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"Thank you! And actually..I didn't make it. My friend Angel did. Here's the link 2 her profile. She might make one. She is an awesome designer!"
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"Thanks and i am great!!!! How r u?"
Feb 27, 2010
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"Awwwww!!!!! That was so cute! Had to make u one 2! [ - *Glitter Words*]"
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"yes, i'mcurrently reading it..... what grade are you??? f i cud not reply, im out"
Feb 25, 2010
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"you r Philipina. My English teacher is Philipina too :).How r u? Do u read graphic novel twilight?"
Feb 25, 2010

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it is not what we hold in our hands that is ours, it is what is left when we open our hands and let go,... <lenj>

You could run from someone you feared, you could try to fight someone you hated. All my reactions were geared toward those kinds of killers – the monsters, the enemies. When you loved the one who was killing you, it left you no options. How could you run, how could you fight, when doing so would hurt that beloved one? If your life was all you had to give your beloved, how could you not give it? If it was someone you truly loved? (Bella)...................................................................................................................................................................................When I left you, Bella, I left you bleeding. Jacob was the one to stitch you back up again. That was bound to leave its mark — on both of you. I’m not sure those kinds of stitches dissolve on their own. I can’t blame either of you for something I made necessary. I may gain forgiveness, but that doesn’t let me escape the consequences. (Edward)...................................................................................................................................................................................It’s not like love at first sight, really. It’s more like… gravity moves. When you see her, suddenly it’s not the earth holding you here anymore. She does. And nothing matters more than her. And you would do anything for her, be anything for her… You become whatever she needs you to be, whether that’s a protector, or a lover, or a friend, or a brother. (Jacob)

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~loves eating spahetti and hamburger
~fonds of reading anything nice, solving math problems
~a very good friend BUT a very,very bad foe!!!!!

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i'm in the process of reading breaking dawn(2010)..... - Glitter Graphics - Glitter Graphics

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team edward , coz i love edward and he seemed more cute with bella ...... besides , he is bella's first love........ - Glitter Graphics

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horror and romance novels...> - Glitter Graphics

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pop music, love songs such as because you love me, boys over flowers soundtrack, OPM and the like

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twilight , new moon ,of course! ahm , almost all ABS-CBN shows - Glitter Graphics

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Insecurity reins in an ugly heart of an empty brain.

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Eclipse and Twilight Pictures

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New Moon and Eclipse Movie

Twilight and Breaking Dawn Movie

Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Movie
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watching tv , eating , reading, . . . . .

