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About the Story!

Main Characters

Isabella Swan

Jacob Black

Edward A. Mason


Bella is Charlie’s first marriage daughter, her mother Diana leaves them after Bella is born. Charlie then meets Renée who falls in love with the little baby and offers her help to Charlie. So she becomes her babysitter. She then names her Isabella “Bella” Marie swan; she marries Charlie, but dies when Bella is 8 years old. Bella’s best friend is Jacob Black, they grew up together, and started dating when they where 14 years old...

In the summer from 11th grade to 12th, Bella’s aunt Grace comes to visit from Italy, that arrival unfolds a series of old secrets. But she is not the only newcomer, the Cullen family moves to forks with an added member that will turn Bella’s world around…

Introduction (preface):

I had it all, my dad, my boyfriend & friends. Suddenly in just a heartbeat my entire life changed, I was confused, hurt and torn by the ones I loved, while one tried to heal me, the other left; I had to decide which way take.

It was a nightmare, I wanted it to end. I wished to be happy again, to do so I had to make a choice so; I’ll balance my options, would see what’s right to make this pain stop forever…


Bella lives in the rarely sunny town of Forks with her dad Charlie, who is the police chief. Her mother was Diana, but she never knew her because she abandons them after Bella was born; her dad re-married with Renée and they never told Bella this. Bella’s best friend is Jacob Black. They knew each other since they were born, they grew up together; at age fourteen they started dating after a lifetime of friendship; as Jacob sometimes said. Bella was now seventeen and a half, her birthday is in September 13, just two months away. This was the summer from 11th to 12th grade. One day Bella was in town at the bank with Charlie, when he returned to the lobby, he was in company of a blonde good-looking man, Dr. Carlisle Cullen he introduced. A few minutes after, a short girl with a pixie like face and shorthair entered, it was Doctor Cullen daughter Mary Alice; or as she preferred Alice.

They went to lunch. Dr. Cullen and Charlie had stuff to do so Bella was stuck with Alice. Bella invited her to her house, something she never did with someone besides Jacob. They talked and chatted until dinnertime; Dr. Cullen invited Bella and her dad to dinner at his house, so Bella guided by Alice drove to their place. There, she met Alice’s mom Esme, and her older brother Emmett. Alice was born nine months after him, but they were always in the same school grade. Alice and Emmett had two adopted brothers; Rosalie and Jasper Hale. Rosalie and Jasper’s parents died when they where five; they went to live with their grandparents who died when they were both fourteen so Esme took their custody.

Rosalie is Emmett’s girlfriend, Jasper is in love with Alice but he doesn’t have enough courage to tell her. Alice of course feels the same way. Bella was a normal girl she had a car, or truck I must add, her loving boyfriend, a half time job and her dad. But she sometimes wished that her mother Renée never died. Bella was celebrating a surprise party for Jacob, with the help of everybody at the reservation. He was surprised indeed, for this party Bella invited Alice and jasper; they came and had lots of fun. That night after everybody left Bella stayed to clean up the mess, Jacob helped a little. She was staying at his house that night, when Bella gave him his birthday present a chain with a charm that said B & J forever, they made out; as they sometimes did. This was their secret though nobody knew that their relationship was at that intimate level.

The next morning they were going cliff diving a sport that was the only recreation the reservation had. For that trip Bella invited the Cullen’s; they went and had fun. When Bella was about to leave Alice invites her to spend the rest of the day with them but she forgot they were supposed to go pick up her cousin to the airport in Seattle. Alice was delighted when Bella accepted to go with them; she went and she was shocked when she saw Edward. He was tall, lean just a bit muscular his skin was pale as hers. His hair had a bronze and gold color; his eyes where green but it depended on the light, so they where hazel. When he introduced himself to Bella his voice was soft, mysterious with a velvety tone. But by the way his uncle Carlisle talked to him he hid something “he is supposed to be here to forget.” Bella heard Alice say to jasper when they were at the house and she was helping with the table for dinner.

