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all- hey
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whats up baby
At 10:02am on November 3, 2009, eMo pEopLe said…
Max: Tortie is te best kitten ever *laughs*
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Tyler:*smiles alittle*
At 10:33pm on November 2, 2009, Ryan Scalise said…
At 10:16pm on November 2, 2009, eMo pEopLe said…
Max: oh, Im sorry to hear that
At 10:14pm on November 2, 2009, eMo pEopLe said…
Max: yea, *smiles* I know, thats sort of like me and Dani, she has Leukemia and I cant help her...
At 10:11pm on November 2, 2009, eMo pEopLe said…
Max: awww, thats great!

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can see ghosts and change form

can control animals and plants
sweet and careing

powers.caan control the weather

can see future weater and change it

not single!!!Shes Got a man-laughs-
can see and break bonds

can see ghosts and talk to animals
dosnt trust easy cuts herself because sumone broke her heart and she didnt take it easy

luvs to party and a total flirt

powers-can control other peopls actions
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quick aura reading
Pale Blue Sensitivity
Pale Green Empathy, sympathy, or weakness.
Pale Peach Modesty.
Pale Pink True Love
Pale Primrose Great intellectual power.
Pale Yellow Shyness
Peach Represents empathy & harmony. Gentle Strength, Protection, Confidence, & Communication. Secret desires. Heightens attraction.
Pearl The color of spiritual mediums.
Pearl White Prophesy. Lunar energy. Breaks curses. Deep peace.
Pilot Blue Sheilding.
Pink Unconditional love, Mother love. The colour of romance. Symbol of fidelity, friendship, honour, harmony, compassion, service & faithfulness. Brings affection.
Pink Madder Loyalty, Commitment
Pink Red Outrageous, imaginative, innovative.
Wiccan skills. Purification. Ancient wisdom & knowledge.

Amethyst Transition from the material world to spiritual realms. Awareness. Higher knowledge, Spiritual insight.
Apple Green Healer
Apricot Admiration.
Aqua Cooling & Balancing. Communication & exp&ed awareness.
Avocado Green New Beginnings.
Azure Symbol of heraldry. Represents piety & sincerity.
Beige Neutral, practical, & conservative. Unbiased.
Black Negativity. Fear, Anxiety, Hatred, Resentment, Guilt, Depression. Known as the colour of evil, despair, sin & mourning. Represents satanic ritual, darkness & the underworld.
Blue Gives peace of mind. Represents Spirituality, & religion. The most calming colour. Indicates sensitivity, truth, healing, hope, friendship, physical protection, creativity, patience, wisdom, peace, loyalty. Assists with sleep. Represents inner light. Guidance.
Blue Green Spiritual healing. Depression or sadness.
Blue Grey Fear of new ideas.
Blue Purple Transcendent idealism.
Blue Violet Honour, spiritual truth, devotion, inspiration.
Burgundy Wealth, Success, prosperity, & elegance. Unconscious beauty.
Brick Red Selfishness, Avarice, Criminal intent.
Bright Green Uplifting.
Bright Orange Health & vitality.
Bright Purple Denotes knowledge of the spiritual in conscious existence.
Bright Red Courage.
Bright Yellow Intuition. Enlightened intellect. Represents playfulness. Gaiety. Joy, Merriment.
Bronze For positive relationships.
Brown Represents the practical. A down to earth approach. Animal magic, Symbol of home, friendship, grounding. Opens energy channels. Eliminates indecisiveness; improves powers of concentration.
Burnt Orange Opportunity.
Buttercup Yellow Focused
Caramel Positive Career Change
Carmine Change
Charcoal Grey Depression
Chartreuse Confidence, Prosperity, Travel & Growth.
Cherry Red Self love, Enhances relationships.
Chocolate Work with the earth & the environment.
Claret Self Determination
Clear Clarity.
Clear Brown Avarice.
Clear Red High Energy.
Cloudy Orange Low intellect.
Cloudy Red Greed, cruelty.
Cobalt Blue Intuition from Higher dimensions
Copper Professional growth, business fertility, career manoeuvres, passion, & money goals.
Coral Friendship, friends.
Cranberry Red Love, Passion, Energy, Enthusiasm, Courage.
Cream Represents Acceptance, tolerance, & maturity. Charming, thoughtful, gracious.
Crimson Helps in making choices; Offers spiritual guidance & protection. Optimistic, Reckless. Mourning.
Cyan Calming of the physical.
Dark Blue Superstition. Depression, & moodiness. Fanaticism. Smug, Dogmatic, Rigid, & Critical.
Dark Brown Unenlightened. Denial of spirit. Materialistic approach to life. Evokes wistfulness or melancholy. Indecision. Drains energy.
Dark Green Indicates jealousy, or rivalry. Ambition, & greed. Insecurity. Selfishness. Grace in old age. Adaptable.
Dark Grey Energy & guidance for problems to come.
Dark Orange Distrust & deceit. Down to earth.
Dark Pink Represents gentle, unconditional love. Thankfulness. Concentrated Spiritual Healing.
Dark Red High energy, Strong determination, Strong passion, Anger. Aggression.
Dark Purple Wealth. Has an analgesic, narcotic, & hypnotic effect. Rage. Deep devotion, deep compassion. Vision.
Dark Turquoise Helpful for feelings of loneliness, heightens communication, sensitivity, & creativity.
Dark Yellow Indicates oppression. Represents treachery, cowardice, aging, & illness. Indicates Caution. Jealousy. Deceit.
Deep Blue High spiritual attainment.
Deep Crimson Shame.
Deep Gold Prosperity.
Deep Orange Pride.
Deep Pink Marriage. Mature love. Trust. Thankfulness.
Deep Red Unconscious beauty.
Delft Blue Strong Ethics
Dirty Green Envy, Spite, Illness, or Jealousy
Doe Skin
Very orderly.