100 ways to annoy the Cullen’s.
1.) Take Jasper to an African American Support center and tell everyone there his full name.
2.) Talk in a really bad Texas ancient when around Jasper.
3.) Tell Carlisle that Esme has been having an affair with Aro Volturi.
4.) Dangle Alice's favorite pair of shoes over your head when you are standing on the opposite side of the boundary line.
5.) Fill Edward's iPod with rap songs.
6.) Fill Emmett’s with classical.
7.) Tell Alice that Jasper looks at Rosalie all day.
8.) Pay ten guys to look at Rosalie and go "Ewe!"
9.) Spray paint Edward's car pink.
10.) Tell him it was Alice's idea.
11.) Then when he gets mad tell him that Bella likes it, just to calm him down.
12.) Then suggest anger management classes.
13.) Tell Jasper he should be a therapist.
14.) Tell anyone of the Cullen’s that they should go to a tanning salon.
15.) Tell Rosalie that Alice is pregnant.
16.) Tell her that it was Emmett who did it.
17.) Tell Jasper the same thing.
18.) Video tape the fight.
19.) Then play it back for Carlisle.
20.) Fill Edward's closet with team Jacob shirts.
21.) Ask Edward "Gee, I haven't seen Mike Newton lately; bella would probably know where he is right?"
22.) Break all the mirrors in Rosalie’s room.
23.) Tell her that her face did it
24.) Suggest that she get a makeover to prevent it from happening again.
25.) Sign Jasper up to run the school's blood drive.
26.) Call Jasper the walking talking "chill pill."
27.) Say to Emmett "wow, you really let yourself go, have you considered working out?"
28.) When ever Edwards too busy to help you with something say "Oh that's ok, I'm sure Jacob or mike could help."
29.) Say to Edward "hey Edward my car's broken, I was wondering if you've seen Rosalie around so she could fix it."
30.) Then when he offers to do it start laughing hysterically.
31.) Then say "Oh that's ok I'll just ask Jacob."
32.) Tell Rosalie that Leah is prettier than her.
33.) Subscribe Esme for parenting magazines.
34.) Then tell her that they were actually meant for Edward.
35.) Tell him that you'd feel much better for Renessmee if he also took some classes.
36.) When he refuses tell him "Well fine! If you don't care about your daughter's safety!"
37.) Die Renessmee's hair blonde.
38.) Then have her start crying and screaming "Now daddy won't like me!" right in front of Edward.
39.) Sell Edward's piano.
40.) Then tell him it's time he buckled down and started saving up for Renessmee's college fund.
41.) Deflate all of Edward's car tires at school.
42.) Then hide the knife you used to do it in Jasper's locker.
43.) Tell everyone in history class the Jasper isn't a descendent of Jasper Whitlock but that he is Jasper Whitlock.
44.) Tell them that he's here to kill everyone in the school
45.) And if they don't believe you show them the knife in his locker
46.) Or if you don't want to be that harsh; In the middle of History class when learning about the Confederate army, point to the picture of Jasper in the book and shout "Hey Jasper! That looks just like you!"
47.) Tell every girl at school that Edward broke up with Bella.
48.) Then give out Bella's phone number to them.
49.) Then laugh when she starts to scream at him about all the girls calling her asking for Edward.
50.) Do the same thing for Emmett and Rosalie.
51.) Then Jasper and Alice.
52.) Then when all the guys accuse you of it, innocently claim "I was only trying to give you guys more variety"
53.) Then let them know you’re available.
54.) When they get even more upset sate; "Well you don't want to be stuck with the same girl for the rest of your lif-, Oh, yeah, sorry..."
55.) Visit the hospital and try to get Carlisle to go insane; by using a fan to blow the scent of the blood in his face.
56.) Or better yet, splash some of the patient’s blood in his face.
57.) Then when he asks what you’re doing tell him that he looked thirsty.
58.) Tell Edward that he's a show off.
59.) Ask Edward if he can fly.
60.) Tell any one of the Cullen’s that you’re being a vampire for Halloween.
61.) Then ask them where they bought their costumes.
62.) Replace all the blood in their house with red cool-aid.
63.) Take pictures of their reactions when they drink it.
64.) Trade Edward's car for a mini-van.
65.) Then make comments like "Can I get a ride to school soccer mom?"
66.) Put one of Bella's bra's in Emmett's coat pocket.
67.) Then think "Hey what's that doing in there?" When in front of Edward.
68.) Say things to Edward like "Hey Bella looks cold, want me to call Jacob?"
69.) Clean all of the stuff out of every Cullen's room and throw it over the boundary line.
70.) Tell everyone at school that the Cullen guys are actually girls.
71.) Then prove it by showing them how they don't even flinch when you kick them in the balls.
72.) Then do the same things for Carlisle at the hospital.
73.) Order tombstones for every single Cullen.
74.) When they ask why tell them you provoked the Volturi and blamed it on them.
75.) Then actually do it.
76.) Ask Jasper if he could be your square dancing partner.
77.) Constantly remind the Cullen’s that if they die they're going to hell.
78.) Then remind them about 74.
79.) Send Edward love letters from Jane.
80.) Smash Edward's CD collection.
81.) Then when he asks why tell him there was a spider.
82.) Say things to Jasper like "Wow, for someone who can control emotions, you really don't have any."
83.) Say stuff to Rosalie like "Ewe! What's that on your face?"
84.) Buy Alice a crystal ball.
85.) Put black hair dye in Rosalie’s shampoo.
86.) Then tell Bella that Edward likes it.
87.) Constantly remind Alice that she might not actually be in love with Jasper.
88.) Spill blood on their floor.
89.) Then laugh when Jasper starts to lick it up.
90.) Sing in your head “I know a song that gets on Edward’s every nerve!” When around Edward.
91.) Steal each and everyone ones of their credit/debit cards and max them out.
92.) Say to Jasper that you told Carlisle about your depression problems and that he told you to talk to Jasper about it.
93.) Change your mind about something 50,000 times so Alice gets confused.
94.) Buy Edward a puppy.
95.) Suggest that he name it Jacob.
96.) Tell Edward that his body glitter is fading.
97.) Laugh anytime Edward says something corny
98.) Constantly tell Edward that he’s is going to end up killing Bella
99.) Then laugh when he says that he won’t.
100.) Have them pick a day where they all circle up and talk about their “problems.”

