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Oct 4, 2010
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Apr 29, 2010
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"All: Hi -smile-"
Apr 29, 2010
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Apr 29, 2010
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Apr 29, 2010
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Apr 29, 2010

^^The Lovable Funny One (The Leader)

Anne Marie Chastity Juliet Capulet-Black

Nicknames: Antwan, Anne, Mrs. Flinstone, Apple Anne (Mom only!) Gangsta Anne (mom only), Annie, Annie Poo, Boobie Likie Touchy Girl (Holly Only!), and Anne MJ!

Age: 19

Status: Married to Jacob

Orientation: Bisexual

Virgin: Me? a virgin? haha NOPEEE!!

Children: Caroline, Kelly, Alicia, Gemma, Izzy, Hannah, Katie, and Carter!!

Besties: Anabelle, Britney, Taylor, Bella, Dynasty/Doodle (Kate!), Joley, Renesmee and Charlie!

Celeb Crushes: Lil Wayne, Nikki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Jeydon Wale, Megan Fox, and Taylor Lautner


Thinking: "I miss much......I don;t know what to do without him"

Listening to: Over by Drake

^^ The CrAzY good one!

Brianna Rose Cecilia Black

Nicknames: Bri, Mrs. Rumbles, Girly Bri (mango only!), Banana, Banana Bri && Briotch

(Anne only! Don’t ask! LOL)

Age: 19

Status: married to Aaron♥

Orientation: Bisexual

Virgin: haha nope :)

Children: Kayla

Besties: Anabelle && Brit

Celeb Crushes: Ryan Sheckler, Taylor Lautner, && Megan Fox!


Thinking: "Gir is Anne's secret lover?! Say whaaat?! -giggles-"

Listening to: Forever by Drake

^^The Sweet Boy!

Jasper Daniel Anthony Black

Nicknames: Jazz, Jazzy, Jasper da ghost (Brit only!), & Mr. Doll Hater (Anne & Bri only!)

Age 19

Status: married to Brit♥

Orientation: Straight

Virgin: No way *grins*

Children: Valintina Angel

Besties: Jake (in this pack)

Celeb Crushes: Taylor Swift && Kim Kardashian

^^The Prankster

Jacob Alexander Joseph Black

Nickname(s): Jake, Jakers, Jakey, && Jakey-Poo

Age: 19

Status: married to Ana♥

Orientation: Straight

Virgin: Hell no!

Children: Alexis Marie

Bestues: Jazz (in this pack)

Celeb Crushes: Megan Fox & Nikki Minaj!

^^ The Sweet One

Kelly Amelia Anastasia Black

Nicknames: Kelly, Kellz, Kell-Kell, && Kell

Age: 19

Status: Married to my love, Taylor ♥

Orientation: Bisexual

Virgin: Noperz *grins*

Children: None

Besties: NONE!

Celeb Crushes: Taylor Lautner, Miley Cyrus, && Megan Fox


Thinking: z'I love Taylor so much"

Listening to: Misery Buisness by Paramore

^^The Fun One

Rachel Taylor Black

Nicknames: Rach, ...make me some?

Age: 17

Status: Single, but I'm crushing

Orientation: Straight.

Virgin: Yepp, got a prob?

Children: None!

Besties: No one...

Celeb Crushes: Taylor Lautner, Justin Bieber, Christian Beadles, and Ryan Sheckler.


Thinking: "Whoa...-grins- I can't believe it."

Listening to: Womanizer by Britney Spears

^^The Sweet One

Taylor Marie Black

Nicknames: Tay, Tay-Tay,

Age: 20

Status: Single......

Orientation: Bi

Virgin: Yessir.

Children: Noneee!

Besties: None...

Celeb Crushes: Jeydon Wale and Alex Evans.


Thinking: "No one talks to me -frowns-"

Listening to: Good Riddance by Green Day

^^The Amazing Awesome One!

Allison Anna Black!

Nicknames: Cookie Monster, Alli-Allison (Christian only!), Aly, Allikinz, Ms. Forgetful, Ally ApplesonBrownies (Jace only!), Barbie, Honey Bee (Kate Only!), Sharpay Evans (Hunter only!)