Bella continued bonding with Alice and was more in love with Jacob than ever, one Sunday they had a movie night at Bellas house, Edward was there Jacob too. Bella got annoyed because Edward sometimes during the movie stared at her; Jacob noticed too. In forks high school (Bella’s school) there was a welcome party for the seniors; Bella told Alice since they were all entering the same grade. Alice was delighted because she loved parties, the day before the party they went on a shopping trip, and with Alice's help Bella found a dress. Jacob offered to take Bella to the party, because he saw the way Edward looked at her and he didn’t like it; “you are mine” he told her.

At the party Bella asked Edward to stop doing that (looking at her and being courteous) well at least when Jacob was around, he accepted and they became friends; they danced and Edward was careful of where he placed his hands, Bella laughed internally with that. After the party Jake picked her up and took her home. Alice was planning her 18th birthday party and asked Bella to help her plan; she accepted. After Bella finished helping Alice with some of the planning she went home because Jacob was coming to dinner. When they were done Bella noticed that Jacob wasn’t himself; and up in her room she asked him what was wrong. He told her that weird stuff was happening in the reservation, that some nights he heard wolves howling really close and that his friend Jared started hanging out with the oldest Quileute boy Sam uley; he also told her that Jared changed his appearance, his hair was shorter and he was a sack of pure muscle.

Bella told him that everything was going to be okay Jake calmed and they kissed. Bella went with Rosalie and Alice to deliver the invitation for Alice’s party, the first house they went was Jessica Stanley’s house a girl who Bella hated and of course Jessica hated Bella. They delivered all the invitations and Bella was invited to dinner; there she noticed that Edward looked depressed and distant he didn’t even greeted her. After dinner She went back home. The next day she went to La push to give the invitation for Alice’s party to Jacob and his friends. Rebecca one of Jacobs older sister greeted Bella when she a rived so Bella gave her the invitation. Jake then came and they delivered the rest together, when they got to Sam uley’s and his fiancé Emily young’s house (something about Emily, on the right side of her face she had a huge bear scars, she was attacked by one a year ½ ago) there Bella saw what Jacob told her about Jared he was changed indeed. After delivering the invitations Bella and the others decided to play a just fir fun soccer game, Bella’s team won. After the game they made a mud fight. Bella returned to her house and washed out.

After that she went to Alice’s house because she wanted to show her some party stuff; when Bella arrived she was greeted by Emmett. She went to look for Alice where Emmett told her he last seen her but she wasn’t there, and Emmett was gone so she went up the stairs and opened every door on her way, when she was on the 3rd floor she opened one door; Edwards room. He was there sitting on the floor, holding a picture and crying. Bella tried to close the door but he caught her; and treated her really mean. She found Alice’s room using the directions Edward snapped at her, Alice showed her everything. Bella stayed for a reasonable time, and then she left. Outside Edward waited for her; he wanted to apologize for his behavior, Bella agreed just to let it go.

When Bella got home Jacob waited for her, they went inside and watched a movie. After that they fell asleep and woke before dinner, Jake helped Bella and when they finished; she drove him back to his house. There although she felt what he meant about the weirdness and creepiness; she even heard the wolves howling. Bella also felt that they were being watched, and when she arrived home the sensation was still there; so she closed the curtains of her bedroom. On the house phone answer machine was a message, Bella’s aunt Grace was coming to visit from Italy soon; she left the message for Charlie to hear. A day later, it was the day Bella had to go dress shopping for Alice’s party; they picked her up and drove to Seattle. After hours of looking, they found everything they needed for them and the guys (they didn’t go with them) when they finished they went to lunch. Bella bought something there for her dad to dinner; they headed back to forks. At Alice’s house Bella was asked to give Edward his bag from the store, she did it annoyed. And again he was mean to her; she went home furious.

