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Wowz. I Hav'nt been on in like a super Loooong timee! But I'm back now.

About me.

Brookelle Bones


Brook, Brooky


Taken <3

Taken by:



*smiles and blushes*

on who:

On my Jake..



One of my favorite songs:


To my Haters and Fakes:

And if that didn't scare you I ish going to blow you away:

To my Besties and Lovers:

I may eat lollipops but I ain't no sucker.

Me and one of my Besties Lauren Shivers:


yes, calm down, its me Nikki!! plz, take a picture, it lasts longer!! o ya, this grl here's page, she is FLUKKIN bomb!! and yesh she iz the 4 real deal!! iv seen her, in my dreams, and yes this really is Brookelle!! so F**** off if yuh dont beleive her!! um gus wut, me and her are REAL buddies...and if u think or even have a mili thought, about herting her or bein mean, ulll deal with me, cuz REAL friends dont let others down, so think about it. so gus wut, u shud probably feel privleged to even be LOOKIN at her page, but no, ur not as special as me, cuz im ON her page. ya if u dont know her, ur life is pretty pointless rite now!! so thats it. PEACE B!TCHES!! <3 NIKKI

Sisss*Boom*Bam!! yeah thats right! Athena is hacking her bunddle buddie brook! Dont like it? Bite it! This girl is reall, 100%! And if you dont believe it, well thats your lost! She is super cool, and funny, and quite GEORGEOUS, if you ask me! Dont believe me? Go check out those pictures! And while your at it, drop a comment bomb on them, and tell her Spidy sent you! Well if you want to be one of her good friends like me, do you kow what you have to do? Talk duhh! Drop her a comment down below! And maybe, just maybe, you'll be her friend like I am! And if you even look at her in a rude, disgusting or mean way, I will personally kick ur ass! love you brook !

Nessie! <3

That's me up their ^ ^ ^ and you really don't what to seeee mee angry would you? :(
Well here's the deal :D....If you be the most awesomest perrsoonn and bee nicee too Brook Will all live happily every after..i think =/.....Butt iff yOoOh don't......Hmmmm i feel sorry for you xP.....And check this...i might not noooo Brook Very well but i knoww shee iss thee besstteess person YoOoHH Willll evAAA MeEeEt :P soooo haaa beat that suckerss xP....Peace out {*.*}..
Huuggss andd Kissess..Nessie! <3

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