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Jun 27, 2011
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Jun 24, 2011
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"^^ I kinda search Already Taken - Trey Songs on Youtube and listened to it, and you have no idea how it made me react. I just wanna let you know, that if that song was from a girls point of view, it'd be how I feel about you. No one…"
Jun 21, 2011
crαzч fσr чσu;;-™ updated their profile photo
Jun 17, 2011

Derrick] [online;;-] Derrick;;- Already Taken by Trey Songz... :) || Scarlet;;- Fill out the Form Down There VVV

[♥]One great big, disfunctional, unbiological family... 

© ; Megan Vasquez ™`
...The 'Tomboy'....

Megan Lydia Vasquez
Goes By Megan
Her Nicknames Are sweet-tart[Lovella], Meg-Bear[Dommi-Bear], Tiny Tot[Mr. Big Man]
Birthday Is January 27
Born In Los Angles, CA, USA
Single;; Crushing a teeny bit
V-Card Is Lost
Drinks, Smokes, No Drugs
Her Talents Are Singing And Sports
Best Friends Are Lovevella[Cookie Bestie], My Squishy[Andrew], Arri-Rawrri
Height Is 5'2"
Likes Are Muscular guys; magenta; puppies; cop shows; soap operas; Chris Brown; Derrick Rose; Basketball; Softball; The Chicago Bulls;Award Shows; Pitbull; Enrique Iglesias; Nicki Minaj; Justin Bieber;Taylor Lautner; Black Nail Polish; Barbie Dolls; Drake; Cee-Lo Green;Glee; Finchel; Shontelle; Jessie J; Pokemon; Lady GaGa; the number 2
Some Of Her Dislikes Are Fakers; Copy Cats; Jiggly Guys; Liars; Rihanna;  Ke$ha; B-yotches[the bad kind]; Girly Girls; Haters; Rebecca Black;cheaters; Disney Channel; yellow; orange; the number 9;Literature and Compostition; Country Music
Her Qualites In A Guy Are Someone strong, warm, loving, rough around the edges. Good kisser; sexy; smart; funny; faithful. Most importantly:
L o v e s  m e  f o r  m e.

© ; Derrick Bronson ™`
...The 'Gentleman'....

Derrick Anthony Bronson
He Goes By Derrick
Doesn't Have Any Nicknames
Born In California
Birthday Is August 1
Taken;; Ruby Alexandra Stewart;; 6/16/2011
Doesn't have His V-Card
Doesnt Smoke, Drink Or Do Drugs
His Talents Are Playing The Guitar
Height Is 6 Foot
He likes girls her; friends; music; playing guitar; singing; smiling; laughing; Sponge Bob; skateboarding;
soccer; swimming; the park; Selena Gomez; MTV; hats; watching basketball; dogs; coffee; Starbucks;
Usher; Chris Brown; Trey Songz; Batman Movies :); treating a girl right
He dislikes liars; disrespecting; cheaters; clingy  girls; b.tches; people that hurt my family; dramatic
girls; wh.res; rushing into relationships; having to dump a girl; McDonalds; people who copy
our page; Scenes; Emos
He looks for in a girl; someone who is smart, energetic, loving, beautiful. Someone who will always
be honest with me. Someone who will never bore me. Someone that trusts me completely.
 Someone who is O R I G I N A L.... In one word: Ruby.

© ; Scarlet Ann Vasquez ™`
...'The Loud One'....

Scarlet Ann Vasquez
She Goes By Scarlet, Scar
Doesn't Have Any Nicknames
Born In California
Birthday Is October 12
Lost Her V-Card
Smokes, Drink, No Drugs
Height Is 5'5"
Her best friend is Cali

© ; Gabe Bronson ™`
...'The Stud'....

Gabriel Finn Bronson
Perfers Gabe
Doesnt Have Any Nicknames
Birthday Is June 29
Born and currently lives in LA, California
No V-Card
Drinks, Smokes, No Drugs
Wanna Know His Talents Ask Your Girlfriend
Height Is 6'3"
Some of his likes are Singing; music; motorcycles; cars; hip-hop; rap;Megan Fox; Vanessa Hudgens; Young Money;blondes; brunettes; dogs; navy blue; red; football; hockey;baseball; soccer; working out; Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition;hair gel; Axe; vans; Coca-Cola; Vodka; Corona; Miller Light; Patron;sex
Some Of His Dislikes Are Wanna-be's; pot-heads; chastity; high maitnence girls; gold diggers;pink; rules; being on time; people that hurt Megan;b.tches;easy girls; stereotypes;strawberry ice-cream; boredom; haters
Qualities In A Girl Are Someone who has a hot body, beautiful eyes and irresistable lips. Sarcastic; flirtacious; confident; hard to get;cocky. But most of all:
S h e  h a s  t o  b e  a b l e  t o  k e e p  u p
crαzч fσr чσu;;-™ Original Profile; no copying or stealing

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At 2:40pm on June 17, 2011, crαzч fσr чσu;;-™ said…

[♥] Fill out and add a picture and color x]

Dear[ ],

My first impression of you was[ ]

My favorite part of your body is your [ ]

If I was alone with you I'd [ ]

The song that describes our relationship is [ ]

You're the [ ] boy/girl I've ever met


[ ]

At 2:39pm on June 17, 2011, crαzч fσr чσu;;-™ said…

[♥] Comment Rules;;-


Rule #1- Tell us who you want to talk to.

Rule #2- Don't just say "Hi, my name is..."

Rule #3- Long, story-like comments will be replied to first.

Rule #4- If you're in a group comment with a boy and girl.

Rule #5- Don't double comment; we'll get to you when we get to you.

Rule #6- Drama is okay, just don't double comment.

Rule #7- No Stalking, please.

Rule #8- If you read this write *pikachu* at the end of your first comment


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