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Amber Elizabeth Black replied to andrea lee's discussion My Emptyness in the group Fan Fiction
"write more!!!"
Jun 9, 2013
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Jun 9, 2013
Mrs.Andrea Cullen replied to andrea lee's discussion My Emptyness in the group Fan Fiction
"I really love this story i think you should countinue writing it:)"
Apr 1, 2013
desireenickels replied to andrea lee's discussion My Emptyness in the group Fan Fiction
"please write more"
Jun 1, 2012
andrea lee liked andrea lee's profile
May 22, 2012
LadyMinnyOfRaven and andrea lee are now friends
Jul 4, 2011
Rachel replied to andrea lee's discussion My Emptyness in the group Fan Fiction
"Awesome!!! Please keep me updated!!! : )"
May 24, 2011
andrea lee and Ashley Jordan are now friends
May 20, 2011
Ashley Jordan replied to andrea lee's discussion My Emptyness in the group Fan Fiction
"love it keep me updated!!!"
May 10, 2011
isabella nicole demaddis replied to andrea lee's discussion My Emptyness in the group Fan Fiction
"keep me updated please. its so good so far make more and fast"
May 10, 2011
Alice Cullen replied to andrea lee's discussion My Emptyness in the group Fan Fiction
"ok so now i am really confused... i love it so far... please keep me updated..."
May 9, 2011
Tonya Thomas replied to andrea lee's discussion My Emptyness in the group Fan Fiction
"Love it post soon plz  "
May 9, 2011
Ashley Camero Black 666 replied to andrea lee's discussion My Emptyness in the group Fan Fiction
May 6, 2011
andrea lee replied to andrea lee's discussion My Emptyness in the group Fan Fiction
"Carlisle’s POV‘Some family issues have come up and I’m afraid I will be running late today.’ I was on the phone to the hospital while in the car. I decided to bring the car in case the situation was worse than Bella was…"
May 6, 2011
andrea lee left a comment for Bella loves Edward Forever
"hey, how u been?  "
May 3, 2011
andrea lee and Brooke Blackwater<3** Seth&Jacob are now friends
May 3, 2011

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
i have a son,
once i start a book i can't put it down till it's finished,
i am a florist,
i am working on some books of my own but i'm not thinking of publishing them just yet as there not really as good as other books i've read... however i do try to improve as i go along,
i love fantasy novels n love stories the most.
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
i'm ashamed to admit that the first time i read the twilight novels was when the 1st movie came out... it got me interested... i wanted to no how different the book was from the movie and to my surprise the movie didn't do the novel justice... i loved the book and i found out that it was a series... i instantly brought the set... i have read them front to back over 20 times... i have all books memorized by heart i love them.
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
that is a hard question to answer. i think i like the way the story went... it was the best thing about it... Bella always had the choice and it kept me reading. in the end Bella went with her heart and that's what counts. i know that Jacob was in her heart however it wasn't like the love of a true kind more a love of a friend. She had always known that she loved Edward... besides Jacob imprinted on Bella and Edwards baby... could u imagine Bella and Jacob having a child and Jacob imprinting on his child ? i don't think so... i loved the way this story ended... it was magical. I wouldn't wanted to change a thing.
Which Character Are You Most Like?
Alice... i have a bubbly personality. i may not be as graceful and pixie like as she is however i have most of her personal traits. i don't take no for an answer so that makes me stubborn... i get along with most people and find it hard to mind my own business. i am also into fashion in a way i never where the same outfit twice... as it is I'm more like Alice then the other characters... how ever.... i have Bella in me to... I'm a klutz and i cant play sports. I'm like Emmet cause i laugh at everything n i like getting into fights n i don't like being showed up, I'm like Edward in the way of his book and music collection... I'm like Esme in the fact that I'm good natured n have a lot of motherly instincts. and i love to help people like Carlisle. i have a seance of humor and the husky voice of Jacob . i don't think i have anything in common with Rosalie...
Favorite Books
i read everything that has a good sorry to it... the twilight books are good... harry potter books are good to, i love anything written by James Patterson and Stephan King i have read every goosebumps book ever written.
What is Your Favorite Music
i enjoy everything from classical to rap to hip hop i think the only music i don't like is country.
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
the only genre of movie i don't enjoy is documentaries ... i didn't think twilight the movie did the book justice. I'm hoping the new moon dose the book justice though... i cant wait to see it. my favorite TV show would have been Buffy the vampire slayer and angle when they where on TV i now own the full disc set of every episode on DVD. my favorite TV show at the moment would have to be Kyle Q Y on fox8. i play chess, Yahtzee and boggle.
Favorite Quotes:
You know you’re in LOVE when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams....

a lifetime is not enough. i need forever.

