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Heyy Heyy there my names Robynnnn :) I just joined Saga because Joe wanted me to. So here's a little about me:
I'm 20 years old and in my sophmore year of college. I'm studying to become a cosmetologist. As a child my dream was to grow up and wear the pretty makeup and the fancy clothes and the beautiful hair, but lately I've decided I have much more fun doing other girl's hair and their makeup.
Joe has been my faithful servant when it comes to hair. He'll grow it out so then I can cut it and try different styles. He's slightly more resistent when it comes to makeup, though.
Since I'm on the topic of him, why don't I just say everything about him. Joe is the most amazing person I have ever met. He's smart(ish :] love you babe) funny, playful, handsome.......... simply amazing. I don't think I've ever been happier than when I'm with him. Those of you that know him mine have realized that he has a slight obsession with hats. I always wonder if he's trying to hide the haircuts I give him, till I realized that he collects them. Laugh you might, but look around, and you'll see that we all collect very random things.
I met Joe about 2 years ago went I was working as a waitress at a beachstraunt (just a small restaurant on the beach) when a tall guy in white trunks and a towel around his shoulders walks in and plops himself down at a seat. Of course, there were many cute surfers around, but this one had a slightly twinkle in his blue-green eyes that was extremely attractive. I couldn't help but wonder who this guy was, and what the heck he was doing here at this run down shack of a place.
Maria, a life-long friend of mine and former waitress, glanced at me, winked, and approached Joe. He looked up at her and smiled. My heart fluttered at his smile, even though it was to Maria, and not me. He ordered a burger and a bottle of water, which Maria found funny, and she looked at him, as if to see if he was joking. But he wasn't, and she went to place his order.
I served a few other customers while Maria grilled his burger. She tossed me the bottle of water, saying to go over and give it to him. So I went over to the booth he was sitting in, blushing like an idiot, and gave him the water and scurried away. I glanced once over my shoulder, and he had an amused look on his tan face. Then my boss got in, saw how few customers we had, and told me to go home. My heart fluttered, and then I knew I didn't want to leave because of the tall guy in the white trunks. But I obediently took of my apron, grabbed my keys, and left.
I didn't even make it to the door. The guy in the white trunks and got up quickly and followed me to the door, holding it open for me, smiling. I glanced back at his booth- did he pay for his meal?- and saw a twenty dollar bill lying under the burgerless plate. So then I looked back up at him, murmured something that sounded like thank you, and walked outside. He shut the door, and the small bell tinkered. I gathered up the courage and smiled at him, butterflies in my stomach. For a few moments I just looked up at him in awe. His hair was damp from the ocean and there was some sand stuck on his shoulder. But it was that smile, and those eyes that really got me. They were like the ocean, clear and beautiful.
"I'm Joe." Confident.
"Robyn." Nervous.
"You going somewhere?" he asked.
Suddenly I wasn't going anywhere, I had to go nowhere, no other plans or things I needed to get done, my day was suddenly free.
"No, why?"
"I was wondering if you wanted to take a walk down the beach."
And with those few word exchanges, Joe and I were walking down the beach, talking, mainly about me. He asked where I was born, what school I was attending, what I liked to do. I didn't get much time to ask him about him. But then I did, and he talked. He said that he lived at home with his parents and sister, that he had an older brother that lived in San Diego, that his sister was just getting out of sixth grade. He showed me a picture of her from in his wallet, and although I could see no resembelance, I could tell that she was someone that meant alot to him. Then we talked about his life, where he was born, what school he was attending, what he liked to do.
"How old are you?" he asked me.
"I'm 18. What 'bout you?"
"17," he said, sounding for the first time slightly nervous. And that was when I realized he had never dated an older girl before, and that although he seemed so sure of himself earlier, he had no clue what he was doing, and was just as blind as I was in the relationship area.
We exchanged numbers, and he said he would call when he could, then he trotted off down the beach, and I went back to the beachstraunt, got in my car, and drove off.

