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Life sucks wen u spend most of it alone

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"I think it's lame. Why even bother dating?"
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"it's wonderful. but it brings back memories when me and my mom were stabbed."
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Dec 12, 2009
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"welcome to the twilight saga!! i love ur pic btw"
Oct 12, 2009
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"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! i tries calling u, but u didnt answer.... :("
Aug 8, 2009
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Aug 1, 2009
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"i like ur pics, add me!!"
Aug 1, 2009

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
*Im punk (im also emo, my frend just got mad tht i put tht on here)
*I still waiting for tht special person to come and save me ;)
*Im obsessed with music
*i wud never be able to live without my frends
*Im gonna have than five
*i love reading
*theres a ghost named katie who lives in my house
*she is making me go crazy
*my life is far from normal
*i love writing
*im really random
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
I started reading them in the summer of 2008, and ive read the books too many times to count!
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
team Edward, all the way! He's hot! Duh! There shouldnt have to be any other reason!
Which Character Are You Most Like?
Probably Alice. Im not short, but I've been told Im VERY annoying to some people.... *cough cough* my sister...
Favorite Books
Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Vampire Diaries, crank, glass, the vampire academy series, and a million more books
What is Your Favorite Music
Alternative, rock, punk rock, screamo, metal or anything of tht sort.

My fave bands are Slipknot, Bring Me The Horizin, Breaking Benjamin, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for My Valentine, System of a down, Flyleaf, Jack's Mannequin, Paramore, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Seconhand Seranade, Three Days grace, 30 Seconds to mars, blink-182, Simple Plan, green day, The Beatles, All Time Low, The Killers, Hey Monday, Evanescence, Panic at the Disco, We the Kings... I think that's it......
*note: the bands r in no order
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
movies: across the universe, pirates of the caribean, and the nightmare before christmas

tv shows: invader zim, tht 70's show, paranormal state, mindfreak, and degrassi

games: kingdom hearts and guitar hero
Favorite Quotes:
Life is like a box of chocolates, you never now what your gonna get.
OMG that dog is so stupid, "Eaa" the dog said.
Anna cant get down
Purple sharpies can fly!!!
"Kitty!" Brianne holds up a dolphin. "Ummmmm... Bri, thats a dolphin," I said. Turns around. Comes back. "Dolphin!" Holds up a cat. The moral of this story, we're just stupid thirteen year olds.
I CANT GET DOWN!!!!! its too HIGH!!!!
Everybodys hurt somebody before, and everbodys been hurt by someone before, you can change, but you'll always come back for more, its just a game and we're all just victims of love
Fetch me the bucket!!!
Pancakes are falling form the sky!
Last night as i laid in my bed and gazed at the stars, I asked myself, "Where the heck is my ceiling and my attic?!"
get off the swing before i DIE!!!
Let go, or i'll become a canibal and EAT your face!!!
Who wants another waffle??
I am Gir, hear me roar, "WAFFLES!!!"
Promises are easily broken

----///-\\\----If you have ever felt
----///--\\\---Have FELT THE PAIN
Put this on your profile
ticket person: wud u like it in 2d or 3d?
my cuzin kristen: wuts the difference?
me, my sister, and my cuz kenny: HAHAHAHA!!!!!!
Even if the picture isnt perfect, we had a blast making it!
Favorite Activities
listening to music, talking on the phone, listening to music, reading, listening to music, going on the computer, listening to music, writing, listening to music, texting, did i mention listening to music yet?

my poems

one day/ one night

one day, you wont hear my scream,
see my face,
see my fake smiles,
hear my fake laughs.

one night,
you wont hear my pleas,
see my dreams,
see my nightmares,
hear my cries for death.

one night,
i wont fall asleep.

one morning,
i wont wake up.


drop the bullet to the floor,
you have no innocence,
your just like them.

they punished us,
you punished us,
who are you?

i dont no you anymore,
you used to be like me,
but not anymore.

you changed,
you promised u woudnt,
but you did.

pretending and ending

its all ending,
stop pretending,
you keep lying,
i keep dying.

while you lie,
i die,
while you pretend,
my life comes to an end.

the tables have turned,
your burned,
i win,
u sin.

i begin to lie,
you begin to die,
while i pretend,
your life comes to an end.

this time

I hear your footsteps,
I see you coming,
i see your bloody dagger,
who did u kill this time?

I hear your voice,
i see your face,
it's full of hate,
why r u mad this time?

i see the kinfe,
i see her blood,
her eyes are wide in the face of her killer,
why did u do it this time?

i see your face,
i see the dagger,
it's coated in my blood,
why did u do it to me this time?