Age: 18

Status: Single..but idk, I haven't seen Christian in forever...

Orientation: Bisexual

Virgin: Nope..

Children: Paula and Elizabeth.

Besties: Crissy-Chris (Christian), Jelly Belly (Hunter), Izzy, Carter, Kate, Justin, Jace-tastic (Jace), Tomato Tori, and Jakerino (Jake) :)

Celeb Crushes: Christian Beadles and Justin Bieber


Thinking: "I miss him like crazy...I love him"

Listening to: All The Right Moves by One Republic

Funniest Things We've said!!!
"yupp ima dude! im ......ANTWAN! -laughs- ima guy, i like wearin mmah pants low, flippin mah flippy skater hair and grabbin mah w***g at the most awkward times! yo! -laughs hella hard- ima go to Warped Tour and mosh and sh*t! -sings Chelsea Smile by Bring Me The Horizon-" -Anne, 11:09 pm, March 17, 2010!

Pixx && Stuff!
Our Smexxi mom made this for Anne and Bri!

Our Hackers!!!

Yeah! You listen up you people who are on my Mommy/bestie's page!! This is Kate!!! Also, known as Pebbles Flinstone, Dynasty, and Pete! I am Anne's daughter and bestie! Yeah you heard me b!otches! When, I am with Mommy we have the time of our lives!!!! I love her (NO HOMO!) She is the bestest Mommy in the world! If you mess with her you have the whole family coming to get you! I love you forever, Arnold, Wilma, Anne MJ, Mommy, and Bestie!!!

Yo! It's Izzy Here, Hacking My Mommy's Page! My Mommy Anne Is The Most Rockin' Girl I Have Ever Meet! And, If You Ever Hurt Her, You Will Have To Go Thru The Whole Family! Espacally Me! Cuz' I Don't Kid When It Comes To My Mommy Bein' Hurt! -Smiles- We Have Been Thru So Much Together! Heartaches, Breakups, Etc! And, I Love Her Soo Much! -Smiles- I Love You Mommy!

So These Are The EFFiN BESTEST Kiddies EVER !! Yesh! They Are Whacko, Bt I Ish CraZy So It Works [ laughs ] Anywayers, They Ish Muh DUMBS And DUMBRS -Though I Forget Why Now [ scratches head ] Help Me Out Here Peeples- AND iF YEW EVER HURT ONE HAiR ON THEiR HEADS [ glares ] ...And Yewr GONE !! Capische? ...Goods [ smiles innocently ] And Tht Goes Double For Muh Fruits [ laughs hella hard ] Apple And Banana, Momma Loves Yew Heaps. And How Could I Forget Bout Muh Son Antwan xD lol. Anywho; Loverz 'Em Cause They ALWAiZ Know How To Make Me Smile, So i LOVE THEM [No Homo XD Or Incest Here Yew Sickos] Peace Out! [ does peace sign ] xx CraZy Mango Momma !

Yo Peoples! It's Sydney! That's Right, I'm Cool. Like Pie! XD. My Sistas Zee Best! Better Belive It! Ha Ha! Suck On That! *Laughs Hard* The Sky Has A Crush On Her! 0_0....Oh Well! Well, Peace Out! !

Hey i dont i have a message for u !!! Message : You see dis girl right here ? Good ! Shes freakin' amazing ... She is so awesome and Randomly random itz funny ... we go and talk to hobo's together ( Wispers ) He might be a stalker to steel our cheese though !!!

Yellow Cheerios! It's The Aussie Ratbag, The Rickstar And Jace-Tastic Man! Yes I Am The Best! I Am The Craziest Of Crazy And I Am Hacking The Ally Appletons So Shhh! [whispers] I Know She Loves Me Alot.....She Says Is All The Time....My Love Is Her Drug! Muahahaha! ♥ <------- We Just Learned How To Do That Crap Together And She Ish So Awesome! If You Hurt He I Will Beat You Down And Get My Donkey's On Youe Azzez! Yeah You Heard Me! Do It! I Want You Too! I'm The Official Peter Oan So Back Off Captain Hooker! Jacey Love You Ally!

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