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Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
name- Justin benson
nick names- Just, J, Emo, Emo Justin.
sex- Male
age- 18
born- Sept. 7
live- Colorado Springs
emo/goth- Emo
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
Team Jacob.
What is Your Favorite Music
hip hop
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haning with friends

How: You were sitting in your freshman math class on the first day, about to fall asleep from boredom, and the only thing that seems to keep you awake is the totally stunning guy seating across from you. You try to look at him only a few times, as casual as you can, but out of the corner of your eye, you can see him sneaking glances at you, grinning. I Poke you from behind and burst your bubble, �What Anessa?� you ask me annoyed, I just laugh at you, �uh well, your blushing ____, a lot. Whats up?� You get totally embarrassed and fill me in the guy that you think might have a thing for you. I smile devilishly and say, �Yo, stud, do you like this girl?� I ask jerking my thumb towards you; he laughs and nods his head. You blush even more and look away, �well, well, well, what do ya know? I made a match!� I exclaim loudly and the math teacher gives us all detention. While were in there he flirts it up big time with you, �Im Chris, and I want to make you mine.� He tells you, almost too sure of himself, but you like his cockiness. �Oh yeah? Well good luck� You grin at him and by the end of detention, your head over heals for him. �So�______, Im thinkin I might fall in love with you.� He tells you softly as you two walk home (you figure out he lives just down the street from you!) You heart is racing and you stop to look at him, �Well�I think im already in love with you.� You tell him, wrapping your hands around his waist. His face lights up and he kisses you softly and sweetly. Now: You and Chris fell in love almost too fast, and it ends badly�you�ll find out later in the story. Now you and Chris are definitely broken up for good, for almost 5 months now, and that first day of school almost three years ago still brings tears to your eyes. You are still trying to forget him when you agree to go to my big end of the year party. You get dressed as nice as you can and take your sweet time coming to the party, which makes you very late. You walk through the door and smile at the gloriously hot guys in the room, but then you notice Chris and cringe. �______! Dahling!! What on earth took you so long!? Well�who cares, your up first then, we�re playing hours in heaven, fun times baby!� I exclaim throwing a hat towards you. You catch it clumsily and instantly your stomach churns at the thought of picking Chris. You reluctantly put your hand in the hat and feel something squishy, interested you pull it out, and it�s a squishy ball thing, the kind that you love to play with. You already know whom it belongs to and you wanna scream. �No.� You say and give the hat and ball to me, �yes! I don�t care _____! You�re going in there!� I say shoving you in a room with Chris following behind. I slam the door shut and you go over to the bed and sit, resting you hands on your knees. Chris sits in a corner on the floor, he brings his knees towards is chest and sighs. You can�t do this, you think to yourself, and tears start to fall down your face, �Oh c�mon ____, give it up!� Chris exclaims glaring at you. You snap your head towards his direction and return the glare, �Fuck you!� he just shakes his head, �Your not the victim here, so quit acting!� He yells quietly. �Im not the victim Chris? Oh really? Im not? Then who the f*** is? Cuz im pretty sure you�re not the one who had to spread your legs in front of a disapproving doctor and get your baby killed now did you? Nope, you just wanted it to happen to me! I hate you!� You scream and a look of outrage and sadness fills his face, �No�your wrong, and you god damn no it! Do you honestly not recall that situation ____? Really? Do you not? Cuz I sure as hell do! Why don�t I refresh your memory!?� You look down at the floor, wanting to vanish into thin air. You know what happened, you don�t need to hear it again, but you couldn�t stop him. �It was sophomore prom, remember baby? It was amazing. And you wanted to make it �special�, so you wanted to do it! To have sex, you did! So I agreed! It was amazing, it really was! Then, two months later�you got sick�do you remember how you called me saying you thought you were dying? Huh sweetie, do ya? Cuz I do! I knew better then that, so I got you a pregnancy test, and sure enough, you were. I was scared at first ___, we both were! We started crying, the both of us on the floor of your bathroom. and I held you in my arms and told you �Baby, I love you, no matter what, im here for you, and this baby, were gonna be a family, we can get married, and I can get another job and support you guys and it�ll be a fairy tale, don�t worry, I love you.