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Jun 17, 2010
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"dose any one know when tickets will be ready to be sold for the movies i need to get them early do i dont have to worrie if ill get to see the movie or not thanks"
Feb 11, 2010
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The Official Eclipse Book Discussion

The Official Eclipse Book Discussion
Feb 11, 2010
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"i read the draft and loved it so much from his point of view but i dont know when it will come out so can any one tell me when it will come out in north caroolina thanks"
Feb 3, 2010
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midnight sun relase at i do not know

March 27, 2010 to May 19, 2011
it is awsome!i read 256 pages from the partial draft.
Feb 3, 2010

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about me

Posted on May 29, 2009 at 9:00pm 0 Comments

well were can i start, one of my favorit thing to do is as long as it dosn'e in volve school but i i love to get on line and listen to songs all the time.

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
im a half vamp half humen
i have a brother (who is my cousin) and a sis (who i saved)
lov to sword fight
work on cars
parents kill by half vamp half witch half werewolf

im a half vamp half humen
i have a brother (who is my cousin) and a sis (who i saved)
lov to sword fight
work on cars
parents kill by half vamp half werewolf

lindsey michelle anderws-hybrid (half human half vampire)

Joshua anderws-vampire

Chris sterling-vampire

Tara anderws-vampire

todd jacobson-werewolf


here is the #1 book

Twilight New Moon Movie

Twilight New Moon Movie and Twilight Movie

Jacob or Edward

Jacob or Edward from Dumb Spot!

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Twilight Movie and New Moon Pictures

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I promise to remember Bella
Each time I carelessly fall down
And I promise to remember Edward
Whenever I'm out of town
I promise to obey traffic laws
For Charlies sake of course
And I promise to remember Jacob
When my heart fills with remorse
I promise to remember Carlisle
When ever I am in the Emergency Room
And I promise to remember Emmett
Every time there's a huge boom
I promise to to remember Rosalie
Whenever I see something that holds pure beauty
And I promise to remember Alice
When I'm at a mall and a cute outfit spots me
I promise to remember Renesmee
When I see that beautiful bronze hair.

And I promise to remember Esme
When someone tells me they care
I promise to remember Jasper
Whenever my stomach isn't curled
And I promise to remember the Volturi
When someone speaks of dominating the world
Yes I promise to love Twilight
Wherever I may go
So that all may see my obsession
Because I know what the Twilighters know.

Vampires dont exist. Thats what I was always told. But Edward never changes. He will never grow old. His family is kind though conventional at best. They consider me one of them though I am not one yet. I deem myself unfit for the love that he bestows. I still have no idea why it ws me he chose. His immortal kiss is coming. Better late then never. But I know this fact is true, only a vampire can love you FOREVER.

New Moon and Twilight Movie

When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
i first started reading it in 2008 and fin it in 2008
i have read the book 3 times but still read my fave parts have read the series 3 times snd if u ever want anything twilight u can cheack out HOTTOPIC.COM or the store!!!!!!!!!

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Vampires dont exist. Thats what I was always told. But Edward never changes. He will never grow old. His family is kind though conventional at best. They consider me one of them though I am not one yet. I deem myself unfit for the love that he bestows. I still have no idea why it ws me he chose. His immortal kiss is coming. Better late then never. But I know this fact is true, only a vampire can love you FOREVER.
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
team edward that is the team i started out in the first book which is the best book in the series breaking dawn#2 eclips #3 new moon #4 (order of my faves) but don't get me wrong i like jacob but he acts more like a kid or my brother but he's there when ever you need him but team edward because well he act like some one who knows how to treat a woman (even though he has only held bella) and he knows how far he can go and he's really sweet. i like jacob but he makes me so mad(edward made me mad in new moon i could have shoved the book down his throat) edward knows how to bring butterflys in my stomch he would do anything for bella(even it it made no since) and tries to agree with her even if it felt like it might hurt him or even her (like eclips). so no matter what i will alway be TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Which Character Are You Most Like?
BELLA im not as clumsy as her but im not good at any thing and i do the best with what i have and i have never been with someone and i am very pale and i don't tan (i turn RED) and im very shy but (but i can be crazy when u know me) but one of my worst flaws is that i laught way tooo much so i have a few problem. Oh and i love to read but nothing like what bella (i'd like to read withering hights) likes i like vampire books, ever since twilight


you say OMJ
i say OME
you say OJD
i say OCD
you say harry potter series
i say twilight saga
you say j.k Rowling
i say Stephenie Meyer
you say potter
i say Cullen
you say wizard
i say vampire
you say team Jacob
i say team Edward
you say Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
i say Edward Cullen and Bella Swan
you say sprite
i say coke
you say hot
i say cold
you say twilight sucks
--from the twilight knights group!

