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At 1:28am on July 19, 2010, Xx-Angel-xX said…

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Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?

My Name

Well I don't really have a name... but people who know me call me Angel. So i supose Angel is my name right {giggles}. I don't really have a nickname so if you want to give me one I'll gladly use it {smiles sweetly}

My Specie

I am an angel; actually I am a Guardian Angel. I am in charge of taking care of the ones who needs me. I recognize them by a feeling I have a few minutes after talking to them or I can take care of them if they ask me too (never reject the ones who need help that's the rule and what I like to do {smiles tenderly}).

My Age

I have no age its simple I will be like I am now forever. This is because there are only two ways of becoming an angel, or you are one from the beginning or you are a chosen human who becomes into an angel after your death. My case is the second one, so I stayed at the age it I died, I was 16 so Ill be 16 for the eternity.

My Powers

As an angel my powers are always related to help. I am a healer; I can also teleport myself and others. I can be invisible when I want to and I can fly using my wings but I can make them appear and disappear at will.

My Status

I have always being curious about love but Ive never found it and as an angel its better that way because I can be more focused on the ones I am in charge of.

My Personality and Who I am

I am always smiling and I am happy... most of the time. It's reeeeally hard to get me mad. I am super optimistic and sweet. I like things that make me laugh. Helper is my second name, if you need a hand just tell me and Ill do my best to solve things. My favorite place in the world is where ever someone is happy {smiles widely}. My favorite food (because I do eat in case you were wondering {giggles}) is anything sweet like chocolates and gummies. I like to watch movies an entire afternoon with my friends and having popcorn fights {laughs}. I can be hyper at times dont thinks that being an angel keeps me from fun {chuckles smiling} I love fun laughing and making jokes. I like things that sparkle. I think that watching stars in the sky at night is the best {smiles widely}. I dont like people who fake different personalities just to make other like them and I dont like rude people either. Finally I am what I am, I know I have lots of defects dont think I am perfect just for being an angel I can be lots of things but perfect but I do my best to be a good person and to make people around me happy {smiles}.

5 Wishes I have

/span>-- I wish I had a panda like the one right there

I wish I were the owner of a candy factory... yummy!

I wish I could sleep a bit longer in the mornings {chuckles}

I wish I could make everyybody smile :D.

I wish I could find the beginning of a rainbow.

My Favorite Song


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