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When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it's not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end.

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effie the Great posted a status
"The movie was a huge disapointment!!! :'("
Nov 16, 2011
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May 28, 2011
AgneSS Bella Luniak left a comment for effie the Great
"I like to meet new people too :)"
Dec 2, 2010
effie the Great and AgneSS Bella Luniak are now friends
Nov 30, 2010
effie the Great replied to Cathy Myers's discussion Where is Everyone From? in the group Official Team Edward
"I am from Athens - Greece!! anyone else guys... I feel a little bit lonely here!! some support from greek fans plz!! haha"
Aug 26, 2010
effie the Great and Emily R. are now friends
Aug 4, 2010
effie the Great and kabita giri are now friends
Apr 23, 2010
Candace Schlotterbeck left a comment for effie the Great
"i am from maryland in the US"
Mar 2, 2010
effie the Great left a comment for Angie♪
"hi...! how are you?? :)"
Jan 3, 2010
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"thanks for the add!!!"
Jan 3, 2010
effie the Great and Erystelle anthomae cullen are now friends
Jan 3, 2010
Angie♪ left a comment for effie the Great
"hi :)"
Dec 28, 2009
effie the Great replied to Mappi-Cullen Pattinson's discussion If Edward is a "thing" that you can't live without what is he? in the group Official Team Edward
Dec 7, 2009

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
1.I adore watching films
2.I love hanging out with my friends
3.I like drawing and listening to music
4.This year i am going to study at the Athens University of Economics the section of Business Administration
5.I am a huge fan of twilight saga...and especially fan of edward...
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
I first read Twilight 2008 and I still remember those two days...i just couldn't take my eyes and my mind from those pages...I have read the Twilight Book twice...totally....but now and then I still read...the lines from my favorite scenes...<3
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
I go with Team Edward...because...I am still trying to find my "Edward"...and by that...I mean...a guy who is going to make feel....the way Bella does with Edward..every time...he touches her, kisses her...and generally when he is around her..!!!!
Which Character Are You Most Like?
well....none...i believe that each person is unique..!!!!!
Favorite Books
twilight saga...and some other greek books
What is Your Favorite Music
well that depends on the mood....
But lately i am really enjoy listening to kings of leon, james morrison, the fray..etc
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
Twilight saga,Remember me(!!!),Tristian & isolde,walk on sheet,the lake house,Shakespeare in love,city of Angels,Kate and Leopold,PC i love you,wanted,underworld,the last samurai,the illusionist,the dark knight,scent of woman,speed,i still know what you did last summer,cellular, number 23, fast and furious,Jason Bourne saga,step up

prison break,las vegas,OC,friends,House,Bones
Favorite Quotes:
"Before you, my life was like a moonless night.Very dark,but ther were stars-points of light and reason...And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire;there was brilliancy, there was beauty... When you were gone,when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black.nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by light.I couldn't see the stars anymore.And there was no more reason for anything."

"no matter how perfect the day always has to end..."

"And the sound of your's the most significant sound in my world..."

"so maybe this is hell..i don't care...i'll take it.."

"Edward was here, with his arms around me.
I could face anything as long as that was true.
I squared my shoulders and walked forward to meet my fate, with my destiny solidly at my side"

"When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it's not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end."
Favorite Activities
drawing, dancing, singing, reading books and twilight quotes

my favorite pics...

