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My name is Sulpicia Volturi. I live in Volterra Italy. I am married to Aro, the leader of the Volturi. I am the true one and only Sulpicia. dont try to be me, be yourself.

I love this man, he is my husband, my best friend, and my conpanion, I love you Aro!

I would do anything for this man~ I love Aro with all my heart and soul, body and mind!

O Jane! you are so wonderful! You are the daughter i never had.

♥«´¨•Breaking Dawn•´¨`»♥



sorry i've been gone

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Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
1.i am Sulpicia Volturi
2.i am Aro's wife
3.i am a vampire
4.i live in italy
5.I love aro
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
I have read them, to make sure they were written right, to match the wat really happend. steph did amazing. but i think she needs to write sum books about us Volturi, ya know give an idea about the wifes and such.
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
The Volturi are the biggest coven in the world. It is rare for vampires to live in more than pairs, and so the Volturi's group of at least thirty two is considered huge. Alice suggests in New Moon that this is due to the age of the vampires or possibly due to powers of Marcus and Aro.
The Volturi is made up of the actual Volturi and the guard, which in it's self is divided up into permanent and non-permanent.
The leaders or actual Volturi are Aro, Caius, Marcus and Caius' and Aro's wifes, Sulpicia and Athenodora.
Aro is like the spokesperson for the Volturi and is a collector of stories. In the words of the lexicon, he is "Freakishly curious" which you can easily see in New Moon.
Marcus lost his mate, many years ago, turning him into an apathetic zombie.
His mate, Didyme, was Aro's sister who Aro changed when he had been a vampire for about ten years, hoping she had a power, as he hoped to become great. Her power was to give out an aura of happiness to everyone is around her. Aro was not pleased, however he pondered as to how to use this power. His close friend, meanwhile, fell in love with her. This was not rare, as everyone fell in love with her due to her aura, however Didyme returned the feelings. They began to discuss leaving the growing coven and doing what they wanted. Aro was not happy. He pretended to give his blessing and at first chance, killed Didyme. He then used Chelsea to bind Marcus to the Volturi, however he still does not show enthusiasm. Marcus to this day does not know that Aro killed her.
Marcus' power can be used in many different ways. The idea of sensing relationships is not just romantic, however also can be used in battle. He can sense who people have ties with, and easily tell who the leader is. He could win a battle by killing a few important people with this power. He can also sense how far people's loyalties are willing to go and whether they are wavering. If they are, they know to watch them/ kill them.
Nothing is mentioned of Caius, everything seems to be kept a mystery. All we know is that he has no power and is very very strict to the rules. And very sadistic.

