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"ohhh, jealous* i still have to wait for a very long time to watch it. eclipse hmm, actually haven start on it. can you tell me a little bit about it.?"
Nov 23, 2009

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2009, lots of time.
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both, they are both COOL!!
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Breaking Dawn.
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Lily Allen, Not fair
super junior, sorry sorry.
shinee, ring ding dong.
2PM, tired of waiting.
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All of Harry Potter Movies.
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you're my life now
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read and sleep.

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At 8:28am on November 23, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
What about Eclipse??
At 1:07pm on November 22, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
Yeah I thought the video was funny!! The movie was amazing!! I loved it and am hoping to see it again next week!!

Well at first I thought that it was creepy but then I thought it was really sweet! I mean it was like he was protecting her even before she knew he was. Then I sat there thinking and wishing that I would have someone would watch me while I slept. Not like in a creepy perverted way but like the way Edward was when he watched Bella and spent the night with her. He just wanted to be by her and protect her in anyway that he could.

What was your favorite part of Eclipse?
At 1:44pm on November 20, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
No I don't think that I would change what Stephenie wrote, because I think that whatever Bella might have said to stop Edward just wouldn't have worked. I mean in Edward's mind he was no good for Bella and he felt that he was protecting her by leaving. So even if Bella had tried to say something to keep Edward with her I think that Edward would have just left and found someway to convince Bella that he didn't want her anymore and he didn't love her the way that Bella thought that he did.

Yes I do think that. I'm not sure if it was love at first sight though, but I like to think it was. I mean with her blood basically singing to him, he had to try so hard just to keep himself in control and not killing her right away. I do think that he became interested in Bella because he couldn't understand why he couldn't hear her thoughts. But yeah I do think that he has loved her since the beginning of the saga. It was almost like once he saw her and everything he realized he found his soul mate. Also the way he protects Bella all the time is just further proof of his love for her. I mean he left her in New Moon because he thought he was protecting her. He still loved her and didn't really want to leave, but did it to protect her. I mean there is proof of his love for Bella in every book, but if I went through it all you would be reading this for a long time.
Do you think it was creepy or sweet that Edward watched Bella sleep for months with out her knowing in the beginning?
At 11:40am on November 20, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
No I haven't seen the movie yet. I am planning on seeing it tomorrow and can't wait!!

I would choose to go to Isle Esme or Forks. Isle Esme just seems so peaceful and romantic. I would just love to go there and feel disconnected from the world. Forks just seems like a great place and I would love to visit there someday. I would also want to visit La Push and Voltura, but Isle Esme and Forks are at the top of my list!!!

Do you think Edward loved Bella from the beginning why or why not?
At 4:21pm on November 18, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
Yes it is I wish I had enough money to buy the house!!

Well I think that I would have reacted the same way Bella did. I certainly would have gone into a depression like phase but still would have put a show on for my family so they felt I was dealing with things. I would have found something to occupy my mind whenever I could because my mind would go to think about Edward so spending as much time with my BFF is a necessary!!!! Yes, because Edward is Bella's one true love I would have done the same thing in forgiving him right away. I still would fear that I would never be enough for him and that he would leave me again, but I would still trust him with my heart all over again.

If you could go to one place that was mentioned in the Twilight Saga which would it be?
At 8:11pm on November 16, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
IDK that I would take away any scenes!!

I'm not really sure because there are so many great adventures!!! I would love to have experienced the new born vamp fight and to watch Jacob turn into a werewolf but I think that getting to experience everything that happens is Breaking Dawn would be my pick. You have the Volturi, Isle Esme, Renesmee being born and the fight for the Cullens existence.

If you were in Bella's place at the moment that Edward left you, how would have dealt with it? Would you have forgiven him so instantaneously?
At 1:56pm on November 15, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
That's hard because they are both great for different reasons!! I think though that I wouldn't be able to live without Edward and i probably could adjust to the loss of Jacob. So yeah I would choose Edward.

I think that Ryan would do a great job as Garrett!! He would do a fantastic job in that role! I just love how versatile he is. He is such an awesome actor and I loved him in Adventureland! I mean I can totally see him as Garrett. I never pictured Garrett much younger I mean with Riley yes but I think that I pictured Garrett in his late 20s to mid 30s so I think that Ryan would be perfect! I hope that they do sign him for the movie!!!!

If you could choose any Twilight Saga adventure to experience first hand...which would it be? Why?
At 2:38pm on November 14, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
I really like Jacob and Seth the most because they are both loyal and don't care about the vampires. I mean Jacob thought that he could be friends with Bella once she was changed but he still was and just didn't let it affect their friendship. So yeah I would choose Jacob and Seth.

Did you hear that Ryan Reynolds might play the role of Garrett in Breaking Dawn?
At 8:39pm on November 13, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
Yeah I've watched it a few times but not like everyweek.

Well I would change Breaking Dawn mostly. I would have loved to hear what Bella was thinking throughout the entire pregnancy and not Jacob's point of view. I would also have more of a closure to the series because it just leaves you with so many unanswered questions, did the Volturi ever come back to check on Bella and Renesmee's progress, how did Jacob and Renesmee's relationship develop after the series ended, and Bella and Edward's relationship. I would have just loved if the series had continued!! I mean if not from Bella's point of view than possibly Renesmee's that way we can still have the Cullens and the wolf pack.

So which werewolf do you like best and why?
At 8:18pm on November 12, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
Yeah I loved that pic too!!

Yeah I know, I think either Sam or Jacob would have to be my least favorite! I mean Sam just doesn't think about the consequences of his actions and I hated that he wanted to kill Bella and basically didn't even bat an eyelash about it. I don't like Jacob because in the same way he is a little controlling of Bella and keeps trying to get Bella away from Edward and wants to kill Edward so badly! But at the same time he is still a good friend to Bella and wouldn't do anything to hurt her.

If you can change something in Twilight saga what it will be?

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