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<--- Selena!]

Selena Dianna Rain Morgan Kardashian
Hey! My name is Selena but i go by Selly [smiles] I am 17 years young, born on August 3rd! I am 100% Wolfie! I am single and looking.... and not crushing. I have no imprint and if someone has imprinted on me please do tell! [smiles] Im a sweet fun loving girl and i would love to meet anyone!! So talk to me cuz i dont bite! Well, i might bite if you make me too mad.... but i'll be your puppy dog, cuz i ish a little wolfie! So yesh thats about it.

Jasmine Marie Delanie Alexandra Kardashian
Hola Senors es Senoritas! [laughs] Im Jasmine, but i prefer Jazzy or Beastie Wolfie [smiles]. I am 16, born Janruary 13th. I am 50% Wolf, 50% Wizard [giggles]. I ish Single and Looking, Not Crushing. I have not imprinted nor do i think someone imprinted on moi! [giggles]. So talkers to me cuz i dont bite, especially my wizard side[ laughs] So yeah thats it! Thanks for listening!

Demetria Alijandra Candice Daniella Kardashian
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls of all ages, welcome to Demetria's World! [laughs] My name is Demetria but i'd rather go by Demi. I am 17 and i was born December 1st. I am 50% Vamp and 50% Wolf. I am single, looking. but totally NOT crushing! I have not imprinted, and no one has imprinted on me... i dont think [laughs] Thanks for coming to Demetria's Circus and World of Fun, Please Come Again!

Justice Patterson Martha Byng Kardashian
Hello Everybody! Spongebob is back! [laughs] Nah im just kidding my name is Justice, but you can call me Justi or any other name. I am 15 and i was born on November 8th. I am Single, and NOT looking until Demi is taken. I am not crushing and i have not imprinted, and i dont think anyone has imprinted on me! Well Spongebob is gunna go hang with Patrick in his Pinapple so, talk to y'all lata!

Justin Karter Damien Maxwell Kardashian
Sup People your in Justin's World Now... Prepare for ultimate horror [laughs]. I am 16 and i was born on March 17th. I am Single, looking, not crushing. I am 75% Vampire, 10% Human, and 15% Wizard. I can't imprint, and if someone has imprinted on me then please do tell me! Thanks... Don't get me mad... please.... or else. I am the opposite of flirt so don't worry. [chuckles]

Nicholas Warren Stark Pattinson Kardashian
Hey it's Nicholas Time. Nah im kidding. [smiles] Hey im Nick, i am 18 and i was born July 4th. I am single and looking, just not crushing. I am 100% Vampire. I cannot imprint and if someone has imprinted on me then please tell me. Yeah. Um so that is basically it... But the fact if someone hurts Selly then they die. got it? Yeah thought so.

Daniel Taylor James Stevenson Kardashian
Hey its Daniel. Yeah.... well here it goes im gunna tell yew about myself [laughs]. Well im 19 and i was born on April 5th. I am single, looking, not crushing, and no one is crushing on meh. I am 25% Wolf and 75% Human. I can imprint, but it is only a slight imprint. But i have not imprinted yet, and no one has imprinted on me. And if someone ends up hurting Justice, they are in no way ok. Get it? Got it? Good!

Karson Oliver Jackson Logan Kardashian
You have officially entered Karson's Circus, please pay for your tickets at the next window [chuckles] I am 17 and born September 4th. I am single, looking, not crushing, and i dont suspect anyone is crushing on me so yeah. I am 100% Vampire. So i cannot imprint... so yeah basically it. No imprint. and if someone hasn't imprinted on me i would appriciate if someone would tell me thanks. And if anyone ends up hurting Nessa, they wont last through the night. Seriously. Dont.

Allison Gomez Ray Reana Kardashian
You have reached Allisons world babe! [laughs] You must be this tall to ride the rides! [giggles] Okay well im a 18 year young girly born on October 2nd! I am single and looking but i ish not crushing, at least not yet babalicious! I am 50% Wolf 50% Vamp. I can imprint. I have no imprint right now, and no one has imprinted on me, well at least not yet! [laughs] My baby Jessica and my beautiful 2 Year Old Alessandra-

Lillianne Michael Annmarie Annalesia Kardashian
It's Lillianne's Peace Island you have just reached. Welcome Tourists. First stop is about Lillianne. [giggles] I go by Lilly, i am 17 and was born on June 6th. I am single, looking, not crushing, not hating, just waiting. I am 100% Wolfie. I do not have an imprint, not yet, and no one has imprinted on me. At lest i dont think. So right now i am being my awesome self! [laughs] Thanks for visiting!

Vanessa Hope Anne Gabriella Kardashian
Hola its Nessa time! I am a 18 Year Young Girl. I was born on May 17th. I am single, looking, not crushing, no one crushing on me so why do you care? I am 110% Vampire [chuckles]. I cannot imprint. So no imprint and if someone has as a matter of fact imprinted on me so yeah. Thanks but Its five after Nessa so i gotta go! Byezz!

Daniella Marie Martin Chance Kardashian
Hey its Danielle Worldings Now. I am Selly's Twin and im Dani. Ok so i am 17 and i was born August 3rd! I am single, looking, and not crushing. I dont expect anyone to start crushing on me. I am 50% Wolf 50% Wizard. So yes i can imprint. I do not have an imprint at this time, and i do not know if someone has imprinted on me. If someone has i would appriciate if they told moi! Thanks! Well thanks for shopping, come again soon!

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