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blue™ left a comment for How exhausting.
"Riley settled onto the bed beside you, brushing away locks of your hair with his lips. "I love you." he whispered, twisting his arms securely around your waist. You were the most precious girl he'd ever seen. Doe-like eyes and…"
Jun 22, 2012
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Apr 26, 2012
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Apr 26, 2012
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Apr 8, 2012

yeah summer, time to edit the page finally, bleck. Be on moar, comment uss

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The delightful girl everyone must love because, well, she's the nicest person to just about everyone. She can be slightly gaurded and less open to new people, but get her talking and she'll never stop. She is a hopeless romantic, which is okay because the love of her life, Aiden, is one as well. Talk to this girl, and you'll have a friend for life.




The quiet guy who gets all the ladies just by looking good and standing there. Underneath all those muscles, nice hair, and hypnotic eyes though is a shy boy who would treat the girl he loved right, he's never one to disrespect those who deserve it. But he will always be shy and quiet, even after he's known you, he just doesn't believe you have to talk endlessly to know someone, truely knowing someone is in the heart.




The ginger, she isn't evil or anything silly like that though. She loves to crazy and have an amazing time. She knows how to make the quietest people become outgoing and fun when they're around her, it's a talent really.




This hipster doesn't reallt care what's going on in the news, or what's even around him. He cares for his family and those he loves, though. Usually quite sarcastic in anything he says, but he is just kidding around with you. He does enjoy the simple things in life over the more outgoing aspects like partying and drinking all the time, he'd prefer a smoke anyway.




The good girl who never does anything wrong, who never really talks unless spoken to, is this girl. She hasn't done too much in her lifetime like her other female siblings, she, like Keeghan, would prefer to stay at home watching movies on the sofa. A smart, creative girl filled with love and compassion that she gives all to Riley.




A player, possibley consider him a tool, but really he is just cocky and funny all at the same time. He has hurt a good share of girls, but never intentionally, he just hasn't found his one and only. He will play you though, it's just who he is, he enjoys being with girls and drinking and having a grand time. But he really doesn't give a f***, you're just apart of his unresistable game.




The outgoing girl with the quiet personality. She herself is just one big contradiction. She doesn't care what she's doing as long as she's having fun, usually that means getting into trouble though. People might consider her as a "hipster". She thinks it's a stupid term, people shouldn't be judged on how they dress and act. She herself tends to wear skinny jeans, band t-shirts, no make up, and tan thrift store shoes. Normal to her at least. She still thinks people shouldn't be given names for how they are. It's dumb.



She is a nice girl, trusting, maybe to willing to trust people, for she has been hurt more times than anyone in her family. With everything looking up again she is becoming even more happy and outgoing like how she used to act. She loves her boyfriend that has helped her out of her bad streek and made her feel alive again, Denzel.




The athletic girl with her deep brown eyes and sun bleached blonde hair. She's quite the looker but usually doesn't just go for anyone. She never gets nervous or feels awakward (and sometimes she even feels like she has no feelings at all). Generally she's pretty fun to be around. She has her best friend as of right now and his name is Christian. 



Taylor is the quiet, shy, sweet, beautiful girl. But rarely anyone knows it because she doesn't talk to many people at all. She does, however, talk to her one true love, Jason. He makes her feel how she'd always wanted. He's her best friend, and her lover and that's all she's ever wanted in life. It's funny, Taylor is probably the most unique, hipster girl here, yet the quietest.



Rachel is a sweet girl, kind of different in a lot of ways though. Her personality is out of this world, meaning she's funny, outgoing, crazy, silly...a more singular word would be eccentric. Rachel loves acting out and doing whatever she feels, especially longboarding or going to a coffee shop in town. Maybe just a walk along the beach, whatever seems to please her. She also just surprised her family with news of her being a lesbian. Yes it's true, this beautiful girl loves girls, and she isn't afraid to shout it off the roof tops.

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At 1:12am on June 11, 2012, blue™ said…
Riley settled onto the bed beside you, brushing away locks of your hair with his lips. "I love you." he whispered, twisting his arms securely around your waist. You were the most precious girl he'd ever seen. Doe-like eyes and delicate fingers that had to be made for tugging his hair when you wanted more of him. He touched your hip as he kissed you.
At 12:09am on March 24, 2012, blue™ said…
He anxiously trailed his fingers over your cheeks. "Then marry me." he whispered abruptly. "Promise that you'll never leave me and be mine forever." Riley stroked his thumb over your knuckles, enchanted with the thought of a ring on your finger. "Marry me, Kyler."
At 1:21pm on March 14, 2012, blue™ said…

"You do whatever makes you happy." he corrected you. He pressed their lips together against, delighted by the sight of such a beautiful smile. You were perfect. The love in his chest couldn't begin to compare to what he actually felt. It was potent and indefinate. "I love you, Kyler." he whispered into your mouth.

At 6:37pm on March 12, 2012, яεᴅяuм. said…

What was he thinking? A mixture of things. Mostly her. Ever since she left, his brain thought of nothing but her. "All those times we joked around and partied and acted like idiots. I missed it when you left. I missed you." His eyes flashed down to her face, gauging her reaction to his words. "I'm thinking about you. It seems that's all I'm thinking about lately."

At 12:22am on July 21, 2011, blue™ said…
He flinched not because of the thought of saving yourself for someone, but that you saved yourself for him. Riley touched your cheek and then sighed. "I'm not right for anyone especially someone like you." he said. "But ... I'm selfish. I want you to love me and to kiss you whenever I want. I hate the thought of you belonging to someone besides me."
At 5:23pm on June 12, 2011, blue™ said…
"Buddies forever?" he asked, twisting his pinky with yours. Riley smiled down at you, his blue eyes kind and loving- He wasn't in love with you but were one of the closest thing to a friend he had besides Grace.
At 4:06pm on June 10, 2011, J a s o n ;; said…

*kisses your forehead*

I've been so busy, Taylor.

God I feel horrible. I'm sorry.

I miss you so much.. glad you still are holdin onto me.

I love you.

At 4:21pm on January 18, 2011, Fallen Angels said…
Aiden:-chuckles and looks down at u- ive always liked u right from the start -smiles- ur my girl and .... I love you. -smiles-
At 5:36pm on December 30, 2010, J a s o n ;; said…



[Note says: I thought I'd get you a present for the New Years...]

At 5:15pm on December 27, 2010, Fallen Angels said…
Aiden: -takes the camera and puts my arm around ur waist pulling u close to me and smiles then kisses ur cheek and takes a pic of that- there u go -smiles-

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