Alice’s party finally arrived; Bella woke up and bagged everything. She went to Alice’s house and helped with the last details. She was on her way to the house when she stumbled on Edward, he was mean again, and he wanted to speak with her. She accepted, he apologized for his earlier behavior; and they were friends again. They then got ready for the party and before going down Bella was escorted by Edward. When Jessica Stanley arrived Bella got annoyed because of the way she treated Edward, but calmed when Jacob and the reservation guys arrived. The party flowed and was great, at some point though thing got ruff Embry, Paul and Jared where discussing and Paul almost hit Embry, they took the fight outside. But it was resolved quickly with just one word from Sam all of them controlled Sam then decided to go and he left with Emily, Paul and Jared. After that Jake left also, moments later Bella danced with Edward, and after that they went wild with Alice’s gift an Italian Porsche.

The next day Bella woke up early to make breakfast for Jake, because it was their anniversary they were celebrating 5 years. They ate and Jacob took Bella to la push first beach, the place where he asked her to be his girlfriend and where they had their first kiss. After spending the morning in the beach Jake telling her some Quileute legends, he took her hiking all was part of the surprise. When they reached the meadow, they had lunch then they chatted and danced with a battery operated radio. When they finished dancing Jake bend on his knees, Bella froze. Jacob then whispered the world’s most beautiful an important words “Isabella ‘Bella’ Marie Swan de Laurenttis, will you marry me?” he asked Bella’s heart stopped. She accepted this was Bella’s dream that he finally proposed her it was being granted, so now they were engaged. After that they kissed and made out again.

First day if school arrived Bella woke up and felt a bit of morning sickness but the sensation left as it came; then she got to school. She was received by the Cullen’s and Edward, they checked schedules Bella and Edward had three classes together. Before they got to class Jacob came to visit Bella he told him to come to her house after school. Bella in Spanish class heard Jessica Stanley talking about Edward, she got really pissed the question was why she wasn’t a free girl at all.

After school Bella got home Jake was already there waiting they kissed Bella wanted to ask Jake how where they telling Charlie they were engaged they agreed dinner for the next day to tell him. After taking Jake home Bella went to bed and she had a dream, she was taking a little girl to bed, she had a wedding ring and she was also pregnant although, in the dream she didn’t see the face of her husband just his hands, she noticed they where not jakes hands… she woke up. After school that day it was time to tell Charlie, so after dinner Jacob carefully told him the news, he wasn’t expecting it but gave the permission and blessing, Bella breathed and relaxed. The first week of school ended and Bella kept feeling strange, she some mornings woke up with morning sickness or dizziness.

The next Monday she sat alone at lunch because the Cullen’s where accepted on different cliques although Edward asked if he could sit with her, she let him they talked and Bella gave him her cell phone number. Bella was accepted at the girl’s volleyball team so she stayed for practice; at home she told her dad he was proud she told him about her birthday plans he was okay. She went to her room and worked on some dry laundry when she felt dizzy and then the urge to vomit so she did and felt fine right away; after taking some Pepto-Bismol she was fine.

Next day at school a new symptom came, she was with Alice and Edward and suddenly her knees crumpled and she fainted. She was taken to the infirmary by Edward, when she was conscious again the nurse let her go, at home that night Edward called her that was unexpected. They talked but it was late, as the conversation ended Bella thought that Edward didn’t want to hang up; so she said goodbye first. That night Bella had another dream, she was pregnant but her belly wasn’t that big, Jacob slept at her side; then it turned into a nightmare she was feeling pain and there was blood everywhere, in her unconsciousness she heard a voice say: “everything will be fine, I promise” she woke up again.

It was Sunday first volleyball game, Bella went to get ready, in the crowd her dad was seated besides Carlisle and Jacob was there with Seth and Leah, she thought it was rare that Embry wasn’t with them. The game started Bella was captain and scored the first points, the game continued on the second round, Bella and her team didn’t let a chance to the other team to score so they won.

