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Running away isnt an option in my book. I have to stand, and fight for whats right

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
Life is a given gift and so is Death. Dont live and die like you shouldnt. But die, and relive again like you should...

My name is Sam. Well, its really Tyler Sam Martin. Im 18 years old. I dont really post real pics of me because I think its wierd, and who knows? you guys might be stalkers who like to pray on innocent little children like me (PSH yea rite ) anyways...I havent had the easiest life, and most of the time, I think about running away. I have had some...times where I have really hurt myself...sometimes due to the fact of TTS. So much pain, memories, loss, hurt, love and feelings I have had here alone. I dont like to...well, really do much. I somtimes go up north to snowboard with some friends. But rarely, due to the fact my parents hae me. I have alittle sister who I care about a lot. Her name is Katie. Shes been there for me, when no one else has. Justine has been going to college lately...Anyways...Im kinda tired of this site. Tired of frinds who really dont care. But sometimes, I just have to keep moving on, keep moving forward, onto better things in my life....I am active for the most part. I may be off for a few days at the most because of home issues or issues I have to deal with. Or just a break! I cant sit here wasting my life away on friends I dont really know! like I said, you guys might all be 40 year old men[women] who pray on innocent lil children like me [PSH YEAH RITE} should get to know me. Im pretty well known around the site, weither its a bad known way, or not. I dont really care. but anyways, get to know me. But remember I DONT PUT UP WITH CRAP. So deal with it, and dont whine to me.
So anyways, just to get it straight. Im not one of those emo goth dudes...I sometimes...nevermind. My mind is like a song, always. Always thinking of how my life connects to a song lyric, or making song lyrics to my life. So, yeah. Anyways. It may sound gay, but I take some Its gay I know. But, I have really taken a good...interest and good time into taking pics. So, dont think of me as some gay dude. [lol] anyways, I am one of those prankers too. Sometimes, switching the signs for the bath rooms,ummmm...yeahh...Im not a player. I know that. I stick with on girl for a while I guess...depends. I get in a lot of fights, and cuss a lot. Sooo...yeah If I ever get suspended you know why. :] lol soooo.....anyways, if you havent figured me out yet. Tryyy to. Not hard to but not easy to either. Im pretty well known around the site, and if you dont know. I have two piercings. One in my lip, the other in my nose. I only wear them sometimes.anyyywaaayys, get to know me please. :]

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Im Meeko in Rain pack
I am a guy
I HATE vampires
I am a member and CREATOR of the Fire pack
I hate my life
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
Im not a twilight fan at ALL, I hate the stinking book, but I came to hate/love TTS
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
Team Jacob.

Team Jacob- because he was there for Bella, but tryed to protect her, the way I am. I tend to run sometimes, because Im afraid of hurting who I love, but in some way...I hurt them by staying, and hurt them by leaving. Some say, I have no way of making everybody happy, but thats my keep everyone happy, even if it costs me from being happy.
Which Character Are You Most Like?

I put up a strong fight, but know when to stop. Ive have the best " girl " friend and we kinda, fell in love...but she moved away soon after so I felt myself tear apart, Ive had a bad past, kinda like Jacob, and fight, strugling to keep hold of the ones I love.
Favorite Books
Some of my favourite books consist of-----


Almost all of these books has a character fighting or struggling to hold onto someone they love, its not easy to give into someones temptation but easily made a mistake , in which I hope none of you make.I have made many, and regret most, but I cant change the past, and I cant change me.
What is Your Favorite Music
all kinds...I really listen to random music
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
I love scary movies best.
Favorite Quotes:
" I had a dream, I was chasing a wolf pack...trying to belong "

" what am I suppose to say? if you were the better half, and Im all choked up and your ok? "

" memories are suppose to be remembered, dreams meant to be isnt worth living, unless you make it that way "

" love me without fear, trust me without thinking, dont change me but make me "
Favorite Activities
I love to take care of my pack(s)

The pack ( Fire Pack )
Personality~ hes strong, tough, kinda nervous, he isnt very good of telling other wolves how he feels, he needs someone to love, and is trying to make that someone as happy as he can. He needs to find himself, trying to be the one to look up to...but everthing he seems to do, has a down to it.