Dull Grey Brown Selfishness.
Dull Yellow
False optimism, visionary mentality.

Dusty Pink Sexual Desire
Electric Blue Individuality, Originality, Encourages uniqueness, Stimulates the need for humanism, Creates innovation, Enhances our ability to be open minded, Promotes rationality, carries spiritual protection.
Emerald Green Attracts love, & fertility. Money, Prosperity & Wealth. Peace of mind.
Fawn End of Difficulties
Fuchsia Positive & pure energy. Emotional tension. Preparation for change.
Gold Spiritual Healing. Represents Faith, Constancy, Wisdom, Glory. Solar magic. Fosters underst&ing & attracts the power of cosmic forces. Symbol of attraction, persuasion, wealth, & financial wisdom. Blessing of home. Super conscious & spiritual truths. Eternal or spiritual Love.
Golden Brown Friendship. Illumination, wisdom.
Golden Orange Denotes self-control.
Golden Topaz Balanced Power.
Golden Yellow Joy & Gladness.
Grape Laziness
Green Creates balance of energy. Heals the heart. Helps us overcome a fear of giving, & sharing. Assists adaptability. Promotes reconciliation, harmony, & balance. Peaceful thoughts. Renewal. A symbol of fertility & growth. Represents abundance, vitality, nature, success, good luck, & beauty. The most restful colour for the human eye.
Green Yellow Jealousy, anger, sickness, discord, cowardice.
Green Grey Envy, deceit, fear.
Grey Indicates a lack of commitment, Depression. Colour of neutrality. Creates confusion. Balance, or stalemate.
Grey Brown Selfishness.
Imperial Purple Dreams
Indian Red Leadership, Valour.
Indigo Develops psychic perception. Higher Intuition. Clairvoyance. Helps in discovering past lives Indicates dignity, tranquillity, psychic powers, & trustworthiness. Creates a deep meditation state. Balances out Karma.
Iridescent Green Very friendly.
Iridescent Pink Sexual desire.
Ivory Tainted purity, superiority.
Ivory Pink Friendship.
Jade A charitable nature.
Lavender Intuition, dignity, spiritual shield, opening of the third eye. Inner Peace. Spiritual Growth. Equilibrium. Dainty, nostalgic, feminine. Soothing. Affection & devotion.
Leaden Grey Meanness, lack of imagination.
Lemon Stimulates & vitalizes the brain. Cleansing.
Lemon Green A Liar & a cheat.
Lemon Yellow Strong Direction
Light Blue Represents hope & faith. Harmony, peace & tranquillity, forgiveness, fidelity, honesty, patience & devotion. Used to purify the home. Need to learn from past mistakes; & take care in choices. Relieves anxiety & confusion.
Light Brown Indicates genuineness. Doubt.
Light Gold Prosperity & health.
Light Green Youth, potential, Vitality & health.
Light Grey Fear.
Light Orange Shy & Timid. Promotes empathy.
Light Pink Sexual love. Evokes love, romance, grace & joy. Shared Spiritual Awakening. Immaturity.
Light Purple Increased Psychic Power. Spiritual prowess. Fantasy, romance.
Light Red Happiness, courage, success.
Light Violet Enchantment. Communication with spirit guides & angels.
Light Yellow High wisdom & intellect.
Lilac Acceptance of responsibility. Awakening. Enchantment.
Lime Green Attracts prosperity. Abundance.
Magenta Energizes. High level of spiritual healing. Exorcism. Promotes winning. Emotional healing.
Maroon Indicates frigidity. Sacrifice, strength & bravery. Recuperation. Composed Warm hearted & co-operative.
Mauve Represents endurance. Cooperation, trust, & self-confidence.
Medium Green Healing & Health.
Midnight Blue Damaged pride. Angelic protection.
Mint Green Financial gain.
Muddy Orange Represents pride or vanity.
Muddy Pink An individual who is immature.
Mushroom Slowing of destiny.
Mustard Indicates difficulty in rationalising. Represents jealousy,
Navy Blue Strong Emotions, often focused on self pity. Colour for wallowing.
Off White Peace of mind.
Olive Peace. Natural wisdom. Uniformity.
Opal Transformation.
Opaque Grounded awareness.
Orange Helps with assimilation of new ideas. Removes repression & inhibitions. Broadens the mind, Helps us cope with our life & career. Promotes Drive & ambition. Fruitful Endeavours. Increases vigour. Stimulates energy, & Endurance. Awe.