After party time, Bella was dancing with Jacob when Jessica who danced with Edward approached and went to congratulate her hypocrite. One of the lights reflected on Bella’s engagement ring and Jessica noticed and asked questions Bella took evasive reaction and Jessica left pissed. In that party Bella felt bad again she had to go puke, this time no one saw her. Bella thought that if she kept feeling that way she would have to visit the ER, but she hated needles. Jake took her home when the party ended, and stayed for a while he was caressing Bella’s hair; she got annoyed and they had a small fight. Bella then left the grudge and they kissed, they were about to be intimate again when Bella’s stomach revolved she went to the bathroom, and Jacob served her a dose of Pepto-Bismol, he carried her to her bed and stayed until she fell asleep. Before that she apologized for being mean.

On the next week at school everyone was happy that they had won and Bella was preparing for her 18th birthday party. Her heartburn symptoms ended but her period wasn’t down yet. She had already made the guest list Jessica wasn’t invited and she let Edward really clear that he couldn’t bring her at all, he agreed not to; Bella was pleased. She loved the smile he gave to her when she told her party rules. After class Edward asked Bella what kind of music she liked, classic she responded; but when she asked why, he didn’t answered. Bella went home and someone she wasn’t expecting was there in the kitchen with her dad. Her aunt Grace de Laurenttis Dwyer arrived from Italy, when Bella greeted her she felt like a baby because as her mothers, her aunts arms where cold and her body hard as a rock.
The last time Bella had seen her aunt she was three years old. She helped her get installed and told her a bit about her, when she told her about Jacob, grace got upset but didn’t told Bella why.

Minutes after Jacob came and she went with him to his house, Billy Jacobs’s dad congratulated her for her compromise but he didn’t look as happy as Charlie. Jacob told her that his dad thought he was crazy because of some old Quileute legend. They kissed, and ended making out again; after that Jacob took Bella home and on her bed, he left. Three days passed it was Friday 13th Bella’s birthday day, she woke up and her dad greeted her and gave her his present, a movie. She dressed and went to breakfast, in the kitchen was Jake he also said hi and gave her his gift also, a book and a king sized snickers bar, her favorite. Bella noticed that her aunt grace was missing and when she asked her dad he didn’t knew. Bella thought, her aunt wasn’t home all the time, but when she was Bella watched her a lot and she saw that she moved faster than normal people and that she talked with words that where very old.

Jacob took Bella to school but on the way he was quiet, when Bella asked he told her that his best friend Embry was weird that he started hanging with Sam uley also like the rest, he also changed his appearance his hair was cut off and he sneaked out in the night.

Bella went to school and saw Edward with Jessica she avoided them. She was then greeted by Alice and Jasper they told her that they where going to the party. At English when Edward entered Bella was him whipping his lips and she thought and wondered if they had kissed (they did). Bella avoided him the rest of the day, at math she felt bad and ran to the bathroom to vomit Alice worried went after her.

At lunch she sat with Angela Webber, her boyfriend Ben and their friends; they all agreed to go to the party also. At gym Bella had a small discussion with Jessica Edward defended her, and after class he gave her his present a CD that contained all the classic songs Bella liked. She was really grateful and loved the gift. Although, she asked Edward why he always got a ride home with his cousins, when he had a car. He told her that he will tell her dad other day, when she asked why he said: “I don’t want to lose you” and left.

Bella wondered why he said that and went home to get everything ready for the party, when she got there everything was almost done the house was ready and decorated and the food was arranged, her aunt grace did it all by herself, she told Bella to go get some rest she did. It was time to get ready, Bella showered and when she went out she remembered that she didn’t have bought a dress so she was torn between the one she used for Alice’s party and the one of the seniors welcome party. Aunt Grace entered the room and gave her a gift it was a dress, she also gave her a necklace that said ‘Isabella’ it belonged to Bella’s grandmother.