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Favorite Books
twilight saga
the vampire diaries
vampire kisses saga
the night world saga
chosen (night world)
im writing my own book

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New Moon and Twilight Movie

New Moon and Twilight Movie

What is Your Favorite Music
just about any thing but favorits bands r green day love them my chemical romance skillet avenged seven fold cobra starship 3 days grace all american rejects shinedown breaking benjamin 30H!3 paramore all time low and hollywood undead (christan bands) barlow girl skillet super chick kystal meyers third day brandon heath toby mac francesca battistelli and kutless

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Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
twilight and new moon (
a walk to remember
hellboy 1&2
13 going on 30
america's got talent-show
underworld 1&2&3
tranceformers 1&2
Favorite Quotes:
just don't take to long. You may have forever but i don't.-- Moonlight -Beth
you are the most import thing to ever- Twilight- Edward
listen to me he has beth HE HAS MY BETH!- Mick St. John-Moonlight
what if i'm not the hero what if i'm the bad guy- Twilight-Edward
Your not-Twilight-Bella
Marrie me first-Edward-Twilight
I want to go with you-underworld-michael corvin
I'd like to see you try-unknowen
I spent the last 55years trying to close the door on forever. I can't anymore. I can't close the door on beth-moonlight-mick
This isn't about being a vampire or a human. This is about us and how we feel about one another. right here! right now!-moonlight-mick
The night first met or met again whatever what was I wearing?-BETH
Blue jeans white striped shirt cream jacket-mick
what about my shoes?-beth
You were bare foot.-mick
How can you remember that?-beth
Because I love you.-mick
You cry, I cry. You laugh, I laugh. You jump off a cliff I get in a pattal boat and save ur stupied butt!!!
When life gives you lemons throw them back and demand Edward Cullen
WHAT! u haven't read twilight?! Go shout ur self in the foot if u don't like twilight go shout ur self in both hands!!!!
know that we all fall down-one republic
what we won't dosen't alway matter, u can want to get fron here to there u can won't to survie but if the universe won't something different u can run but u can't hide-moonlight-mick St. john
God made adem and eve not adem and steve-unknown
all we can ever do is try-rashel-chosen
i've never spent so much time around anyone who eats food. i forget.-twilight-edward
i'm not finshed kissing you. don't make me come over there-twilight-bella
hell yes! we can find some other way to pick a fight with this demetri!-new moon-emmett
you were better at it then i was, you know-new moon-edward
better at what?-new moon-bella, at least made an effort. you got up in the morning, tried to be normal for charlie, followed the patteren of your life-new moon-edward
do you want to be a vampire?-night world
pain with out love pain can't get enough pain i like i rufecouse i'd rather fill pain then nothing at all-three days grace-song- for bella in new moon
someone told me twilight is taking over your life my reply and your point is...
if someone hurts you ill knock the crap outta them
if you jump off a brige,ill be on the grand to catch you
if you cry ill let you cry on my shoulder
if ur kicked out, ill take you in
if your drunk, ill take your keys
if your would comes crashing down, ill be standing rite next to you.
if you cry cause of me its because i made you laug to hard.
we'll be friends forever,no matter wat happens between us.just know that im here for you.
send this to all your friends or someone you really care about. i care about you if i sent you this message,cause your special to me.
"All right. Forget time limits. If you want me to be the one-then you'll just have to meet one condition."
"Condition?" "What condition?"
"Marry me first."
"Okay. What's the punch line?"
"You're wounding my ego, Bella. I just proposed to you, and you think it's a joke."
"Edward, be serious."....................-Edward and Bella (New Moon)
damn it bella! you'll be the death of me-twilight-edward
i was all braced for the wrath that would put grizzies to shame and this is what i get? i should infariate you more often-eclipes
"not to bring on the ire prematurely," he whispered "but do you mind telling me what it is about this bed that you object too?"eclipes-edward
i knew that we were both in mortal danger. still in that instant t felt WELL. whole. i could feel my heart race in my chest the blood pulsing hot and fast through my veins again. my lungs filled deep with the sweet scent that came off his skin. it was like there had never been a hole in my chest. i was perfect-not healed, but as if there had never been a wound in the first place-bella-new moon
in the dead silence all the details suddenly fell into place for me with a burst of intuition. something edward didn't wont me to know. something jacob wouldn't have kept from me...-eclipes- bella
"Don't be afraid," i murmured "we belong together." i was abruptly overwelmed by the truth of my own words. this moment was so perfect,so right, there wa no way to doubt it. his arms wrapped around me. holding he against him ... it felt like ever nerve ending in my body was alive wire. "forever" he agreed.-bella and edward- breaking dawn- book one bella
she was with her companon-her playmate. the one who was sacred to her, who was the other half of the mysteries of her life. the one who would always be there for her, helping her, watching her back,picking her up when she fell down, listening to her stories- no matter how many times she told them. loving her even when she was stupied. understanding her without words. being inside the innermost circle in her mind. her soulmate.-soulmate-hannah
Favorite Activities
listening to music, sword fighting,playing on the computer, and the #1 thing is any thing that has to do with vamps!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't click here!