Orange Brown Self-indulgence, sloth, laziness, immorality, perversion, ignorance.
Orange Red Sexuality, Energy
Orchid Physical Energy, Happiness, Power & Healing
Rosy Pink Unselfish love.
Primrose Optimism
Prussian Blue Harmony
Pumpkin Self Control
Purple Nobility of purpose, Spiritual & visionary leadership, Spiritual teaching & goals. Symbol of power, passionate belief, & respect. Idealism, Psychic manifestations. Abstinence & Sobriety.
Quartz Protection & purification.
Raw Sienna Indicates a poor thinking process.
Rainbow Brings Joy. A special blessing. Balancing of chakra colours. Hope, renewal & new beginnings. Spiritual illumination. Helps with the Recognition of our soul mate.
Red Increases Energy levels, Gives confidence & courage. Brings Joy. Promotes Sexuality, Passion. A representation of love within a relationship. A symbol of love. Career & goals. Power, & willpower. A warning of danger.
Red Brown Subdued Emotions. Deep Anger. Temperamental.
Red Gold Spiritual unity.
Rose Healing & Health. Patience, Passion, Peace. Self-love. Used to bless the home. Love & romance. Deep affection. Ability to share love.
Royal Blue Promotes laughter & joviality; colour of loyalty. Brings peace & tranquillity to the home. Confidence. Friendship. Success.
Ruby Red Passionate love or Passionate anger.
Ruddy Yellow May mean that its owner is shy.
Russet Brown Hard working.
Russet Red Short Tempered
Rustic Red Short tempered.
Rust Supernatural powers.
Sable Represents constancy, prudence & wisdom. Abstinence & Sobriety.
Salmon Knowledge.
Salmon Pink Job satisfaction
Sapphire Blue Broader perception. Inner peace. Spiritual healing.
Scarlet Represents Lust. Encourages excitement. Sexuality, Physical vigour, & vibrancy. Ostentatious & Manipulative. Courage. Passionate. Volatile.
Sea Green Emotional healing & protection. A calming influence. Dynamic motivation.
Sea Shell A Promise of discovery.
Sienna Poor Thought Processes
Silver Grey Meditation, Yoga, Relaxation
Sky Blue Increased psychic ability, lucid dreaming. Hope. Restful & peaceful. Aids Communication. Sincere affection.
Silver Intuition. Symbol of encouragement. Used to remove negativity, & invoke moon magic. Fosters hope, meditation, unconditional love, nurturing, grounding, appreciation of women & nature, mystic visions, spiritual & romantic love, tenderness, kindness, sensitivity & psychic abilities. Encourages stability; helps develop psychic abilities. Provides psychic protection.
Silver Blue Deep Wisdom, intuition, & opportunities.
Spring Green Children & Fertility.
Straw Yellow Day Dream
Steel Blue Deception.
Sulfur Pain, Anger, not at peace or ill at ease.
Sunlight Yellow Promotes creativity, warmth, & optimism. Solar magic. Attracts happiness. Leads us to a new home.
Tan Friendship.
Teal Soothing, Healing, Wisdom, Peace & Harmony. Aids decision making.
Terracotta Challenge convention
Tomato Red Pride.
Turquoise Awareness, Healing, Prosperity, Peace, & Growth. Represents natural energy. Reduces stress. Restful. Generosity.
Ultramarine Travel near or over the ocean.
Vermilion Creativity
Very Dark Red Selfishness.
Violet Brings spiritual growth & peace. Helps insomnia. Calms highly-strung, excitable people. Represents psychic ability, success, wisdom, power, & independence. The bridge between the conscious & unconscious mind.
Violet Red Passion, Sex.
Viridian Emotional or Mental Stress
White Hope, Faith, Purity or virginity, Perfection, Confidence, Enlightenment. Symbol of truth, protection, happiness, & the divine. Represents calmness, relaxation & inner peace. Brings Divine Glory. Cleansing, clairvoyance. Seeker of truth. Used to purify the home.
Wine Promotes self confidence. Helps overcome obstacles.
Yellow Stimulates intellect. Enhances ability to rationalise, & Mental powers. Represents charm, confidence, vision, enthusiasm, & an easy going attitude about life. Grace. Promotes unity. Brings the power of concentration & imagination. Increases direct contact with spirits.
Yellow Grey Illness.
Yellow Green Jealousy, anger, sickness, discord, cowardice.
Yellow Orange Intellectual.
Zinc Sexual Arousal
our dog Griff

