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βɛαʋтιғʋℓ Lσvɛяƨ
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Emi and Chels: We found the girls of our dreams!!! Chels:Love you Holly!!! Emi:Love you Jade!!! Maddie:Love my fiance Molly!!! <3 | Sammy:4 singles left! Come and get them while supplies last!

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Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
TEXT BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!


♥♥♥♥♥♥мɛ...тнɛ ℓɛα∂ɛя!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥

Name:Samantha Black
Nicknames:Sammy,Sam,u give me 1 :)
Relationship Status:Single
Fave Color:Purple
Talents:Controls the Weather
Color of wolf when i phase:Silver with white streaks
heyy ppl my name is samantha but i would prefer sam or sammy!!umm im a wolf and its pretty dang awesome!!!!i ♥ jb and B.o.B! my talent is that i can control the weather so u better not mess with me!!!! jkjkjkjk!!!!!

Name:Emily Cullen
Nicknames:Emi,Em,u give me 1 :P
Relationship Status:Taken
Taken By:Jade
Fave Color:Pink
Talents:Controls feelings
heyy peeps my name is emily. im a vampire thats pretty close to bella and edward!!its actually pretty cool but i have a diet of animal blood so dont worry! my talent is that i can control feelings, kinda like Jasper Hale!!!!

Name:Briana Black
Nicknames:Bri,BriBri,BB,u give me 1 8)
Relationship Status:Single
Fave Color:Blue
Talents:can read some minds
Color of fur when i phase:Dark chocolate brown with hints of orange
hey guys im briana but i prefer 1 of my nicknames :) im a wolf and i absolutely ♥LOVE♥ it!!!!my talent is that i can read some minds so watch ur thoughts evryone!!! Just a little piece of info,, im VERY stubborn!!

Name:Vanessa Cullen
Nicknames:Ness,Nessie,Loch Ness Monster,u give me 1 =D
Relationship Status:Single
Fave Color:Lime Green
Talents:incredibly strong!!!!ooh yeahhh
hi im vanessa but plz call me by 1 of my nicknames :P i really like being a vampire and like emi i only drink animal blood so ur all good!

Name:Madeline Black
Nicknames:Maddie,Mad Hatter,u give me 1 ;)
Relationship Status:Engaged
Engaged To:Molly
Fave Color:Orange
Talents:Can view and change the future
Color of fur when i phase:black with silver and white streaks
im madeline! u can call me maddie or anything else you can think of!im a wolf with a special talent that allows me to not only view,but change the future!!!!its pretty awesome!!!

Name:Chelsea Uley
Nicknames:Chels,u give me 1 C(:
Relationship Status:Taken
Taken By:Holly
Fave Color:Yellow!!!!
Species:Wizard and Wolf!
Talents:Can change into any animal i want :)
Color of fur when i phase into a wolf:white with black streaks
hi evryone im chelsea! i am sam uleys younger sister! being a wolf is so cool!!!!!!!i can change into any animal i want...that is my talent!!!!!!!!!

Name:Skyler Cullen
Nicknames:Sky,u give me 1 ^.^
Relationship Status:Single
Fave Color:Silver
Talents:Can make people do whatever i want!!!!
hey my names skyler! you can call me sky or any other nickname you can think of! well i love anything thats the color silver and i have a diet of animal blood so nobody has to worry!

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At 4:49pm on November 6, 2010, ♥the amazing mates of ur dreams♥ said…
holly;*giggles and nods*

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