sorry but i found this on you tube and well when i saw it i almost bust a gut but trust me i luve twilight with a passion so please dont leave any bad comments


Wind whiped through the open window of the RX8, I had started to think of my past. Stories that told me how I got to this point, being the most powerful. How I got my little sister, who sat in the back. The scars on my arms and above all the sword that lay in the seat I had dug out to hid it. Life for me in this story went from bad to horriable. Let me start my story back home. But be warned this story has rwist and turns, love and like in every story the all greatful heartbreak. Most of all reveng, something that can be bittersweet at times.

It was a cold night, I was wrapped in my warmes blaket. "Yes she's asleep and im putting her to bed right now." I heard my father, Davied, who was a top ranking general in the US Marines but he wasn't like the generals that you would see in the movies he had a kind heart, tell my mother Sara, through my drowiness. Two seconds later I was on a warm, flat, soft surface and I knew just by the touch that it was my queen size bed.

Tong, Tong, Tong the old grandfather clock said as it woke me at midnight, as I looked into the darkness I saw the out line of a man whome I thought was my father but I was dead wrong. That figure was a unknow creature who was there to kill me. As he loomed over my head I felt warm, wet, saliva on my face as I stared into the eyes of the creature. Since I was a master at swordsmanship I quickly threw my self across the room to the sword case. Broke off the cheep lock, grabed the first sword my hand felt, ran, jumped in the air with the metal held above my head prepared to strike. When the sword came down it cut into the head of the man.
Drawing the blade out slowly, I saw no blood on the steal blade as the moon light sparkled and danced apon the sword. Looking up I saw the eeier smile of the man I had just tried to kill, his head was put back together like my blade had not dug into his head, there wasn't even a scar. Face to face with the creature I ran through my head what to do now bacause foot steps were stomping on the hard wood floor just outside my bedroom door and I was sure that it was my dad coming to see what the jumping wa all about and I knew just as sure as my name is Lindsey Michelle Anderws that he would try to the point of death to kill the monster. Dad would lose his life because of my underestimate of this man and I would come out of this free and alive.
Banging on the floor must have gave the monster some clue that some one was coming. So acting quickly, he glided across the floor behind the main door and hid there. Hearing no more foot steps I felt my father at he door. In no time at all the door flew open and almost came off its henges. The outline of my father appared in a cloud of dust. Walking to me he asked in a kind and steady voice. "Are you okay honey? I heard alot of bumping and I thought that you might be hurt."
The only thing I could do was stare at the door in horror. Suddenly a bloodcurdling scream riped across the room as I watched the man come out from behind the door and right before my eyes the creature sunk his piercing teeth in my fathers neck. I heard the screams and thought that they were coming from some one eles but I realized that they were coming from my mouth, staring into my fathers pain stricken face as he droped to the floor. Releasing my fathers neck from his mouth the man from the pits of hell smiled at me in an evil way. I ran past him as fast asmy little legs could carrie me, while my long dark brown hair flowed behind me.
Running out in the dim lighted hall I found my mother and brother, Josh, who was my cousin who had come to live with us after has father died from an untreated illnes, his mother had run off two days after he was born. "Are you alright, Lindsey? I could hear you screaming all the way to the other side of the hall." Josh asked in an unnerved voice that he only used when he was worried about me. Trying hard as he could to hide his horror but his voice and sky blue eyes gave him away. I would not answer at all. So after many long seconds the silence was broken. "I'm going to see where your father is and mabey he'll tell me whats going on." Mother said as she brushed past in a hurry. Shrieks wailed from the room when she walked in and saw his lifeless body spread across the floor.