gingers aura coulers
[i learned all of this from my grandmother]=ginger
White: Protection
It is very powerful and has an excellent protective quality.

Whenever I feel uncomfortable or fearful, I imagine myself completely surrounded in a cocoon of white light. It makes me feel warm and instantly confident.

I used this exercise a few years ago when I was taking the late train home after work. I was alone in the carriage and there was no security as far as I was aware.

I heard a noise as this drunk, dirty, itinerant man stumbled into my carriage. My heart seemed to leap into my throat, sink into my shoes and beat heavily in the centre of my chest all at once. I wanted to run, but I felt paralysed.

Before I knew it, the man had spotted me and started to come toward me saying some very violent and sexually explicit things.

Out of sheer desperation, I imagined myself inside a shell of the strongest white light, while repeating "Help me, God" in my mind.

Suddenly, the man stopped in his tracks. He looked me in the eye, became silent, walked to the back of the carriage and got off at the next station.

I have used this exercise countless times in my life. It is so simple and it has never failed me.

Below is a list of the most common shades found in the aura, and their meanings:

Ivory: Looks like a creamish tone. Means that you are on your way up in the world. You can't go wrong.

Snow: Looks shiny and sparkly. Means that you are spiritually enlightened. People get a wonderfully brilliant snow aura just as they die and the soul prepares to leave the body.

Pure: Looks like you could reach straight into it. If you have this pure color in your aura, it means you have high-level psychic abilities.

Smoke: Appears like a sheer, translucent fabric. Means that you are about to experience change which will cause upheaval at first, but will later be for the best.

You can boost your energy field by using aromatherapy.

Silver: Fertility, new beginnings

For example, parents-to-be will often have silver flecks in their auras long before the child is physically conceived as the energy of the child's soul leaves heaven and begins its journey to earth.

A coworker of mine started getting sparkles and flecks in her aura. It was hard for me not to notice because she sat near a window and her aura dazzled in the sunshine!