Personality~ shes a very good spirit, in touch with Midnight the daughter of the spirits, she is cermony leader, shes calm, but deadly. Her strength, and speed is off the charts. Shes sweet, a very nice and goo wolf. She has a dark side, but no one knows it.

Personality~ dark, he likes to stay alone...he wont open up to new people, he gets mean, easily. And defended the pack with his life. He is like a shadow, never seen, unless he wants you to. His silent abilty is so good, he can stalk up to 2 feet to a deer, and it wont notice it. He is very sweet, though...but hard ot get to know.

The pack ( rain pack )
Personality-Is strong, hearted and is hard to get along with. He is very confusing and is hard to figure out, he doesnt like to be around much, will stay there, but loves to be with his mate. He has a temper sometimes, but can be very calm and relaxing to those who are close to him. Deadly fighter, tends to stay to himself, he's complicated to figure out.
C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\My Pictures\GrayWolf.jpg

Aspin~ Status~ mates with midnight
Personality~ sweet, funny, romantic, playful, hes a pup in the heart, he cares, but deadly in seconds, he has a brother ( not really ) named Fynx. They are like two pups who cant be stopped playing.

Moon~ Status~ Mates with Alakay
Personality~ shes had a hard , rough past...she trust almost nobody, she has had trouble with love, been abused...she is quick at making descisions, shes hard to figure out, kinda shy, shes deadly, and sorta someone not to hang around, but she is loveable...she is very sweet, and hard to not like, but easily made mad...

Fynx~Status~ Mates with Reabel
Personality~sweet, funny, romantic, playful, hes a pup in the heart, he cares, but deadly in seconds, he has a brother ( not really ) named Aspin. They are like two pups who cant be stopped playing.

Sorrel~ Status~dead
Personality~she was one of the most famous foxs at the pack, she was sweet, a healer, she was everyones friend, She had no reason to be mad at anyone, but she still had anger and hate towards her parents who abonded her. She was a great fox to have around, her smile lifted up the mood on anyone!

Mayko~status~mates with Jess
Personality~ Takes more caution around wolves, hes hard to handle, and once hes made up his mind..theres no turning back. He is strong, and tough, easily made mad. Hes the more stronger one, the one to ask for help when needed

About me

Name~ Sam Tyler Martin
age~ 18, on october 27 I will be 19
story~ In the past year, I have had many struggles, including my 7 year old brother dying in a car accident, from this TTS site. I recently had trouble with my parents, and my step-dad has abused me, My step-brothers names are Tommy, and Jacob.Each has hurt me in the past...badly. I dont really like to explain my past really, I had a great life until I reached 13. My Full name is Sam Tyler Martin. My two brothers have a different dad than me, and My lil Sister Katie has the same parents as me. My real dad died, along with my lil brother in the car accident.
Personality~ Im kinda shy, I dont like to open up to most people quickly, I have a temper, and is really hating life. I dont have many friends who dont hate me, and I dont have many good memories. One of the few people I came to know, and care about on TTS is Dusk. Her real name is Meghan, but I could go on listing people I care and trust about. I am very easily judged because of the way I am. I easily judge other people, but that wont let me try to be nice to them. I am hard to figure out, mysterious some say. I dont and wont love much....too much....pain from it....
Fun facts~~ I have a two dogs that are mine. Hawk, and Moon.Both are very awesome dogs. I have two piercings, one on my lip, and one in my nose. Although, I dont wear them much. I wear the one on my lip most. I am 18 ( almost 19 ) years old.

Some photos of me ( REAL PHOTOS

I wished someone would come and save me from the nightmare...