"You better tell me what happened now and I don't won't 'beating around the bush' I want answers!" Josh said in a angery voice. Sturding the word out " J-Josh I-I don't k-know what to t-tell you. All I k-know is that a m-man killed d-dad after he tried to k-kill me." Tears had began to run down my face like river and spill to the ground I was looking at. With a death grip Josh huged me. "Hey, its gonna be okay. I know your scared but I..." He was cut off short when he heard the screaming I had prived a moment ago. Unlocking me from his death hug to see what had triggered the scream, he walked down the hall to the lightless room. Not going past the door he saw the horror that lay beside my father, my mothers body. In a flash he was by right by my side, he smiled at me and began to laugh.
"This is no time laugh Josh. Dad is dead and the only thing you can do is laugh about it!" saying in a crackling, angered voice. The laughing only contined. Slapping, punching and kicking did no good to
put a stop to it, it only made the laughing get louder. Giving up I plopped down on the floor, beginning to cry my eyes out until he stoped suddnely and began to whipe my watered face with his ove sized hand. "Why are you crying?" I looked at him with a dombfounded lookon my pitiful, red face. "Well you think that its joke that mon and day are dead. You act like you don't even care about them at all." Smiling at me with a caring face he spoke. "I care more about them then life its self. Where would you get and idea like that?" Getting to my feet I said. "Well you were laughing and, and oh I don't know." He turned on the balls of his feet and walked down the hall.

Gestureing for me to follow him as he walked down the hall. I did as his hand asked me to. Running just to keep up with him he lead me to the bacement, took out a key from his pocket, stuck it in the lock, and opened a door. He walk through the door and stated shuffling through old documents. He came out and locked the door behind him. Not even turning around he threw a white envlop in my tiny hands. "Read it." he told me in a hard voice. riping the envlop with shaking hands I found a yellowed piece of paper addressed to me. I unfoled it now with steady hands.

'My pride and joyful Lindsey I hope you never have to read this but if you have found it then I MUST tell you this. You are cursed my sweet love. I know you have alot of wuestions for me and the one I can answer right now is no I am not cursed. It goes to every other person in my family. You were next. I wish I could take the curse and place it on myself. Sweetheart I still believe that the family that placed it on us my be able too take it away. So travle the world and find them, there name is the Sturlings. More you will need to know is that you have a power but I have no idea what it will be. Your grandmothers power was to lift objects with her mind. Hopefully what the curse will give will be something that will keep you out of trouble. I beg you with all my might please don't get hurt alnog the way. Lindsey as long as you keep your head on your sholders you will live forever. Also a cult will try to kill you and they are the reason that you are cursed and I think that is you destory them the curse will be lifted. I am so vey sorry love, but I would never give you up for the world and I would do any thing to take the curse away.'

Love, your mother,

I couldn't take my clear blue eyes off my mothers neat hand wrighting knowing that she blamed herself for the cause of something that wasn't her fault or something she couldn't prevent. Tears spilled from my now red eyes onto the yellowed piece of paper that held the last of my mothers hand wrighting, the last thing that she could give me. Shaking with rage I asked "Was he here to kill me or the whole family, Josh? I need to know so I can do something about it."
"No Lindsey." Josh said in againg the same hard voice. "He was hear to kill you. Legend has it that someone will whipe out this cult who intend on ending and ruling human life and they think that someone may be you sis."

"Who is this cult ?"
"I don't know what there name is but they change leaders every hunderd years."
I turned on the balls of my feet and went to the stairs. Disoriented as I was I still tried to climb the stairs, it took me a few minutes to get to the top.
"Lindsey you need to calm down and take a deep breath." Josh said as he ran up the steps to meet me. Breathing in and out like he said I should, I asked. "What should I do to keep you safe? If he killed mom and dad then he might try to kill you to get to me." I asked in an serious, calm voice. "Lindsey you need to worrie about yourself and quite worrying about me. I can protect my self," Josh told me. "Besides I know how to..." I turned to see why he had stopped and found the reason. The man had cought my brother on the neck.

Not thinking what I was doing I jumped in the air, twisted my body and angled my legs toword his head. As I had planed I knocked his head off his sholders and slamed it in the wall. Blood spilled onto the floor when I pick Josh off the cold floor. With all my strenth I drug him to the nearest room and started on the wound. Poping and cracking told me danger was coming but Josh was loosing too much blood so I payed on mind to it. I finally got most of the to stop so I went to see what made the poping. When I got back to the hall the horror that met my eyes was just as before, he was back in one piece. I pulled what was left of my strenth and started to twisting and puching, kicking. He wasn't even putting up much of a fight. He acted like we were play fighting. Getting tired of messing with me he grabbed my leg just as I as I was about to jump in the air and used my body like a bat and the wall like a ball he was tring to hit. Finally he droped my broken body to the ground.