At this time I was learning more about color meanings so I was excited to learn that these flecks meant pregnancy.

I waited for months on end for her to announce the happy news. I watched her tummy, looking for any sign of expansion. More months passed. Christmas came and went.

In February, she suddenly resigned and left the office. Turns out her "new beginning" wasn't a baby after all! She and her husband were planning a change of lifestyle and the flecks were divine inspiration.

I haven't heard how everything turned out for them, but judging by the brilliance of those flecks, I would guess that all is going extremely well.

Below is a list of shades of silver and their meanings:

Metallic: Appears like a "spark of inspiration" and that is exactly what it is. It means something new and exciting is happening in your life, for example having a baby or a new venture which is aligned with your life purpose.

Matte: Looks like brushed metal. Appears like blotches near peoples' sex organs (both male and female) when they're going to make a baby in the near future.

Dull: Almost grey in appearance. Means that you are blocking divine inspiration. This often happens when a person has a secret goal or dream, but says "it will never happen for me". If you continue to deny your purpose, sickness can develop.

You can boost your energy field by using aromatherapy. Ginger tea is said to increase self awareness, stimulate energy, increase courage and provide spiritual protection as well as ease nausea. Sandalwood essential oil encourages alignment with your higher purpose with wisdom to attract prosperity.

Note: It is not recommended to use herbs, essential oil or aromatherapy during pregnancy.

Gold: Spiritual leadership

If you feel that you need guidance or divine wisdom, you can bring clarity and insight into your aura by doing this simple visualization exercise:

Choose a time when you won't be disturbed for around 30 minutes. Put some rosemary and peppermint essential oil into a diffuser and allow it to warm up until you can smell the aroma filling the room.

Sit quietly, either on the floor with your legs crossed and hands palm-up on your knees, or on a chair with your feet flat on the ground and your hands palm-up on your knees.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself bathed in white light. Feel the warmth surrounding you as the light covers you from head to foot.

Inhale the white light and exhale the dark smoky-looking energy which has been clogging your thoughts. You will notice that as you inhale more white light, you will be exhaling less dark smoke because you are cleansing your aura.

Keep doing the breathing until the smoke is gone and you are exhaling pure white light.

Now turn your thoughts to the color gold. You will begin to see it appearing as sparkles of energy in the white light.

Breathe it in, taking the wonderful bright sparkles into your lungs and down to your feet.

Affirm "Thank you for my clarity and spiritual guidance".

Feel the sparkles circulating around your body and notice any sensations such as lightness or the easing of pain. Some people notice that the light becomes lighter, as if a light bulb has been switched on.

Stay with this feeling as long as you feel comfortable. You will know that it is time to end the exercise when you begin to become more aware of your physical surroundings.

Sit still for a minute and allow yourself time to readjust. I always drink a glass of water after any meditation as I find it helps me to 'return to earth'Green: Growth, healing, abundance
The heart chakra is the driving force behind behind this color. You can boost this color in your aura by encouraging self-love, harmony and peace.

If you love yourself first, this love can spill over towards others - this is how healing happens.

Shades of green include:

Pale: You enjoy nature as it calms and refreshes you. This calmness flows into all areas of your life.

Lime: Outside forces are causing you to act in a way that isn't in tune with your heart's desire. Other people might view you as a liar and a cheat.

Spring: Looks like the color of new shoots in the garden. You have natural healing abilities, a skill which will flourish and benefit the lives of others if you practice and nurture it.

Iridescent: You have an open mind, and this allows the good things in life to flow to you.

Emerald: People who have emerald in their aura are gifted in the healing of trauma. Paramedics, doctors and nurses often have this color in their auras.

Jade: You like to give to others and expect nothing in return. Because of this quality, people naturally give to you.

Olive: Denial of life's natural abundance. You believe that money is a limited commodity and this "poor thinking" is reflected in every area of your life.

Turquoise: You are driven to improve yourself. Bordering on obsessive, you need to take a deep breath and learn that all good things will come with patience.

Try this exercise to encourage self love and renewal:

Put 2 drops of bergamot essential oil and 1 drop of tea tree essential oil into a diffuser of fresh water. You will soon notice a sprightly aroma filling the room.

