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Marilyn: 2011? It can't be! Grandpa: Yes it can, and it is! But its no problem, I can have it fixed in a jiffy. Lily: Jiffy? You can not fix what happened, we have just taken a forty- five year nap!..

Name:Herman Munster, 5th Earl of Shroudshire (born Herman Malkin alone) Nickname(s) Hermy, Malkin.Spouse(s) Lily Dracula (1865 – present)Children Eddie MunsterRelatives:Charlie Munster (brother)Elsa Hyde (sister)Marilyn Munster(niece)Sam Dracula (father-in-law)Johann(cousin)Wolverine (cousin)Gilbert(uncle)Nationality American (formerly German, British, and Romanian)Born1812 (constructed)Occupation: I am employed by Gateman, Goodbury and Graves, a funeral home , having started out as a "nail boy." My co-workers sometimes remark on my height and strength, but otherwise do not appear to find my appearance and color (green) out of the ordinary.

Herman Munster, 5th Earl of Shroudshire (born Herman Malkin), I'm the patriarch of the Munster household, I'm am entity much like Frankenstein's monster. I was created at the University of Heidelberg by Dr. Victor Frankenstein. along with my twin brother Charlie. Leaving Germany for Great Britain at a young age, I was adopted by the Munsters of Munster Hall, a noble family living in the fictitious Shroudshire, England.At some point I moved to Transylvania (a region in Romania), where I met the beautiful Lily Dracula. In 1865 (technically at the age of 15, but physically older) I married Lily, and eventually we and Grandpa (Lily's father) moved to America, where I joined the U.S. Army, fighting in World War II. I'm a good-natured buffoon. Although enormously old, I behave rather childishly, I often throw temper tantrums. I am incredibly strong, once I lifted a solid metal demolition ball casually with one hand. I almost immovable; a number of times, cars have run into me without causing em injury. A safe fell on my head ("John Doe Munster") and though it did hurt me, it gave me amnesia. When people ask how much I weigh, I say: "Three spins," meaning the dial on the scale goes around three times.My driver's license gives my weight as 380 (lbs.), height as 7 feet, 3 inches, and eyes as brown. I (and the rest of my family) consider myself as handsome even though I can crack a mirror by looking at it, I once even cracked a shiny frying pan when I looked into it. When frustrated often, I tend to stamp like a child having a tantrum — causing plaster to shower down from the ceiling. My strength is especially useful around "the Parlor" -- I can lift caskets unassisted.

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Name: Marilyn MunsterNickname(s) Mar. (Anymore?)Species UnknownAge 19Occupation student.Spouse(s) Single and Looking.ChildrenNoneRelatives See the Munster familyNationalityAmerican(possibly formerly Romanian)

Marilyn Munster I'm the daughter of Lily Munster's sister, Uncle Herman alludes me to "plain" that my looks come from Lily's side of the family. I live with the Munsters rather than with my parents in Transylvania, why is that? I was orphaned during infancy, and they have formally adopted me they have raised me since I was a baby. Although Aunt Lily is a vampire/ghoul, her brother my uncle Lester is a werewolf, making the nature of my mother unguessable. I am a fetching young blonde I am the only family member who is not ghoulish in appearance; by the Munsters' aesthetic standards, I am distressingly unattractive. The family is faintly ashamed of my appearance but still treat me with kindness and love. I myself am all too aware of my "homeliness" and I bemoan that I keep scaring off potential boyfriends, but the young men are in fact frightened away by my monstrous family. I am devoted to my family, and the surest way for a suitor to alienate Me (rather than vice versa) is to disparage them. I consider my Uncle Herman and Grandpa the "two [finest] men [who ever] walked this earth." Despite my visible "normality," I, have been around in the Munsters' ghoulish subculture of vampires, werewolves, sorcerers, mad scientists, etc., I share my family's tastes for macabre decor (I regularly assists aunt Lily in festooning the house with cobwebs), food, and entertainments, although I dress more in keeping with contemporary American fashion than my relatives, I think that doing so directs attention away from my "homeliness." Like the rest of my family, I believe that are tastes are shared by the majority of society and that people who consider are' lifestyle odd or frightening are themselves quite strange. One time uncle Herman was temporarily transformed into the appearance of a normal human, I was as shocked and appalled by his transformation as anyone else in the family.

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{.Home.}{.Herman/Lily .} {.Steven.} {.Marilyn.} {.Eddie / Grandpa.}

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At 8:15pm on September 25, 2011, тнe мυnѕтerѕ said…

Eddie: Hello! everyone. We are the Munster Family.

If you add please comment. Also please don't ignore Marilyn or Steven

They may be the unattractive ones out of the family but there really nice.


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