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"oh i will!"
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"why thank you kind ma'am. I do try my best to look fresh while im snoozing."
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"chicken sandwich, please. and a mountain dew. with fries. :D oh, and a chocolate shake? thanks. you win the best stalker award. Congrats."
Jun 6, 2011

143 <3

I love yew ! <3

wake me up when september ends.

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salut! je m'appelle Sarah Ann et je suis complique. j'adore la musique et mon ipod est mon monde. litteralement. sans elle, je ne deperissent. habitables mes amis faire de ma vie. j'ai de grands espoirs, reves, souvenirs, et sentiments. (: im toutes demandes originales. et oui, je viens de succes, vous dit tout sur moi en francais. ha! (: i'm almost pretty positive that you understood none of that, but basically im not your average girl. music is not my life. its my entire world. its how i express my thoughts and feelings, and every single song on my ipod relates to me. hopes, dreams, thoughts, memories,you name it. im complicated. i admit to that. (: sometimes it feels like im flying away to Neverland while the people around me are staring at me like im out of place. i know exactly what i want from life, but im not 100% sure how im supposed to get there. ive been through some tough s*** recently, but im better. (: i try to avoid lying. i hate the dentist. my best friend for ever.ever.ever.ever is kaya marie (: shes been there for me through thin and thick. TWSS! i love being my nerdy, screwed up self. (: um, lets see, i love sunsets because they remind me of death. cliché i know, but all beautiful things appear at the end of everything, and death and sunsets go hand in hand, trust me. i dont try to be something im not. its always been my dream to talk to God for at least a moment, and ask what he plans for me. but then again, the surprises we have in life are what make each minute and second different from the rest. forgive me (: i get carried away easily. i have not deleted a thing since i started writing in french, and im not about to start now. i can quote Finding Nemo the entire way through. its my favorite movie (: i will tackle you for a cookie, i s*** you not. do not mess with me. rawr. grr. (: i laugh at the littlest things, and the sight of rain makes me think of chicago because the first time i went there it was nearly flooding. lovely, right? all i want is the simple things from life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

yes . i went there . what to say about's almost impossible . she can really get my seasme seeds goin . i know that sounds wrong: its supposed to. but seriously . she always kicks my ass in halo . she does a very good chinese man impression . we battle over blankets . alot . and pull eachother in sleeping bags . she may seem autistic sometimes, but she probably gets that from me... i can make her pee . almost on command . well not really : from laughter . i know what you were thinking: sicko . but anyway, sarah is amazing . she's someone i can make the weirdest noises around and she'll make one back . she's someone i can make sexual gestures at and she DOESN'T look at me like i'm a lesbian . she's my best friend in the entire world . i couldn't live without her . because this saying is basically our motto: only best friends can talk to eachother on the toilet . i love yah sarah (: 


"what ?"

"i can't reach the toilet paper ..."

"are you serious...?"

-kaya (:

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
1) Jesus is my Savior
2) I'm left-handed (:
3) My friends mean the world to me
4) I sometimes feel lost in the shuffle of life
5) I fall in love easily
What is Your Favorite Music
nickasaur * superchick * mayday parade * panic! at the disco * danger:radio * november blessing * stereo skyline * stephen jerzak * new found glory * greenday * hey monday * paramore * hot chelle rae * scenes and sirens * the scene aesthetic * nevershoutnever * asteria * all time low * silverstein * fm static * secondhand serenade * kesha * black veil brides * lady gaga * the used * flyleaf * the veronicas * trapt * owl city * linkin park * 3OH!3 * jamestown story * evanescence * my chemical romance * kerli * hawthorne heights * bullet for my valentine * asteria * mgmt * stages and stereos * plain white t's * the medic droid * halfway deserted * fight fair * cash cash * ismfof * to be juliet's secret * good with grenades * offspring * ok go * blink 182 * nextstopsummer * three days grace * a fine frenzy * switchfoot * you me at six * cake * the killers * u get ze idea (:
Favorite Quotes:
Dear tummy - sorry about the butterflies. it's all HIS fault...

“I wish I was a duck, then I wouldn’t have to give a damn y’know? I could just sit there in the pond and float about, eating scraps of bread. It’s my idea of heaven y’know? Perhaps that’s what happens when you die and you’ve been good! You go to the great pond on the sky where the Lord will feed you bits of bread for all eternity.”

Its a liger. Its pretty much my favorite animal. Its like a lion and a tiger mixed... bred for its skills in magic.

You know how much i wish it was enough...
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At 11:36pm on May 31, 2011, gorgeous Nightmare ♥ said…

i'm going to stalk you .

does that sound good ?

i'll bring you burger king !

how's that ?

At 10:00pm on April 14, 2011, gorgeous Nightmare ♥ said…

"want me to carry it ?"


a few minutes later:

"i feel like frucking paul bunyan ."

At 10:33pm on March 8, 2011, gorgeous Nightmare ♥ said…

you DID sound drunk .

or like you just smoked weed or something xD

your words were slurred together and you looked helplessly confused (:

At 9:47pm on December 30, 2010, gorgeous Nightmare ♥ said…

playing pictionary :

me : "no clothes ...! naked !"

you : "YES ! well kind of..."

me : "JUST TELL ME !! "

you : "GET NAKED !!!"

the windows were open... xD

At 5:27pm on December 6, 2010, How exhausting. said…
ew! i would imagine zombies arent very appitizing
At 4:48pm on August 11, 2010, gorgeous Nightmare ♥ said…
"you left your phone in your pants ."
"okay ."
"so it went into the washer ."
"why would you wash it ?"
" you left it in your pocket ."
" really ?"
"yeah , its fried ."
"oh . dang it ."

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