"Your not as strong at the protectors say. Why your just a little helpless girl." He laughed as le jumped out the window.
I lay there prepared to die from loss of blood and the cracked bones but when I heard the cries come from the room Joshs screaming was when I grew alert. I dragged my blood spilt body in the room to help. Josh was still bleading but not from his neck but his mouth, eyes and ears were poring dark blood. His teeth were popping out of his mouth and new shiny sharp teeth were forming. I flung myself to his side and started whipping the red dried mess off his pained face with a rag. My hands rubed the forehead and cheekes clean. I moved slowly down his his face to his chine. As I careful rubed the red off his mouth it opened and closed quickly trapping my hand inside his new mouth. thrashing and screaming I tried to to unlatch his tightly closed mouth with out even a budge. With a scream of pain he released my now bloody hand. I cradled it in my good hand as I withered in small pain campared to Joshs.

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At 5:53pm on September 10, 2009, GG.Cullen de Messi <3 said…
awsome pg
At 9:03pm on August 20, 2009, Lost In His Meadow.[Miss Kelsey] said…
ugh i know what you mean :[
i went back to school tuesday D:
its horrible!
ive had homework in every class :/
At 8:58pm on August 20, 2009, Lost In His Meadow.[Miss Kelsey] said…
thank chu!
srry about my page issues >:[ stupid typos. lol
but how are you? :D
At 8:04pm on August 6, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
Hey thanks for the add!! Your page is awesome!!

So what was your favorite part of the book Twilight? and the movie Twilight?
At 2:00pm on August 3, 2009, GeekyAnimeAddict<3 said…
Hi, thanks for the friend request! I love your page. :D
At 12:21pm on June 15, 2009, Bella Anna Cullen said…
you can go to youtube and type in robsten episodes and theres abounch of them but if it says like episode 4 or higher than 1 the first than click on it go to the makers homepage and look at threre vids a youl se it
At 12:20pm on June 15, 2009, Bella Anna Cullen said…
you can go to youtube and type in robsten episodes and theres abounch of them but if it says like episode 4 or higher than 1 the first than click on it go to the makers homepage and look at threre vids a youl se it
At 5:59pm on June 13, 2009, Ruby said…
i got the 2nd 3rd and 4th book and the twilight porster,and can't get twilight outa my hea so hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!
At 5:58pm on June 13, 2009, Ruby said…
i got the 2nd 3rd and 4th book and the twilight porster,and can't get twilight outa my hea so hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!
At 10:01am on June 13, 2009, Bella Swan-Cullen said…
how are you?:)

hmm, can i ask you something?

where did you read those lines, the one where Edward and Bella were talking?^_^

At 9:52pm on June 7, 2009, Carolina said…
thanks for adding me :D
so how've ya been?
At 5:29pm on June 3, 2009, lindsey michelle andrews said…
i'v got to talk about new moon not the movie but the book as soon as i got done with twilight i got started the book and it took me three days and well even though i got done with it the fastest i hated it so much and the only reason(s) i read it in three days is because i had no school and i had to see if edward came back (which he didn't bella went to him) but still he left still loving her and her in love with him. for that three days i had the radio on as i read and every time it played a love song anysong i bout cried thinking to myself that should bella and edward or that should have never happened too them. now jake fans i'm team edward but i like jake like a brother but i could hit it over edwards head (even though he came back) but he made up for it when he asked bella to marrie him so:)
At 10:43am on May 23, 2009, lindsey michelle andrews said…
love is giving someone a chance to break you ..... and trusting them not too

please read the whole thing before you make any comments.......................this is Edward and bella talking
♥Bella: Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?
♥Edward: No
♥Bella: Do You Like Me?
♥Edward: Not Really.
♥Bella: Do You Want Me?
♥Edward: No.
♥Bella: Would You Cry If I Left?
♥Edward: No.
♥Bella: Would You Live For Me?
♥Edward: No.
♥Bella: Would You Do Anything For Me?
♥Edward: No.
♥Bella: What would u choose,me or your life?.
♥Edward: My Life.
♥Bella Runs Away In Shock And Pain And Edward Runs After Her And Says:
♥The Reason You Never Cross My Mind Is Because Your Always On My Mind
♥The Reason I Don't Like You Is Because I Love You
♥The Reason I Don't Want You Is Because I Need You
♥The Reason I Wouldn't Cry If You Left Is Because I Would Die If You Left
♥The Reason I'm Not Willing To Do Anything For You Is Because I Would Do Everything For You
♥The Reason I Choose My Life Is Because You Are My Life!♥
♥ I love you Bella now and forever more!♥♥♥

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