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oh yeah.

How you gone win when you ain't right within?
I'll love you well,
I don't like saying I'm just like everybody else. But the fact of the matter is, I kind of am. I am a teenager like most, I get sad at the strangest moments, and I think all my jokes are freaking hilarious. But then again, I take full responsibility and I'd admit that. Like many people, I question my sanity. It's not like I'm actually crazy, it's just my imagination takes a very deep tole on me sometimes and it scares me. I've had characters I've created at one point or another and they seemed to take on a life of their own. I'll talk as if they were really people and that I could call them if you didn't believe me. Most people would think I'm being overly dramatic, but I'm not. I'm just being honest. Other than questioning a lot of things, I know a lot of things for a fact. I know I love music with everything in my soul. i.e. Drake, Alex Clare, Rhianna, Paramore, Kimbra, The Weeknd, Kanye West, Maroon 5, Florence + The Machine, the list will go one forever and ever if you'd let me. And just like any other girl, I have celebrity crushes for days. Alex Pettyfer, Jude Law, Angelina Jolie, Winona Ryder, Paul Walker, Ed Westwick, Chad Micheal Murray, and this list goes on forever as well. I just like people to see that we aren't that different, you and I. I want to be something amazing in life but I have yet to choose one. I want to be a culinary artist, or maybe an engineer, or even a psychiatrist. I have some much I want to do, so much I need to see. And when one day I get up, and finally chose something to pursue, I know I will be great at it, I can feel it. But in the mean time, I will do what I do best. I was try to understand the world around me and ask a million and one questions if I have to. My mother always told me that I never believed anything unless I have tangible proof, and she is absolutely correct. I have to see things, I need to know that if I go look for it, I can find it. I know something by visual, so if I can't see it, I'll question it with all my might. And I know you're thinking, 'You can't see air particles, you can't see bacteria." And that's so true, from the naked eye of course. Sometimes you have to see outside that little box, and understand the world around us.
She's back in her shell,

My name is Chyna, but if you know me well enough, I've been called Nonneh.
I'm sixteen, an age of the unicorn.
I've been on this site on and off for three years, and yes I've met many people I gladly call my friends.
I like to role play, write stories, and create my own type of characters.
Some of my character original names are Honneh, and Ibis.
The thing I like about role play is meeting new people and seeing how my writing has evolved over the years from one liners to two or three paragraphs for a character.
I dislike how people try to wrap their characters around each other only, leaving everyone else out of the loop.
I am on and off irregularly, so don't be upset if you see me today then not again for the next three days.
I'm now playing Sweet Life - Frank Ocean.
ilovepettyfer, k
i fought hulk and won

*I do not like Loki, but I agree very much with his face.

**Shipping Thorki to the death, they aren't real brothers.

***I'd marry the Hulk, js.

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At 8:56pm on July 1, 2012, said…
How is my Chyyyyyna? :3
At 2:27pm on July 1, 2012, said…





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But I dunno who to have Nate roomie with thannnnn.. xD I'll choose



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