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The Shadows's Friends

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About Shadows.

Were are called shadows because we stay in the dark. Away from people. We all have our own powers. Some use them for good, others for evil. We are very nice people, until we get mad. To become a Shadow, You must be bitten by a Shadow Person. When your bitten your whole body goes numb till the Shadow who bit you heals where you were bitten. We only change those who are willing to be changed. We all went threw the process. Most because they wernt happy with their life, others by a life or death situation. We are very fast and strong. We are here for good. To protect humans from the Desdemona. Desdemona are very mean and ruthless. They will kill anyone. The Desdemona and the Shadows never got along. The Desdemona want to take over the world, and kill all the humans. We dont think like them. If Desdemona attack they will first make you weak by beating you, then they will feed. We try not to feed on humans. We can survive off of regular food.


Our Storys:

Justin's Story:

When he was 18, he was bitten by a shadow. The shadow that bit him
was a newborn shadow. Justin woke up very confused. Luckly a Elder
shadow found him and helped him understand. It took him a while to
belive him. Justin knew that he could never see his family again,
and that made him very sad. He sorta closes himself off when it comes
to family and relesionships.

Mark's Story:

When Mark was 17, he was getting into alot of trouble. He never went to
school and got arrested alot. He lived with foster parents, who he didnt
really like. His foster dad was a drunk, and his foster mom was always
working. His real parents were killed in a plane crash when he was 8.
When Mark found Justin they became best friends. When Mark found out what
Justin was, he wanted to be one. He didnt like his life and Justin couldnt
let his friend go threw it.

Jason's Story:

Jason was another boy at the foster home where Mark grew up. When Jason was 12
his parents left him at the foster home. Jason and Mark always hung out. So
when Mark was turned, Mark had to say good-bye. But somewere along the road
Mark bit Jason. Jason was 17 when he was bitten. Since Jason was good friends
with Mark, he wasnt mad when he explained everything. Jason also was very
un-happy with his life, but he never tells anyone about it.

Alison's Story:

When Alison was 16, her and her parents were on their way to visit some family.
Their car slipped on some ice and flipped over. Her parents were killed automaticly.
Alison was alive and awake. She screamed for help but no help came. Mark heard the
screams and him and the others went to see what happend.When they got her out
of the car she was fadeing fast. Mark bit her out of no-were. When she woke up she
was scared. If you havnt noticed she dosent talk much. Thats because shes scared.

Power:Mind reading


Power:Can bring back the dead

Power:Mind control

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At 7:17pm on February 1, 2010, The Shadows said…
Justin:We Read

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