Sit quietly, either with your legs crossed on the floor or in a chair with your feet flat on the floor.

Place your hands on your knees with your palms facing upwards and close your eyes.

Think of your most favorite thing in the world. It could be your child, flowers, sunshine or a sleep-in, for example.

Contemplate how your favorite thing makes you feel. Feel the warmness in your heart area and allow this warmth to travel through your veins and arteries throughout your body, until your whole body feels beautifully warm and loved.

Sit for as long as you like in this wonderful feeling before allowing yourself to float back and gently open your eyes. I always finish this type of meditation with a glass of water.
Purple: Spiritual wisdom, intuition, psychic ability
This color has long been associated with religion and royalty and therefore commands reverence and respect.

It means you have a high level of self acceptance and feel comfortable with your spirituality.

You are patient, relaxed and accepting of insights and wisdom, using this inspiration to move forward in the right direction of your life.

Common shades include:

Violet: Blue shade. Perfect alignment of a person's mind, body and spirit. True religious gurus will have violet in the head area.

Orchid: A light pinkish hue. Spiritual balance and harmony. Found in the auras of people who have found their own quiet spiritual self acceptance.

Mauve: Looks like a subtle powdery shade. If you have mauve in your aura it means you are humble and always put others ahead of yourself.

Lavender: Same color as lavender flowers. Budding psychic ability. If you have lavender in your aura it means that you have had a spiritual awakening.

Grape: A deep shade, yet lacking shine. Grape means that you have potential for spiritual advancement, but you need to be making more effort.

Plum: A rich, royal shade. You have found your spiritual path and awoken your intuition. You believe you have already found "the truth", but in reality your journey is just beginning.

Electric: Bright and dynamic. Means you are totally in the flow of the universe. You are in exactly the right place at the right time.

Lavender essential oil is fantastic for boosting purple in your aura as it encourages relaxed awareness and intuition.
Blue: Feelings, emotions, instinct
When present in your aura it means that you are compassionate and understanding of other peoples' opinions.

I relate to this color personally, as I interpret the world through my feelings using my strong intuition.

I also believe it is a very gentle yet potent healing color which soothes the soul.

You may have heard someone say that they "felt blue" in the past, meaning that they were going through emotional turmoil.

Common shades include:

Pale: A sensitive soul. Sometimes a little too sensitive. You need to stop putting so much emphasis on the opinions of others.

Sky: Strong intuition, though it is sub-conscious. You probably have very prophetic dreams, as this is your intuition's way of making you listen.

Cobalt: With your intuition leading you, you can't go wrong. Some people would call you lucky, but in reality you simply act on intuition, which will always pay off for you.

Royal: Making all the right decisions in line with your gut instinct, you are now well and truly on the right path. You are comfortable in your own skin and relate honestly with others.

Navy: You enjoy life on the safe and steady side. Never one to rush in, you make decisions slowly after a lot of contemplation. After weighing up all pros and cons of a situation, you follow your feelings and make the right decision.

Indigo: If you have indigo in your aura, it means that your intuition is highly evolved to the point that you often fascinate people with your psychic ability. Jasmine essential oil is good for warding off sadness and depression, while lemon essential oil can encourage intuition and clear thinking in line with your feelings.
Yellow: Optimism, youth, dreaming
It is related to the solar plexus chakra, which is located just above your belly button.

The solar plexus is all about self esteem and trusting yourself to follow your own intuition.

Shades include:

Pale: Often appears in the auras of people who have been bullied and therefore feel weak.

Primrose: Excitement about a new opportunity. Will appear in your aura if you are beginning a new phase in your life.

Lemon: You know who you are and where you are going in life. You have a knack for staying out of situations that won't help you achieve your goals.

Bright buttercup: You are extremely focused on an outcome. Be sure to stop, take a breath and look around every once in a while!

Golden: The color of inspiration. Whatever idea you have, go for it.

Mustard: This dull color indicates a deceptive and manipulative streak in a person.

Daffodil: Rigid thinking means that you require constant affirmation from people. You demand everything from compliments to thanks.

Straw: You like to dream but don't enjoy the practicality of putting your thoughts into actions.