I like my men cold, dead and sparkling

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb...," He murmured.
"What a stupid lamb, " I sighed.
"What a sick, masochistic lion."
— Stephenie Meyer (Twilight)

I'll be back so soon you won't have time to miss me. Look after my heart - I've left it with you."

never kiss behind the garden gate, love is blind but the neighbors aren't

a peach is a peach a plum is a plum a kiss aint a kiss without some tongue.

I promise to love you forever--every single day of forever
Favorite Activities
reading, writing, playing with my son

here is the start of one of my resently started stories... im not sure where its going yet.

my mind is going a million miles an hour. i'm running in the middle of nowhere. i have no where to go, i have nothing to run too, nothing to run from... i'm alone and empty. i need to scream but the sound doesn't come out.. what should i do? i don't know myself any more!... i have never known myself... i am completely and utterly in despair. the darkness is about to swallow me whole and then everything hits me like a tone of bricks...

i just wok up the room is still a little dark... my heart is racing, my thoughts are reassuring i sit up looking down. i'm in my PJ's in a warm bed... its 4 am. muttering to myself... "the same dream as always. what dose it mean?"

i decide to get out of bed... like i cant get back to sleep again anyway... my mind is still trying to figure it out. why me? why do i have to be the one with an empty subconscious? its not fair...
i turned on the light in the bathroom an turn the taps in the bath on... i look in the mirror, my eyes are black... i looked like id just started recovering from a broken nose. i hadn't slept soundly in a while now... that dream, it gets darker an more intense whenever i fall asleep... i need to do something... get away from my nightmares... i don't know what i'm going to do but i no i need to do it before my dreams actually swallow me in darkness.

the room is filling up with steam consuming my thoughts.... i let them leave without hesitation inviting in the emptiness of thought... the bath is full. finally some relaxing time. the water feels so good on my body loosening the knots in my ever tense muscles. i miss this feeling... it has been a long time.

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what good is love?

Posted on August 30, 2009 at 8:12am 0 Comments

I waited for your love in hope,

That ours would come again,

And make me feel the things I felt,

When we were one, back then.

But time and distance have erased,

The things I wished anew,

And now I find myself alone,

Though I am here with you.

What good is love, that does not touch,

What good is love, that gives you pain.

What good is love, that makes you run,

And makes you lost out in the rain.

I traveled to another… Continue

good bye my love

Posted on August 27, 2009 at 6:45am 0 Comments

I look up at the sky

Waiting for a shooting star

So then I may wish for you to be mine

Yet, those dreams seem so far

For so long, I made myself believe

You and I were to shine from the sun

But I'm left in despair

Knowing that I am not the one

It tears me up

When you stand with another guy

It breaks my heart

And now I don't even know why

Does the heart lie

Does it tell the truth

But even now, everything I… Continue

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At 7:30pm on January 10, 2011, desireenickels said…
At 2:39pm on June 22, 2010, Maggie Morrison said…
I see, sorry for the confusion. I too would love to see the world. So many things we have here that you don't and vice versa...this world is big and beautiful!!! My sweetie is from The British West Indies and Manchester England. But he has become a citizen here, but before that he traveled so much!! We are talking about taking a journey soon...and I cannot wait!! Maybe Africa, maybe Europe, who knows...I actually never applied for a passport before, always wanted to, but the need was never there before. And I actually got the application today, I am just excited to have started the process, after that I am free as bird to see what ever I see!!! Sorry, I just havent really talked about it since it became more than a talk between myself and him...and I just took the first step and its a biggie!!!
At 6:13am on May 7, 2010, Naomi Rosemarie Cullen☽☾ said…
hi =)
At 8:35am on April 22, 2010, DiuRi said…
Congratulations on your daughter
At 8:42pm on February 14, 2010, ♥*Thɛ σηε & oηℓy: Mяs. βαяηεs*♥ said…
At 4:01pm on February 4, 2010, ti-te cullen said…
i cant wait till u updat emptiness i wonder how jacob will deal with what bella just did
At 7:32pm on February 3, 2010, Maggie Morrison said…
Hey Andrea, I wanted to ask you quickly where you are from. My knowledge of England and such tells me you must be from the U.K. and I am wondering if that is a correct assumption. And if so where abouts? My boyfriend is from Manchester... and he says Mum and such. Hope I am not asking a ? of limits. Maggie
At 2:54pm on January 17, 2010, Isabella Swan said…
hey!!! thanks for being my friend!! ur fanfics r awesome
At 4:49am on December 25, 2009, nica marie cullen said…
hi adrea are you in your fanfic of ottb? and merry christmas and have a happy holiday
At 6:18pm on December 19, 2009, kim mays said…
hey andrea lee,
hey i got to read the other chapters they were great, can't wait for the next chapters let me know when you get them done, i really would appreciate it. keep up the good work.

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