Alice and the Cullen have arrived, Edward included, and the only guest missing was Jacob. When Bella noticed his absence she was very upset. Edward saw her and soothed her, after the party Jacob sneaked in on Bella’s room and told her why he didn’t come; he had a fight with his dad about him marrying Bella. They made up and since Jacob was locked out of his house he stayed on Bella’s.

In the passing days Bella was being followed by an unknown man; she told Grace and she told her not to worry Bella thought her aunt was insane because she also said not to tell Charlie. One day Bella was going home from school and the man that had followed for the last day was following her again, she sped up but just 2 streets down from her house something went wrong with her truck and when she stopped the man grabbed her and took her as hostage, Bella kicked him but he was hard as a rock. And after fidgeting he hit her on her head and when she went unconscious he kidnapped her. At her house Edward waited for a pair assignment, but he got worried when she didn’t arrive so Charlie called Jacob, Bella wasn’t there.

Jacob went to Bella’s house but in the way he found Bella’s truck he called Charlie and he went there, there was nothing to do just wait but it was agonizing. Grace knew what was going on though, that was the reason why she returned to protect Bella & Charlie from Diana, Charlie’s 1st wife and Bella’s real mom. Diana left Charlie a year after she married Dmitri and was turned into a vampire. Dmitri is one of the guards of the volturi (the rulers of the vampire world) and Grace has been tracking Diana and Dmitri for a long time. Grace was a vampire also. But she was different she was a vegetarian vampire (only drank animal blood).

Everyone was desperate Edward was hopeless, he cared for Bella too much and Jacob was without a part of his heart, Bella had been kidnapped. Grace told this to Charlie saying that supposedly the kidnapers called; it was a lie of course. Charlie started the search; grace searched too using her vampire sense of smell. Three days after Grace told Charlie where to look and to their luck Bella was alone, Edward risked himself and rescued her; he grabbed her on his arms and took her out, he then put her on her dad’s arms. Bella was taken to the hospital, she was dehydrated and with a head concussion. When Carlisle checked Bella, on her blood test she showed that she was pregnant. Carlisle told this to Bella she was really happy, a baby of Jacob. When Jacob went to see her at the hospital she wanted to tell him, but Edward interrupted and Jacob got mad, so mad that his temperature rose above normal he had a fever.

He went home and Bella didn’t saw him again. When she was out of the hospital she called him but his dad said he was sick and he didn’t answer his cell phone. Bella was sad, two weeks later she told grace about the baby, grace in return revealed Bella that she was a vampire and that her mother Diana was the one who kidnapped her. She had also told Alice about the baby who in a mistake told Edward. “I got your back” he told her she smiled. One day Bella called and Billy told her that Jacob had mononucleosis and that she couldn’t visit him. Weeks after, Bella had two months of pregnancy, so she decided to tell Charlie; he couldn’t believe it but he supported her. Alice encouraged Bella to go and tell Jacob, she did. When she arrived to la push, she saw Jacob but he wasn’t the same. His hair was all gone and he was more muscular than ever; he had also made a tattoo. When Bella asked what had happened, he just told her that he wasn’t good for her anymore, that it was over.

Bella’s world crumbled and she told him that he couldn’t leave her, when she was about to tell him why Jacob stopped her and made her leave; She was destroyed. Bella was on the meadow where Jacob had proposed she was just seating there thinking when Dmitri appeared out of nowhere, he wanted to finish what his wife started he was about to kill Bella and her baby when out of the trees 5 wolves appeared, one of the wolves the one with the brown hair looked at Bella (that was Jacob) and whined after that they all went follow Dmitri.

Bella went home and told Charlie. Two days after that Jacob sneaked in on Bella’s room to apologize with her, he told her that he couldn’t tell her what was wrong because it was a secret but gave her some clues to see if she could find out by herself; after kissing her he left. Bella had a dream and remembered the story Jacob told her about the Quileute’s descendants the wolves, she made the connection. The next day she bust in Jacobs house but he was sleeping. Outside she saw Sam uley and his gang she went to confront them and she was almost hurt by Paul, in that moment Jacob woke up and run to save Bella he gave a leap and transformed in mid-air he fought with Paul. Bella was taken to Emily’s house there she told Emily about her baby, minutes later Sam and the guys arrived Paul apologized and Jacob went to walk with Bella; he then explained it all.