Ylang-ylang essential oil is great for boosting confidence in yourself. Burn a small amount in a diffuser and feel your self esteem soar.

Orange: Kindness, vitality, communication
Related to the reproductive chakra, it is linked to sexual and creative energy.

When this energy is channeled productively, the results are fantastic. A person with a healthy amount of this color in their aura is sure to have plenty of money and a great sex life.

However, if this energy is stifled or expressed in a negative way, a person can display uncontrolled anger or addictive behavior.

Common shades include:

Peach: You always do what is best for others. Teachers, counselors and parents often display peach in their auras.

Tangerine: You are a very charismatic person. By concentrating on other people, you make them feel special. You are very confident when communicating with other people about what they need.

Pumpkin: Your dreams are about to be realized. You have worked for a long time on a project or idea, and you will soon reap the benefits.

Terracotta: This murky color appears when you have suppressed your emotional energy which leads to scattered thoughts and the inability to concentrate. As a result you believe you are an under-achiever.

Rosemary essential oil is perfect for uplifting your energy and inspiring you to make the world a better place.

Red: Dynamic, creative, nervousness
In perfect balance, you will have a high level of self worth and value which means you will be loyal to yourself when determining your goals.

An imbalance of this color in your aura will lead to lust for money and material possessions.

Shades include:

Rouge: You are subconsciously seeking change in your life.

Tomato: You are motivated by great passion, which can be seen two ways. On the negative side, this color appears when you lose your temper. However, it can be used positively when you put passion into a project.

Rust: This is a hallmark color of anyone who is quick-tempered. This might be triggered by a situation which causes you nervousness, which you vent as aggression.

Scarlet: Lust and ego. Ever heard of a "scarlet woman"?

Crimson: You are naturally creative, and have just the right depth of vision to remain inspired.

Maroon: You are able to channel your nervous energy in a positive way. Your high level of self worth means that you feel very empowered in your life's direction.

To balance this energy in your aura, practice daily gratitude. I keep a diary next to my bed and write in it at the end of the day, listing at least three things I am grateful for. This keeps my self worth at a high level and keeps me focused on my goals. Bergamot and geranium are good essential oils for quelling aggression in the atmosphere. Boost inspiration to achieve your goals with bergamot and sweet basil essential oils.

Pink: Love, lust, immaturity, obsession
It is no surprise that this color appears often in the auras of teenagers and people with a level of naivety.

Common shades include:

Light: Small amounts mean love, too much indicates slavery to love.

Rose: You are loyal and committed in love, perhaps bordering on obsessive. In your eyes, the object of your affection can do no wrong.

Salmon: You just love life. You are very content and truly love your life exactly as it is.

Coral: Pure animal lust. Often appears in the auras of teenagers as their hormones emerge.

Dusty: Immaturity. Too much of this color can indicate mental issues.

Patchouli essential oil is an earthy and musky enhancement of love in the aura.

Incidentally, I used to wear patchouli oil mixed with a carrier oil on my pulse points when I was a teenager.

These were the "good ol' days" before I had any type of spiritual awareness. So I wasn't aware of why I was drawn very strongly by the scent of patchouli oil, I just knew it made me feel great!
Brown: Practical, earthy, common-sense
Shades include:

Tawny: You have summoned the courage to tackle a new project. You might be feeling nervous - please don't! This next step is vital for your growth and will teach you valuable new lessons.

Caramel: You are working on a project with your hands. This project is sensible, and you are taking practical steps to complete it.

Khaki: Too much thinking has clouded your mind and judgment skills. This comes from following your head instead of your heart. Try becoming still and listening to your intuition.

Beige: The fog in your mind is lifting and you are regaining some clarity of thought.

Mushroom: You feel bogged down, as if life isn't moving as quickly as you'd like it to. This means you are missing a lesson in the detail. Look deeper into the situation.

Chocolate: You have an affinity with the earth's natural resources. I wouldn't call you a hippie, but you have respect for Mother Nature.

Chestnut: You like to concentrate on the job at hand. Your confidence and discipline means that you are good at teaching your skills to others.

Clay: You are a maverick! It doesn't matter how long the rules have existed, if you see a better way of doing something, you will do it your way.