� That�s what I said to you, and you wiped away your tears and nodded you head and told me you loved me to. And I was so happy! I told everyone I was gonna be a daddy and everyone was so happy for me! But I don�t know�you, you weren�t. You were sad a lot, and I saw you crying at school when you thought no one saw you, I knew something was wrong, so I asked you, and you said,� I don�t love you anymore, that�s Whats wrong� and you stormed off. I cried sweetie, I really did when I followed you to your house and begged you to take me back, for the baby, but you refused, you said, �forget the baby!�. And the next day, you told me you�you�you got rid of it. I was so depressed after that. I wanted to die! I thought my f***** life was over! I loved you and the baby so much! Hell, I still do! Do you know that you broke my heart completely in two? You really did! _____, you would be 8 months pregnant right now, our baby would almost be ready to come home, and you... you�you destroyed it! How could you?� He pleaded, holding your wrist in his cold hands; tears were coming out of his perfect eyes now. And the tears were storming down you face non-stop now, everything he said was true. �I was scared! I was so scared! I had to! I had to do it Chris!� You managed to stammer between sobs. He threw your wrist down angrily, �No you didn�t! I was here for you! I love you!� You shoke as the chest racking sobs escaped you. and he put his arms around you. You let yourself go limp in his arms, and he wiped your eyes and the hair out of your face. �I love you�I love you still�� Is all he kept saying. You couldn�t stand it any longer, you grabbed his face in your hands and pulled him into a long kiss. He stopped kissing you and breathed heavily into your hair, �baby�I don�t_� �shh�it�s okay, just�love me again� You tell him. You lay down on the bed, and he leans over you, kissing you slowly, running his tongue over your lips before going in your mouth. You missed this, the way you felt when you were kissing him, you hadn�t done it in soooo lone, too long. He eagerly ran his hands down your body sending shivers down your spine. He slowly runs his hands under your shirt and up your stomach, removing you shirt. He then ran his hands over your boobs softly before removing your bra and tossing it on the floor. You sighed and he grinned into your chest, licking your boobs and nipples, then he licked all the way down to your jeans, he looked up at your questioningly, you nod and he slowly starts to unbutton them. He tosses your pants near your shirt and bra and then slowly takes off your thong. He licks you�re from your belly button to your vag and you arch your back in pleasure. He slowly swipes his tongue in and out of you and you love how amazing it feels. He runs his hands up and down your thighs and goes back up to your mouth, �baby, make love to me� You whisper in his ear as he�s kisses your neck. He is hesitant, but nods. You remove his shirt and run your hands over his rock hard body, then you swiftly remove his skinny jeans and boxers. Rubbing his d*** slowly as you do, causing it to get even harder then it already was. You switch positions so that he�s on top, and he slides his 10-inch shaft into you. It isn�t your first time, so it doesn�t hurt at all. He quickly starts to thrust into you faster and faster, you moan his name and you both cum quickly. You keep going until three hours later when you can barely keep your eyes open, you�re so exhausted. He kisses yo slowly on the cheek as you drift off to sleep. When you wake up, he is watching you, he Smiles and says, �I love you.� You smile and say, �Dido baby.� from them on, you two are back together as if nothing was ever wrong, even though it still hurts Chris that you got an abortion, then after senior graduation, he gets down on one knee and proposes. You happily agree and get married three months later�two months pregnant. You two end up having eight kids, and stay together till the end!! XxemojustinxX AKA MyHotComments

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At 1:51am on October 1, 2011, xXXxBunnyxJelloxXXx said…
How Are yoou? Haha
At 3:12am on April 12, 2011, xXXxBunnyxJelloxXXx said…
Ello *smiles*

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