10 top moments in twilight and new moon!!!!!!!
1. Twilight: Bella sees Edward for the first time
The floppy hair, the awkward walk, the lusting eyes… sigh.

2. Twilight: Bella and Edward share their first kiss (see the video above for nostalgia!)
Any girl who says she isn’t jealous of the passion in this scene is a liar. The fact that Edward has to pull away because he can’t control himself is enough to make us all pine for a vampire of our own.

3. Twilight: Edward ignores the waitress’s advances in the restaurant
Not only does Edward save Bella from some psychos, he then completely ignores the flirty waitress and only has eyes for Bella. The perfect gent!

4. Twilight: The Cullen family baseball game
This scene is so popular that some fans even have Cullen baseball shirts. Who says women don’t like sports? Get some vampires involved and we’re there! The Muse soundtrack makes this scene even better.

5. Twilight: Bella tells Edward she knows he’s a vampire and they have a 'meadow' moment
More passion than we can handle. There’s something hot about how dangerous but protective Edward is, by this point we’re in love and there’s no going back.

6. New Moon: Jasper attacks Bella
Bella cuts her finger, Jasper pounces. This is the first chance we get to see the reality of being part of the Cullen coven, it also sets the storyline for New Moon.

7. New Moon: Edward leaves Bella, including the empty chapters
Kristen is perfect in this scene and it’s another pivotal moment that had to be done perfectly to make fans of the books happy. We LOVED the way the empty chapters were portrayed and Possibility was the perfect soundtrack choice.

8. New Moon: Jacob takes his shirt off
Yes, the screams in the cinema, we heard them all. In fact, we took part in them. Although, editor Geoff was less than impressed.

9. New Moon: Jacob saves Bella from the sea
Bella realises adrenaline makes her hallucinate Edward’s presence and goes cliff jumping. Luckily, Jacob plays the hero and saves her from the freezing water. Cue more topless Jacob shots.

10. New Moon: Bella saves Edward as he’s about to step into the sunlight in Italy
Kristen does a lot of running, we’re all jealous of her figure, then she sees R-Pattz, he’s topless (more cinema screams), she saves him, they kiss and we breathe a sigh of relief. Bliss.

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hiiii so nice to meet u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At 2:57am on February 25, 2010, Elissa Anne Cullen said…
yes, i'mcurrently reading it..... what grade are you???
f i cud not reply, im out
At 2:42am on February 25, 2010, LinkCullen said…
you r Philipina. My English teacher is Philipina too :).How r u? Do u read graphic novel twilight?
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Nice to meet u. What is your name?Where t u from?How old are u?I'm 17
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Hi, Nice to meet u. i'm Link.I'm vietnamese.What is your name?
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hi, i'm Link, i hope we r friend. add me now :)
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hello -smiles-
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haie., tnx gd., addict mode pud kah., hehehe

kK rah jud kaAu ang life., hehehe

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