I do the following exercise several times a week to remain grounded:

Put a small amount of juniper and pine essential oil into a diffuser. Feel that wonderful fragrance wash over you as it scents the room.

Sit on a chair with your feet flat on the floor and your hands on your knees with palms facing upwards.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting in a beautiful rainforest. Breathe in the fresh sweet air and feel the warm breeze surrounding you.

Look at the trees and watch their amazing mix of greens and browns working in perfect harmony.

Focus on one tree in particular. Look at her leaves and work down to the color and texture of her trunk. Continue to look down to where the base of the trunk meets the earth. Observe her root system permeating the earth.

Feel the energy in your own feet as you "sprout roots" which delve down into the earth, way down to the core of the planet. Sense the connection as you exchange energy with the earth and notice any thoughts or ideas which come to you at the time.

Say "thank you" to the earth and retract your roots back up through the earth and into your feet. Feel the earth energy pulsing through your body.

Open your eyes slowly and finish the exercise with a glass of water.
Grey: Entrapment, depression
It is a color of entrapment and depression. Nobody likes to hear bad news, but the truth is that it can be reversed.

The reason why we have an aura or energy field is to alert us to areas of our lives that need fixing, so there is no need to panic at all when you are told that there are grey areas in your aura.

The two main shades are:

Light: You have made decisions in your life which you regret. These decisions have led you to the life you are living now, which you don't enjoy. You are the person who got yourself into this situation, so you need to take steps to correct it.

Dark: Your life force is being suffocated by the way you are living. This color is often seen in people who have a severe condition such as chronic depression. If this color is identified, you need to take urgent action and seek the help of a qualified healthcare professional.

Occasionally, it can be created by something sub-conscious, for example taking a medication which reacts with your body's chemistry and causes depression or suicidal tendencies.

It is only when grey becomes your aura's dominant color that it is a real issue - and believe me, that takes years worth of negative thinking and actions.

The truth is, once you are alerted to the presence of grey in your aura, (and to be honest, there is normally a small number of rain clouds in the average person's aura) you can take steps to clear the energy.

Remember, your aura is living and breathing, just like you. It is you! You have the power within yourself to change a negative condition if you really want to.

This is an exercise that I use to remove pangs, pains and overall "icky" feelings:

Choose a quiet and peaceful time. I often do this exercise just as I go off to sleep so the healing can resonate through my body during it's natural renewal process.

Lay on your back and put one hand on your chest (over your heart chakra) and the other either over your belly button (solar plexus) or over the area that is giving you pain (eg. forehead).

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and exhale slowly.

In your mind's eye, imagine that you are the breath being taken inside your body.

Travel to the area of pain and see what it looks like. I usually find that my headache looks like grey cotton wool.

Visualize white light surrounding the pain, isolating it and then consuming it. The white light dissolves the pain.

Stay with the white light as you drift off to sleep, repeating thanks for healing your ailment.

Please note: It takes time for your physical body to react to a healing which subtly comes through your energy field.

In this case, your brain needs to decode your conscious thoughts, and interpret them to settle the pain signals. You will find that a good night's rest will bring you a pain-free morning.
Black: Defensive, repellant
People can sometimes unconsciously put negativity in their aura if they feel they need to protect themselves from someone else.

Those who keep destructive secrets allow it to eat up their aura.

Sometimes people who have been subjected to an intense trauma have holes in their energy fields. In cases such as post traumatic stress disorder, therapy is required to work through coping strategies that will eventually lead to healing.

A common question I am asked is "How do you know when you are encountering someone who has negativity in their aura?"

My answer is, when you feel a warning pain in the pit of your stomach. This is your intuition's way of telling you to stay away and not get involved in the other person's issue. In this way, it is a repellent.

It is like mold in your aura. It can grow rampantly with disastrous results. But it is easily treated.

Simply imagine yourself in a shell of the purest white light. White light is stronger than negative energy. White light can fill the holes and eat the mold.

White light has the effect of bleach, killing the mold. Give your aura a good scrub with white light "bleach" every so often.

To boost white light for clarity and protection, I love frankincense and myrrh essential oils. If you really need to clear the atmosphere, burning sage can be helpful.

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