The guard is made up of nine permanent members and some not, as Alice mentions.
These nine are Jane, Alec, Heidi, Demetri and Felix, Afton, Corin, Renata and Santiago.
Felix and Demetri seem to have a bond of almost brothers, which is supported by the description in the book.
Jane and Alec are twins, and from the idea that they were burnt alive, it is thought that perhaps they were thought to be witches in their human lives. This suggests that they are approximately at least 350 years old. Their bond is clearly very strong.
Alec's power is to completely disable the senses of multiple victims. It is used both in battle and at executions.
Felix has no power, however obviously is the fighter for the Volturi; an Emmett of the Volturi, if you like. He seems to like to flirt with most females, human or not.
Demetri can track anyone across the world, if he has the tenor of their mind.
Chelsea can make or break bonds with people. She uses it to add members to the Volturi and to bind them there. That is perhaps another reason why the Volturi get on so well.
Afton is Chelsea's mate and has an unspecified power.
Corin also an unspecified power.
Heidi is introduced in New Moon as bringing the hunt into the castle and has an unspecified power, although it is suggested to be related to the first point.
Renata is a shield and is bodyguard to Aro in particular, although can also protect Caius and Marcus when nessesary. Her power, as a shield, is to get into their mind and just make them go another way and they forget why. However, she is no fighter.
Santiago has no mentioned power and this suggests perhaps he is another fighter.
The guard has a few duties.
They uphold the rules, with zero tolerance for anyone breaking the rules and they collect humans for the leaders, like Heidi is seen to do in New Moon.
Which Character Are You Most Like?
My name is Sulpicia. I suppose I could let you in on the secret. But please refrain yourselves from telling the humans. You certainly do not wish the Volturi Guard to be after your head. Now, let me make a sweet introduction of how I came to be.
I was born in Europe around the 1400’s. I do not remember much of my upbringing except for the religious persecution. People in that time frame were extremely suspicious and took preposterous actions against those who did not share the same faith as they. Beheadings and witch burnings were a daily routine. Juveniles were condemned to death for pity crimes that most of them had not even committed. There was no judge to invoke fairness, no stable order of authority, it was a chaotic period that I do not wish to dwell on.
I do recall with clarity, however, of my transformation- my sweet rebirth. Pain had rapidly spread through my veins like fire. It was torturous; no one should have to go through such agony. I withered and screamed for days, but the pain did not ease. If possible, it only grew worse. Death would have been pleasant. I do not wish to be seen as morbid, but the excruciating pain felt like hell burned twice over. After what felt like a decade, the pain gradually subsided to a dull throb.
And as my heart drummed its last beat, I opened my lids to the most gorgeous man I had ever laid eyes on. He was looking at me with such burning curiosity that I instantly fell in love with him. He had jet black hair that hung like a curtain around his shoulders. He had prominent cheekbones that gave him a look of commandment. His full red lips were parted to gleaming white teeth. I traced his pale translucent skin with my gaze to his mesmerizing crimson eyes. They held such an intense intellectual feel that I could do nothing but stare at him in adoration. He was truly a sight to behold.
My dearest Aro. I followed him home, the enhanced surroundings did not appeal to me when I had this god like creature walking by my side. We strolled through the beautiful city of Volterra to an underground tunnel where it led us to what looked like a palace. Artistry and richness dominated the rooms, giving the whole place an aristocratic feel. There I met my love’s brothers. Marcus and Caius. Marcus is the most reasonable man I have come to meet. He has a strange ability in seeing the strength of bonds between people. Caius was charmingly brilliant. He, unlike Aro and Marcus, does not have a special ability. Aro could know every thought of your whole existence just by touch. Knowing that, I feel pleased when our hands interlock, I always want to remind him of how much love I have for him.
As time passed, two other females joined us. Athenodora and Didyme. Caius and Marcus quickly took them as mates. And our ambition grew stronger; we always had indulged in politics, especially those who pertain to the vampire world. None of us believed that humans should know of our existence. Our voices grew stronger, words about the Volturi spread like fire around our kind. We debated at how best to control the rest of the vampire world. An idea of recruitment crossed our path, and we acted upon it.
We selected the best of the best, and with them, we created an unstoppable army. When vampires got excited or daring, we sent the Guards to eliminate them. Rarely we were seen joining the Guards on their quests. On rarer occasions we six were forced to fight as well. In one grievous battle, Didyme was lost to us. Marcus was shaken to the core; I had never seen him in such rage before as he took revenge on her killer. Since that last day, he had broken into a quite introverted man with an apathetic mannerism. I can not fathom what he has to go through everyday to losing his love. I would not know what to do if I were to loose Aro; he is the sole reason of my existence.
Favorite Books
Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn, because they are based off of all the vamps lifes.
What is Your Favorite Music
Johnny cash, Elvis, The Beatles, Phil Collins, Miley Cryus, Jonas brothers. Demi lovato, Akon, All american rejects, Pink, john legend,kelly clarkson, Maroon 5, paramore, all american rejects
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
i dont watch tv play video games or watch movies
Favorite Quotes:
"And who knows why you have come to this position, but for such a time as this" ~Esther~

"Dont let the fear of striking out keep you from the game" ~Babe Ruth~

"kiss dont kill. make love not war"

"i bit a few pillows" edward
Favorite Activities
being with my husband and the Volturi Guard, jane and alec are good kids. the are the kids i never had.

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Hello my love-hugs and kisses-
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Hello Mistress how have you been?
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*Smiles* Hello. I would Like to Join the Volturi... May I?
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hey Sulpicia
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hey Sulpicia
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I agree with that.

"I am a Volturi Guard." I told Sulpicia.
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Hey Sulpicia
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Hey Sulpicia

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