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[W]onderful. [E]xiting. [I]ndependent. [R]eal. [D]ifferent. I Like being weird. : )

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Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
-im a cool preson to hang out with
-im on team jacob
-i miss all my friends in OHIO
-I just moved to NC >:(
-I like to keep to my self well...sometimes
*P.S*-Im not a good speller youll see
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
I first read twilight when i was in six grade my friends(megan m,robin h,and courtney a) introduced it to me. If it was not for them i wouldnt like The twilight first i thought it was lame.
So Thank You Guys
(they on here too)
i read all of them maybe 4{idk}
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
Team jacob because its wayy better being hot than cold
Which Character Are You Most Like?
All my friends say im Rosalie.but then my cousin say im like Bella but i think im more like Rosalie
Favorite Books
-Breaking dawn
-goosebump books
-middle school suvivl guide series
-house of night series
What is Your Favorite Music
-fallout boy
-avril lavingne
-celine dion
-lady gaga
-blood on the dance floor
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
-New moon
-slumdog millionarie
-every body hates chris
-family guy
-robot chicken
-forensic files
-bondocks[is that spelled right]
Favorite Quotes:
"What you are, Just another cut away. Now your scarred and these scars wont fade. I still know you don't get something for nothing without giving up your soul."

"I will chase you around for a while; but there's gonna be a day when I'm gonna stop running in circles around you I'm gonna get over you & you're gonna wish you had let me catch you"
Favorite Activities
-Reading books[twilight saga a corse]
-like chatting on
-playing my interments[viola&clarinet]
-shopping and hangingout with my friends
-going to the movies

Yup love me music :D

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"what would you do if,,,"
[_] Push me against a wall and kiss me?
[_] Come To My House To Do Nothing But Chill?
[_] Slap Me?
[_] Slap me if i asked you to?
[_] Kiss Me?
[_] Let Me Kiss You?
[_] Watch A Movie With Me?
[_] Take Me Out To Dinner?
[_] Take A Shower With Me?
[_] Take Me Home For The Night?
[_] Let Me Sleep In Your Bed?
[_] Take Me Anywhere With You
[_] Repost This For Me To Answer Your Questions?
[_] Lock Me In Your room And Take Advantage Of Me?
[_] Let me lock you in your room and Take Advantage of you?
[_] Let Me Make You Breakfast?
[_] Make me breakfast?
[_] Tickle Me?
[_] Let Me Tickle You?
[_] Stick Up For Me Uf I Was Being Put Down?
[_] Instant Message Me?
[_] Greet Me In Public?
[_] Hang Out With Me?
[_] Hold my waist from behind while we are out?
[_] Bring Me Around Your Friends?
[_] Fall in love with me?
[_] Like me?
[_] Make love to me?

Have You Ever...
[] Thought About Hooking Up With Me?
[] Found Yourself Wanting To Kiss Me Non Stop?
[] Wished I Were There?
[] Had A Crush On Me?
[] Wanted My Number?
[] Had A Dream About Me?
[] Been Distracted By Me?

What did you first think when you saw me?
What do you think of me now?
If you could give me any nickname in the world what would it be?
What would you do if I kissed you ?
What would you do If I was depressed?
What would you do if I said I love you?
What would you do If I did suicide?
What would you do If I called you at midnight ?

♥ Love starts with a smile, grows with a kiss & ends with a tear..

I can feel чour heartbeat through mч shirt.
‘Cause I felt чour lips pressed against mine. Thought the sweet smell of чour aroma was all mine, I love the waч чou saч mч name. I was like oh, I never want to let чou go. Now I know, that love made me blind. We made it look so perfect when it wasnt meant to be. Your love made me blind. Je t’aime.

So crazч is this thing we call love. & now that weve got it, we just cant give up. Im overboard. & I need чour love to pull me up. I cant swim on mч own. Its too much, feel like Im drowning without чour love. So throw чourself out to me, mч lifesaver .. So what do I do? Because I still love чou. Youre the onlч one who can save me.

I [______] you.
You Make Me [_____]
My Fav Part On Ur Body Is [______]
You Have A Nice [______]
I Really Love it When You [______]
Someday I Will [______]
You + Me =[______]
If I Saw You Now I Would [______]
If I Had Lots Of Money I Would Buy You [_____]
I Would Build A [______] Just for youu.
I Would Get Your Name Tattoed On My [______]
If I Could Sing You A Song it Would Be [______]
We Could [_____] under the stars.
If You Could Do Something With Me it Would Be [______]
I think you are [_____]
When i look at you i wanna [___]
If we were alone we would [______]
You are so .[______]
If we were at the park we would.[______]
I wish I could .[______]
Describe Me In 3 Ways..[_____]''[______]''[____]

PS:What Would You do if I told you that[____]

♥ ii Promise Not To Hurt You ♥
♥ ii Promise To Never Make You Cry ♥
♥ ii Promise To Always Trust You♥
♥ ii Promise Not To Lie ♥
♥ ii Promise You Forever ♥
♥ ii Promise You Tonight ♥
♥ ii Promise You My Respect ♥
♥ ii Promise You To Do Things Right ♥
♥ ii Promise To Always Be There ♥
♥ ii Promise Until The End ♥
♥ ii Promise To Always Love You Forever ♥
♥ ii Promise You My Love ♥
♥ ii Promise You My Life ♥
♥ ii Promise This Forever ♥
♥ Your The Peanut To My Butter ♥
♥ Your The Jelly To My Sandwich ♥
♥ Your The Star To My Burst ♥
♥ Your The M To My M ♥
♥ Your The Pop To My Tart ♥
♥ Your The Milky To My Way ♥
♥ Your My Fruit To My Loups ♥
♥ Your The Milk To My Buds ♥
♥ Your The Lucky To My Charms ♥
♥ Your The Ice To My Cream ♥
But Mostly..
♥ Your One Of The Best To My Friends ♥


Do You...
[_] Miss Me?
[_] Think I'm Sexy?
[_] Think I'm Cute?
[_] Think I'm Hot?
[_] Think I'm OK?
[_] Think I'm Ugly?
[_] Want To Kiss Me?
[_] Want To Cuddle With Me?
[_]Want To Date Me?

Am I...
[_] Smart?
[_] Funny?
[_] Cool?
[_] Loveable?
[_] Adorable?
[_] Great To Be With?
[_] Attractive?
[_] Mean?
[_] Ugly?
[_] Gorgeous?




Kiss on the stomach - I'm ready.
Kiss on the Forehead - I hope we're together forever.
Kiss on the Ear - You're my everything.
Hug - I care.
Kiss on the Cheek - Wishing for a Kiss on the lips
Kiss on the Hand - I adore you.
Smiling at each other - I like you.
Kiss on the Neck - We belong together.
Kiss on the Shoulder - I want you.
Playing with your fingers - I want to be alone with you.
Kiss on the Lips - I love you.
Holding hands - Happiness
Kiss anywhere else - Be carful.
Playing with your hair - Can't live without you.
Passionet kiss - giving you a hint.
Kiss down the jaw and throat - Asking if your ready.
Arms around waist - Your mine i need you.
Wink and raising of the eyes - Flirtation.
Wetting your lips - Waiting for a kiss.
Tear drop - I'm loosing you.
Crying - I've lost you.


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