I had lived a short life so far...a pretty bad one to most wolves. I had no hope, nothing to help me get through the endlessly long nights that tore and tugged at my heart...the lifeless nights alone, too many days I had traveled without someone there beside me, to help me get through these daring journeys I made to find something, someone as a life support. To help me, to care about me, to love me. To drag me from what i was living in, the past. Images of my past flashed by me, days of never ending running. I did that a lot...trying to hide myself from others, because of the dangers there were of knowing me...I wanted someone to come foward and get to know me, for the real me...not the dangerous, deadly Ayame. Ayame was my name. I was named after a dark, evil wolf. The name Ayame came after her. It mean evil. I was only like this, because my pack made me like this. There hate, anger, and sorrow for me built up over the years, making me this, horrible monster I knew I was....I was constantly fighting off the pain, the sorrow, the misery I had burried away inside me...I needed someone to come...and save me from this nightmare...
I sometimes wonder, if life is really worth living....But All I can do is put my best foot forward, to move on, and get on with life..something I quite havent really figured out yet. The way life works, I have seen so many deaths, so many lives ended because of simple reasons like for food. I think its stupid to compete for land, or food, or mates...I dont think its right to end ones life for the respect and well being of another. If you asked another, about me. They couldnt really say. Im like a shadow. Never seen or heard unless I want to be. Im deadly, dangerous and hard to get along with. Some may think of me as a male , always competing for things even if I dont like the idea of it. Its life. The way of things. If you dont understand how to live in these part of the woods, you will die. No doubt about it...Im more of a tough wolf though. Even if millions of tiny, or big lives live all around me. I feel like im alone. I have gone up against the world, and I know what it feels like, to have every soul you love, and care about so much you would kill, and die for them to turn on you. I knew how it felt, and I knew how bad it was when no one wanted you. And when the only thing wolves could seem to like to do was find you, and beat you...almost to death.I was always in my dream world...always trying to fit in it, but even there, I couldnt seem to find someone who could save me...who could bring me back to the way I really was...who could help, love and care about me like someone should...always dreaming about belonging....
The snowy forest floor felt amazing to the stinging, and burning underside of my paws...Claw marks, and bite marks ran down my body, scars of me trying to kill myself ran down my legs, pale pink but a bright reminder of what I could, and would do to myself when things got tough.I jogged through the forest, the fading sun left streaks of amber through the trees. Its amazing shades of gold shimmering onto the ground, and warming everything up just a bit. The snow was up to my shoulders as I trudged through it slowly, trying to make my way to a hunting ground for a meal before resting time. I needed something to eat..I hadnt thought to stop and eat for a while...maybe since yesterday? I didnt really know. My honey eyes searched the forest, my head held low, you could easily see my hip bones, my rib bones, and my cheek bones. The skin tight, on my face and body. I wasnt very fat at all. The wind whipped at me, stinging and burning.I heard a few wolves howl loudly, and I already thought of what would happen tonight...maybe I might slip by them without stirring them up...I already had a disput within another pack last night....I yipped slightly when something hit me but it was just a pile of snow from a tree driping down. I sighed quietly and saw a male wolf come out. His bloody face raging with anger, I knew he was ready for a fight. Wolves from all sides stepped out..and I knew I was in trouble. He growled quietly and stared at me for a few moments...I thought maybe he was going to let me go...but that was when they attacked.There attack was vicious. Deadly to most. There claws digging into me, they hurt me, conflicted wounds...every single one of them attacking. I knew I couldnt last against a whole pack..but I could defend and try to fight. I fought back, smacking one across the face. I lept onto another dragging my claws into his back I tore them down, and he died instantly. A huge white male lept across the dead body and hit me, my head hitting the ground with a thud. I grew dizzy, and snow scattered across my already bloody face as I struggled up, glancing at huge black male that was hanging back...he was alpha male..I knew it. He was watching I was there cheytoy. There playtoy. I growled and whipped around to come face to face with a female. growling I tackled her and threw her. I felt someones teeth in my flank and I was thrown. Hitting my head against a tree. My vision slowly become black. The last thing I saw was the huge male jumping toward me.....

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Posted on August 23, 2010 at 6:30pm 3 Comments

I had lived a short life so far...a pretty bad one to most wolves. I had no hope, nothing to help me get through the endlessly long nights that tore and tugged at my heart...the lifeless nights alone, too many days I had traveled without someone there beside me, to help me get through these daring journeys I made to find something, someone as a life support. To help me, to care about me, to love me. To drag me from what i was…


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