, 2010, ÇÖrrũPŁεđ Đů§Ќ said…

Here's some better pictures if you want to use them and if you do let me know so

I can delete them from my computer!!



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