Bella told him that Dmitri and Diana where behind her, before Bella left she told Jacob about the baby he froze; now it was going to be harder to leave her now, he was really committed to stay with Bella. Later that night Jacob sneaked in Bella’s room again and he stayed with her.
The days passed and Diana kept doing things to damage Bella and Charlie, the wolves and Grace kept following them; while Edward tried to win Bella’s heart. When Bella was on her fourth month of pregnancy, she felt a stabbing pain on her belly and she saw blood, to her luck Edward was there he took her to the hospital, she was dying; the baby inside her too.

She went on a cardiovascular arrest her heart stopped beating; Carlisle had to make a choice, Bella or the baby he chose Bella. So since the baby was dead he took him out Bella had a miscarriage and she had lost a lot of blood, Edward donated all the blood she needed, again he saved her. Now he understood that he loved her. Bella was devastated; Carlisle made the arrangements to bury the baby in favor of Bella’s emotional health.

The next day’s Bella was in a zombie like stage, she dint eat, she didn’t talked she just stayed in her room all day sleeping. She had a severe depression, she was alone Jacob wasn’t with her, the only one she had was Edward but she didn’t saw him; he never gave up. Jacob broke up with her shortly after that, Bella wasn't the same. Charlie was getting sick of her behavior and gave her an ultimatum.

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At 8:06pm on June 20, 2011, Zaicha The Vampire Goddess said…
Hello there everyone, this page i created it and it belongs to me! Love you all my dear fans.
At 5:50pm on October 8, 2010, Twi-EmmettCullenBreakingTwilight said…
Hello Zaicha! We are in the month of October and waiting patiently for the Halloween Chapter to come out. I would like to know the status of when will the chapter be up and ready for your fans to read? I would like to know when will Bella realize that Edward has been in love with her ever since he met her that first day at the airport. What else would go wrong with Bella before she begins to have a happy life? When will Dimitry and Diana get caught and taken care of for all the harm they have inflicted on Bella & Charlie? What will happen with Jacob now that he had to give up the love of his life? Will he be happy once again? My sister please let us know when will the next chapter be up soon! Thanks!
At 12:36pm on September 29, 2010, Twi-EmmettCullenBreakingTwilight said…
Hello My Awesome Author of Unexpected & Unfortunate and creator of this page. I can't wait for your next chapter to be up and posted. You are making me jump up and down with anticipation everytime we talk on the phone and you update me with more details about the next chapter. So please begin typing The Halloween Chapter since October 1st will be next Friday, pleaseee! I love this profile page so much, you keep us posted with everything. Yay! I gotta go my head is ready to explode since I have a terrible migraine once again. Text me later my Angel... I will see if I'm up... If not leave me a message.
At 11:00am on September 22, 2010, Twi-EmmettCullenBreakingTwilight said…
Hey my Unexpected & Unfortunate Fans! We need to contact our Author Zaicha and ask her when she will post the next chapter? I know this story is Amazing but we still are only on chapter 59. There are 54 more chapters to go. I have an advance sneak peek of chapter 73 that everyone is going to love so much. However, I can't reveal it's contents since it's an advance chapter. So please let's ask our Author to post more soon... We love this story so much and need to read Edward's side of the story now... Thank you!
At 11:38am on September 11, 2010, Alba Solorzano said…
omg!! love it here!!! haha
At 5:37pm on September 8, 2010, Twi-EmmettCullenBreakingTwilight said…
OMG Zaicha! I loveeeee this profile page very much! Excellent idea to keep all your fans updated with this amazing story. Awesome job! Keep up the good work! I definitely have to join this profile page.....

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