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Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
Ginny is introduced in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, in which she appears twice. When Harry and four of her brothers leave for Hogwarts, she begs her mother to let her attend as well, though she is too young to enrol at the time.[4] At the conclusion, she is excited to catch a glimpse of Harry upon his return.[5]

In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Ginny is a first-year Hogwarts student, having been Sorted into Gryffindor House. While she initially plays a behind-the-scenes role, looking mysteriously ill and having a crush on Harry,[6] it is revealed in the climax that Tom Riddle's diary is possessing Ginny as a means to access the Chamber of Secrets and unleash a basilisk within the school grounds. Riddle's memory residing inside the diary brings her to the Chamber, intending to restore himself to full life by killing her.[7] Harry foils this plot by destroying the basilisk and the diary, thus saving Ginny's life.[8] It is later revealed that Lucius Malfoy was responsible for planting the diary amongst Ginny's new school books,[9] in hopes that her actions would discredit her father and lead to Albus Dumbledore's removal from Hogwarts.[10]

Ginny has little involvement in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. In the latter, Ginny honours a promise to attend the Yule Ball with Neville Longbottom, despite Ron's telling her to go with Harry.

[edit] Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Ginny has "given up on Harry months ago."[11] Harry and Ron later learn that she met current boyfriend Michael Corner at the Yule Ball, but Ginny does not tell her overprotective brothers because she knows that they will "take it badly." When Dolores Umbridge punishes Harry with a "lifetime" Quidditch ban, Ginny replaces him as Gryffindor's Seeker; Hermione Granger reveals that Ginny had been secretly practicing with their brooms since the age of six, since her brothers would not let her play with them.[12]. She joins Dumbledore's Army and is one of five D.A. members who join Harry's attempt to rescue Sirius Black from the Department of Mysteries.[13] Ginny breaks up with Michael due to his displeasure of Ravenclaw losing the Quidditch Cup final to Gryffindor, and she starts dating Dean Thomas.

[edit] Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

In Half-Blood Prince, after seeing her cast the Bat-Bogey Hex on Hufflepuff Zacharias Smith, new Potions professor Horace Slughorn respects her magical abilities enough to invite her to join his "Slug Club". Ginny spends more time with Harry when she becomes a Chaser for the Gryffindor Quidditch team,[14] and substitutes for Harry as Seeker when Severus Snape puts him in detention during the Quidditch Cup final.[15]

After witnessing Ginny fiercely kissing Dean in a private hallway, Harry eventually accepts the fact that he fancies Ginny, but since Ron vocally objects to Dean dating his sister, Harry interprets this as his not wanting any of his friends to date her. Ginny's relationship with Dean ends altogether in April following an accidental "nudge" from Harry under the effects of Felix Felicis, which Ginny interprets as Dean unnecessarily trying to help her through the portrait hole.[16] Though worried about Ron's reaction, Harry now takes advantage of any chance to spend more time with her away from the prying eyes of their classmates.[15] Ginny and Harry share their first kiss after Gryffindor again wins the Quidditch Cup over Ravenclaw, thus instigating their relationship.

In the climax of the book, Ginny joins the other D.A. members from the Department of Mysteries battle, along with several members of the Order of the Phoenix, to protect Hogwarts from Death Eaters who entered the school with the assistance of Draco Malfoy. After Dumbledore's death, Harry decides to end their relationship as he fears his feelings for Ginny would place her in danger; he is surprised at how well Ginny handles his decision.[17]

[edit] Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Ginny is first seen in Deathly Hallows after Harry is escorted by members of the Order to The Burrow to hide out before his seventeenth birthday. Propelled by the revelation that Harry, Ron, and Hermione are leaving to seek the remaining Horcruxes, Ginny gives Harry a passionate kiss in her bedroom, but after Ron "accidentally" walks in on the moment, he tells Harry that their relationship has ended and that Ginny could "get her hopes up." For much of the novel, Ginny's experiences are revealed only indirectly, as she is at Hogwarts in the absence of the three lead characters. Through the portrait of Phineas Nigellus Black, they learn that she, Neville and Luna worked on reuniting the D.A., and participated in a plot to steal Gryffindor's sword from Snape's office.[DH Ch.15] However, Ginny leaves Hogwarts and goes into hiding with her family following the revelation of Ron being on the run with Harry and Hermione.

Ginny and Harry meet each other after nearly a year before the Battle of Hogwarts, but he notes that he "had never been less pleased to see her,"[DH Ch.29] as wants to fight in the battle. Mrs Weasley orders Ginny to leave Hogwarts, but Remus Lupin suggests that Ginny stay hidden in the Room of Requirement, close to battle but out of harm's way.[DH Ch.30] Later, when Harry needs to change the setting of the room to secure a Horcrux, Ginny gladly leaves the room and joins in the fighting.[DH Ch.31] After Harry's supposed death, she, Hermione, and Luna take on Bellatrix Lestrange. When Ginny narrowly avoids a Killing Curse, Harry diverts his attention from Voldemort to take on Bellatrix, but Mrs Weasley beats him to the fight and slays Bellatrix herself.[DH Ch.36] When the battle ends and Voldemort is defeated, Harry sees Ginny with her mother and decides to not interrupt, thinking that "there would be time to talk later, hours and days, and maybe years".[DH Ch.36]

[edit] Epilogue

In the epilogue, set nineteen years after the events of Deathly Hallows, Harry and Ginny are married and have three children: sons James Sirius and Albus Severus, and daughter Lily Luna. Rowling extrapolated on Ginny's future after the release of the book, saying that after leaving Hogwarts, she joined the Holyhead Harpies and, after spending a few years as a celebrated player, retired to start a family with Harry. Ginny later becomes the senior Quidditch correspondent at the Daily Prophet.[18]
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