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At 4:34am on December 2, 2010, AgneSS Bella Luniak said…
I like to meet new people too :)
At 5:35am on June 4, 2010, Konstantina Pattinson said…
geia sou!
8es na gineis melos sto group mou? :) The Twilight Saga Greek Fans legete :)
edw einai to link;
At 2:24pm on March 2, 2010, Candace Schlotterbeck said…
i am from maryland in the US
At 10:24pm on December 28, 2009, Angie♪ said…
hi :)
At 10:56pm on October 26, 2009, ♥T3@m~3dw@rd♥ said…
Yea! Let your inner child out! Woo! LMOA. Ok... Well i'm sorry i haven't been able to answer this in... a week? God, sorry. Don't think that i don't want to talk to you... It just i get really busy during school! Sometimes just don't have time to check this thing.... Ok, well.... 'Bout Jake.... I just want Edward to punch him! I really did not like him in Eclipse... He is a inmature DOG! In New Moon is was like, "Ok, he's helping Bella stay sane untill Edward comes back..." So i didn't have a problem... He's just a cute kid that has a sweet little crush on Bella... Right? But then in Eclipse.... Gah! I was REALLY hoping that Edward and Jacob DID have a fight and show Jake who's boss... LMOA. No, but seriously... I really hated Jake. He threatened to kill himself just so Bella would kiss him! That's just not cool... And Bella was hurting Edward... Even though he never let it show... Because he knew that that would hurt Bella... And as for Jake.... Boy, did he show his emotions, and hurt Bella... It just show that Edward loves Bella more than Jake... But back to the Jacob thing...So i hated him... But then in Breaking Dawn (after his POV) i started to sorta like him... I mean once you get past his crap... He's a really OK guy... But i can't say he's my favorite... And even untill this day, when i read Eclipse... I still want Edward to punch him... Oh, and in case your asking yourself why i keep saying i want EDWARD to punch him and not for me to just do it MYSELF....Well i would probably hurt myself like Bella did... And plus, i know Edward would get a kick out of doing it himself... So anything that makes Edward happy! LMAO. :) Well it's nice to know that there's Twilight fans in Greece! Your history is very intresting, BTW. Just learned about it in school. History is my favorite subject! :) I absolutly LOVE learning about the past! It's sooo intresing, don't you think? But yes, your history is very intresting.... :) Loved learning about it! So how have you been? OMG, i'm so happy! The cast is having the Hot Topic tour and they're coming to Arizona! YAY! *jumps up and down* I'm so very ecxited! Last year, i lost the chance to see them... :( But this year... I so going to see them! I really want Rob to come.... That's my top one... My friends say that i'm weird because i like him... Do you find that weird? I think he's really handsome! But no... My friends just like Taylor because of his body! Ugh. So annoying. I like Rob beacause he's so much more... You know? But anyways... Really happy! Ah! 25 more days till New Moon! Yay! Are you going to the Midnight showing??? I am! I wouldn't be able to sleep knowing people around the world are watching New Moon... Nope. So i'm totally going! :)
At 4:43am on October 18, 2009, Rachael_isabella_rose_<3 said…
ur not old lovely lol :)
At 6:39pm on October 16, 2009, ♥T3@m~3dw@rd♥ said…
Wow! You live in Greece! It's always nice to meet Twilight fans from around the world. Twilight is universal! LOL. Well i think that we have a couple of things in comain... I love music.. I draw a lot too... Love movies... LOVE romantic novels but i also enjoy reading novels that are out of the ordinary... I like to sing along to the music i listen to... And i like ALL kinds of music. What kind of music do YOU like? I bet you do have a nice voice! I love talking about Edward/Twilight too! If you get me started... You can't shut me up! LOL. I love talking and hanging out with my friends! They're really great friends... Love 'em to death! Oh. I just turned 14 this August... People say that i'm mature for my age...But i feel like i'm a little immature sometimes... But i guess i am mature... But i just have those times were you let you inner child out! LOL. I cry evertime i have any kind of emotion too! When i'm sad, happy, mad, ect... And i does get kinda annoying... When i'm like really ecxited or somethiing i start to cry and people are always: "What's wrong? What happened?" So they think i'm sad... Just gets on my nerves... Can't i be happy and cry?! LOL. Well i think that pretty much sums it up for me... You know, i'm always curious to know if there's a lot of Twilight fans over the world... Is there a lot of Twi-fans in Greece??? Oh! And how do you feel about Jacob, hm???
At 1:01am on October 16, 2009, ♥T3@m~3dw@rd♥ said…
Hey, Effie! Well that wasn't scary at all! I was actually thinking: "Yay!Someone else i can endlessly talk about Edward/Twilight!" So i'm here if you need to talk! LOL. Well my name is Anyi. Pronounced Angie. My parents got a little creative with the spelling! It's a real pain the ass when i start school and my teachers are always: "Any? Is Any present?" Then i'm like "Here.. It's ANGIE!" They never get it. The they go: "Are you sure? That's an intresting way of spelling it..." So annoying. Eh... But at least it's one of a kind. :) So how are you? Tell me a little about youself.... :)
At 8:12pm on October 13, 2009, Lillian B. Valdez said…
I have only one kid, a son and I am already a grandmother. I have two grandchildren, Maynila age 11 and Carl Andre, age 13. I am currently working in a consulting engineering firm as a Document Control Custodian.
At 6:56am on October 13, 2009, Rachael_isabella_rose_<3 said…
im 17 :) lol your one year older

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