A few days passed and I began to worry that my mind had just made up that whole encounter with the extremely handsome 17-year-old, but I brought myself back to reality smiling wide and with butterflies in my stomach whenever I'd look at his number and prove to myself that I really did meet this guy.
Maria was completely flabberghasted. One moment she had seen our boss come in and order me the rest of the day off, and the next the gorgeus guy had opened the door for me and left. It took sometime to calm her down, but finally I suceeded and we laughed the whole thing over achohol free beers.
Then my phone rang.
Maria and I stopped laughing and stared at my small chocolate phone as the alarm buzzed, telling me that someone wants to talk to me. Then, suddenly, both of us made a mad rush for the phone, but I grabbed it first, swipped it up, and hit send.
"Hello?" I asked breathlessly, as Maria stood stalk still, listening intently.
"Hey, Robyn?"
"Hey its Joe."
"Oh, hi," I said, and Maria squealed and sat down abruptly.
"What time do you get off work?"
My mouth fell open. "Three." Maria's mouth fell open.
"Could I pick you up then? I'm going to some type of fair with my family, and was wondering if you wanted to come too."
Wow. "Yeah, sure, that'd be great."
"Cool. See you at three."
The phone line clicked off.
"Oh my god."
I looked up at Maria. "No s***."
She smiled then said "Tell me everything."

Three o'clock rolled right around the corner pretty quickly, and soon an awfully battered white trunk pulled up into the parking lot up on the cliff. I watched from the window as Joe came down the stairs, sunglasses on and twirling his keys on his finger.
"Oh my god, okay, coming!"
Maria burst around the corner glanced up at him, gave a moment of a pleasured sigh, then snapped her attention back to me.
"Okay. Do what I told you. Forget the fact that he's younger. If it's meant to work out, it'll work out."
I nodded, and she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. "You lucky b****," she whispered.
I laughed, the door opened, and Maria hastily walked off. Joe took of his sunglasses and smiled at me. "Ready?"

Joe drove fast. He still does. The whole time to the fair I was worried we were going to get pulled over, but he didn't seem to register that we were going 60 on a 40mph street.
I do admit that I somewhat was surprised when he said "fair" and we showed up at a fair. A group of people- a couple and their daughter- were waiting by the entrance gate and waved when they saw the truck.
"Here we go." Joe said, hopped out of the truck, and ran around the otherside to open my door. I got out, he shut it, and led me over to his folks.
"Ah you must me Robyn nice to meet you," said the mother, with a slight latino accent. "I'm Joe mother, but you can call me Therasa."
"Nice to meet you."
The dad had taken Joe aside and was talking with him, glancing at me a couple times, and Joe was shaking his head. Then the dad patted Joe's shoulder and came over to me.
"Hi I'm Brad, Joe's father," he said, with a british accent.
I almost laughed. A latino for a mother, and a brit for a dad. What was the sister, a frenchie?
The girl- Lindsey- was just american, with any american voice.
Then I almost laughed again. Mother Theresa and Brad the Dad.
Joe took me away from them, saying they'd catch up later, and we go cotton candy and a bunch of tickets. I looked on in awe as a 30 pound rabbit stuffed itself. There was a man that shot himself out of a cannon into a net. There were different small rollar coaster rides, many of which we went on, laughing. For a few hours there i forgot that I had just met this guy and barely knew anything about him. Then once it got dark, Joe led me over the the Ferris Wheel.
We got one, and went around a couple times before either of us spoke. He asked about my day, and I his. Then he got down to buisiness.
"So, I was wondering if you wanted to extend this to something beyond a few laughs at the fair," he said, looking over at me.
I didn't say anything. He leaned over to me. I looked up at him, surprised, and then ever so gently he turned my chin toward him and kissed me.
It was...... amazing. I've never felt something so powerful in a kiss before. A fire in my gut burned, and I turned toward him. The kissed deepened, becoming much more intent, and next thing I knew I had my arms wrapped around him and was halfway in his lap. He tasted oddly like the ocean, and a bit like strawberries, most likely from the shakes we got.
It was him that broke away, gasping slightly, his eyes glazen. "I guess that settles it," he choked out, and then I grabbed him again.
He took me home, and from then on our relationship continued.
So yeah. That's my love story.

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At 7:34pm on October 17, 2010, Joe said…
You're so hot (;
At 4:50pm on August 20, 2010, Kennaaa. said…
I missed youuuuu.
At 10:14pm on July 27, 2010, The_Harlequin said…
hey hey it's been a while how are ya?
At 5:12pm on April 4, 2010, The_Harlequin said…
hey hey, awwww that story is soooo sweeeeeeeet!!

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