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At 8:45am on February 19, 2011, U can protect me all u wan said…

hi Leo smiles - Jaylee


At 12:35am on December 30, 2010, Amanda Jane Cullen <3 said…

Thanks for the request!


Love Amanda Jane Cullen <3

At 8:28pm on December 29, 2010, Ѵιƨισиƨ™ said…
Hiya! Thanks for the add!
At 8:03pm on December 29, 2010, Chillen Teens said…
Alyssa: hey
At 7:32pm on December 29, 2010, The Flynns:) said…
Jess: nothing wait i said that out loud
At 7:31pm on December 29, 2010, ˩σƨт Ɩи Ƭнɛ Яαιи Ғσяɛʌɛя Ǥяσʋρ said…
Rose: -smiles- How are you?
At 7:28pm on December 29, 2010, The Flynns:) said…
Jess:What's up Cutie*smiles*
At 7:26pm on December 29, 2010, ˩σƨт Ɩи Ƭнɛ Яαιи Ғσяɛʌɛя Ǥяσʋρ said…
Rose: Hey Luke im Rose. -smiles- Nice to meet you..
At 7:17pm on December 29, 2010, The Flynns:) said…
Jess:Hey Luke I'm Jess nice to meet you

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"Hiya! Thanks for the add!"
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"Alyssa: hey"
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Demigods, Satyrs, and things of that nature


 Hey, I'm Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon. Oh, yeah, you heard right. I'm the son of Poseidon and Sally Jackson, making me a half-blood, or demigod. I'm seventeen years old, yet I'm still waiting for the major prophecy to happen. Despite having superpowers and having monster chase after you all the time, I'm a pretty normal kid. I like video games, and movies, not to mention girls. [Grins] I'm single, though I'd like to have a girlfriend.
But... I do have my eye on one in particular.



Like Seaweed-Brain over there said, demigods are children of gods and mortals. My mother is Athena, goddess of wisdom and battle, and my... "father" is a mortal. I'm Annabeth Chase, sixteen years old, and I want to be an architect. But until I can get into college, I'll just have to have fun like a normal teenager. Though, unlike most mortals, I have ADHD and dyslexia, so I can't read any English writing. It's rather ironic for a child of Athena, isn't it? Oh, I'm single and not really looking, the last guy I liked turned out to be an evil person who wants to bring down Olympus. [Sighs]



 Yo, I'm Grover. And no, I'm not a demigod, I'm a satyr, which explains my "furry goat legs." My two best friends are Percy and Annabeth, and I'm older than I look. But that doesn't mean I can't act like any other seventeen year old. I live at Camp Half-Blood, though I haven't been wanting to go back recently. Ever since I broke the news about Pan I've been shunned, but most of my friends believe me, so I don't worry too much about it. But still, Mr. D isn't happy with me, and I'd rather not go back to the place where a god has some unkept feelings...
I don't have a girlfriend, so I'm lookin'! Any pretty lady is fine with me



 I'm Luke.
I'm nineteen, I'm single, and I hate the gods.
Yes, I'm a son of Hermes, but that doens't mean I like him. I've only met him once, maybe twice, but the visit was very short.
I hate the gods because they're selfish. They fall in love with a human and screw them- sometimes not even in love with them- and then they either leave the woman pregnant, if they're a guy, or for the women, they stay long enough until they have the kid, then leave. They ignore their kids, most of the time not even claiming them, and they do whatever the Hades they want. It's terrible.
I want to end them, and I'll do anything to do so.



 I'm Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus. I'm single, and so not looking. I'm not allowed to, seeing as I'm a huntress of Artemis. In fact, I'm her second-in-command! I love being a huntress, I really do, and it's worth giving up guys forever. ...At least, I hope so.



 The name's Nico di Angelo, don't ware it out.
I don't talk much, so don't expect some super long summery of my life. I'm a son of Hades, my sister is dead, I'm not accepted into camp, and I'm single.
There. Happy?
I hope not.




Hi, I'm Katie Gardner, daughter of Demeter.


 Hey, I'm Travis,
And I'm Connor,
And we're sons of Hermes.


 I'm Clarrise la Rue, daughter of Ares.

 I'm Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus. I like to fix things, obviously, I can control fire, and I'm very interested in girls. Jason is my best friend, and I suppose Piper is, too. I'm the only one who can control fire, it's some weird chosen/gift thing. I don't like it, it-I-my mom- [Shakes his head] It's a long, sad story. But my favorite thing to carry is my tool belt, and I love being at camp.



 I'm Piper McLean, daughter of.... Aphrodite. My best friends are Leo and Jason, and I'm currently single!




 I'm Jason Grace.
I'm a son of Jupit- ahem- Zeus. I'm Thalia's brother, and I can't remember my past, alll thanks to Hera.
It's a long story, really. I woke up on a bus with no memory, just knowing that I was Jason. Piper and Leo were with me. We were on a field trip, and the Coach was a satyr. [Rolls his eyes] Long story short, we were attacked, we ended up at camp, we go on a quest, I find out I'm Roman... all very confusing.




The Immortals

  I'm Zeus, god of the sky, king of Olympus.
I'm married to Hera, and do, in fact, have a temper. As do my brothers.
If you're a child of either one of my brothers, it would be best if you stay out of my realm. If you do fly in a plane, or something, without reason, I will gladly smite you.









 Ah, hello, I'm Chiron.
I'd say I was the camp director, but then Dionysus might get angry and well... I'd rather the campers to stay sane.
I teach young heroes how to defend themselves. I'm not their leader, no, I'm their teacher.



I'm Dionysus, but call me Mr. D. Seriously.
I'm the god of wine and insanity, so what would I be doing at a camp with a bunch of brats? Well, the answer is simple.
Father grounded me.
So now I'm stuck at this petty camp for one hundred years, without any wine! Can you believe this?
So don't expect me to like you. At all.

 I'm Apollo, god of the sun, archery, poetry, healing, and music. What am I supposed to say? I drive the "sun chariot" a.k.a my sports car, across the sky from East to west. I love haikus, and I think it's safe to say I'm amazing at them, and I do enjoy time with the ladies. [winks]

Hello, I'm Artemis, goddess of the hunt. There are only a few things about me you need to know.
One, I hate men. Period. The end

Two, I'm a virgin goddess.

Three, you will not flirt, kidnap, or try anything on my huntresses. If you do, I'll kill you myself.









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