I see you with the dagger,
i see your next victim,
i know your next move,
im not letting you kill her this time.

i see you watching,
i see her standing,
i see you raise the knife,
are you strong enough to do it this time?

i see the dagger,
it's coated in your blood,
your eyes watch me,
im the killer this time.

when you leave

when it ends,
it ends,
when it's over,
its over.

the last time i see you is already done,
your gone forever.

the words are trapped in my head,
they're lost inside,
like all my feelings for u.

im lost without you,
your were always the light at the end of my tunnel.

you didnt even tell me,
you probably never will.

i want you to no how much i'll miss you,
thats why im writing,
this is my last gift to you.

when you go,
i'll think of you every day of forever,
and if you come back,
i'll be waiting for you.

you are my only one,
my everything.

it's probably not the same for you,
but tht;s wut it is for me,
never forget tht.

the thing i need for you to remember most,
is this,
i love you, forever and always.

five fifty seven

looking at the twilight sky,
i have to ask myself why.

why do you care?
why do you stare?
how can you care for someone like me?

from the minute i heard your name,
i knew my world would never be the same.

i know we hear the same songs,
and it helps me get along,
helps me get throught the day.

when i hear your voice,
i have no choice,
i have to talk back.

as i look at the twilight sky,
i realize why.

it's because you care,
it's because you dare,
it's because you love me.

forever (promise)

forever is a long time,
you can promise a person to love them forever,
but promises are easily broken.

when you say forever,
do you really mean it?
even if you do, promises are easily broken.

i can promise to love you,
but, i can go back on my word.

i promise that its true,
but why would you believe me?
promises are easily broken.


in my head,
im screaming,
at night,
im dreaming.

the way i love you

every night,
i lie awake,
arguing in my head,
over if i shud love you or not.

i think of it every night,
and i still dont not wut to do,
i want to hate ou,
but i just cant.

you've hurt me too many times,
shattered my heart,
then repaired it,
and shattered it again.

ok, i'll admit it,
i love you,
tht doesnt mean i want to.

i still cant figure out why i do,
its another mystery,
but i understand,
you love her.and i cant change who you love,
or who i love
i cant help it,
its involuntary.

if i could,
i wud get rid of these feelings,
because i know tht,
u dont feel the same.


how could you?
after all i've been through,
you still left me.

i knew u wud,
but i trusted u,
and now i regret it.

im in pain,
its crushing me,

when you leave

wen it ends,
it ends,
wen its over,
its over.

the last time i see you is already done,
your gone forever.

the words are trapped in my head,
they're lost inside,
like all my feelings for u.

im lost without you,
u were always the light at the end of my tunnel.

you didnt even tell me,
you probably never will.

i want u to no how much i'll miss u,
thts why im writing,
this will be my last gift to u.

wen u go,
i'll think of u everyday of forever,
and if u come back,i'll be waiting for u.

you are my only one,
my everything.

its probably not the same for u,
but thts how it is for me,
never forget tht.

the thing i need for u to remember most,
is this,
i love you, forever and always.

broken hearted

her heart aches,
its breaking,

once it breaks,
no one can fix it.

its permanently damaged,
never to be fixed,
never to be healed.

your call

as i sit here,
and wait for the sun to rise,
i think of how i'llspend the day...

the only thing i think of tho,
is waiting for your call.

the call tht will make my heart race,
to the point tht it will explode.

your call will be the only one tht i'll wait for,
just to hear your voice wud save me.

i dont have to see you,
i just need to hear you voice,
and i'll know your real.

my body trembles at the thought of hearing you.

to hear your voice one more time wud be enough,
my life wud be complete.

when i cant hear you,
u seem like something my mind made up,
your unreal.

but wen your voice enters my ears,
i no tht,
all too well,
your real.


heartbroken sorrows,
her screams fill the night,
she whispers ur name,
with her last breath.

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At 9:04pm on July 14, 2009, Vivie<3 said…
i know!! FREE HUGS ARE AWESOME! *huggs you*
At 12:34am on June 12, 2009, Vivie<3 said…
hey thanx for the request friend!<3
At 8:18pm on June 10, 2009, xXKatie the fallen angelXx said…
really??oh thats cool!from where did you got my profile?form what group?cuz maybe we can talk about that stuff .my favorite bands are paramore, my chemical romance,linkin park and avril lavigne.i also love three days grace,bullets for my valentine,from first to last,evanescense ,coldplay,and lot lot more
At 3:42pm on June 9, 2009, Opal said…
Thank you (:
Although just to let you know I didn't make it up - well you probably guessed that (:
At 12:39pm on April 26, 2009, edwardcullen<33 said…
oh i know our musical is like together as one great musical taste! rulling the world with greatness(:

At 2:25pm on April 21, 2009, edwardcullen<33 said…
Kay, so you said we had the same taste in music. like 8 trillion weeks ago. but yeah

and i just like logged on and liked and we do.

pretty nifty (:
At 7:52pm on March 27, 2009, jimmy said…
whats upp?
At 3:42pm on March 24, 2009, jimmy said…
sorry anna about yesterday my computer just shut down....
At 6:57pm on March 23, 2009, Lisa<333 said…
dats kool...yeah i'm bored....i have 2 go 2 dance in a lil...
At 6:53pm on March 23, 2009, Lisa<333 said…
lmao well now i no hes real lol ima try 2 like get to know him now just to make sure lmao jpjp soo whats upp??

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