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Five Letters

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What Are You Listening To?

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How come Andrew can get up? If he gets up...we'll all get'll be anarchy!

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Navdha replied to pollyo's discussion Five Letters
"Just Hoping Everyone Runs Cautiously CHEATS"
Sep 1
Navdha replied to pollyo's discussion Five Letters
"Forever Fawning Over Wasted Lords HORNS "
Aug 28
pudding master replied to pollyo's discussion Five Letters
"Out Pursuing Inexplicably Unnerving Ventures.  DUCKS"
Aug 13
Julia Balthazar Cullen replied to pollyo's discussion What Are You Listening To?
"In The Aeroplane Over The Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel "
Aug 13
pudding master replied to pollyo's discussion What Are You Listening To?
"I did not plan this, but I'm once again listening to French Kicks - "Love in the Ruins" while answering this... "
Aug 13
Luna replied to pollyo's discussion What Are You Listening To?
"Forrest Gump- Frank Ocean"
Jul 28
pudding master replied to pollyo's discussion What Are You Listening To?
"French Kicks - Love in the Ruins "
Jul 17
Navdha replied to pollyo's discussion Five Letters
"Quite Wonderful Overt New Fashion FINFA"
Jun 17
D.A.N.I.E.L.L.E - Dreamy Amorous Nonconformist Incomparably Exchanging Loving and Lustful Embraces

M.A.T.H.A.I.R. - Minx Administering Thrilling Hugs and Arousing, Intense Recreation

If evolution is outlawed, only outlaws will evolve.

Don't pray in my school and I won't think in your church.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

See what you find waiting for you.
Home is the place
where the heart is true.
The feeling of warmth.
The sense of relief.
Have you found your place
where you will live?

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Some of my favorite quotes from the book I'm currently reading:

You were never alone. The violation was dabilitating, the trespass complete.

This was evil manifest. She could feel it with visceral certitude. This was something as obscene as death's own grin.

[She] has skirmished much of her adult life among the cut-and0thrust front lines of female social structure, where words were weilded as weapons meant to draw blood. The higher the level of engagement, the more refined the edge. There, you had to be adept to know you had been cut and were bleeding, or the wound was all that much greater for others seeing it and you missing it.

Few people understood, as did [he], the importance of a precisely tailored, cogent-sounding, uniform message reaching every ear. Few people understood the power wielded by the one controlling the words people heard; what people heard, if put to them properly, they believed, regardless of what were those words. Few people understood the weapon that was a properly fashioned twist of information.

It seemed to be a quirk of the female mind that some women were irresistably drawn to tangible evidence of sexual virility, regardless of its impropriety. It was a visceral whiff of danger, something tantalizing but forbidden. The more some men behaved the rogue, the heavier the women panted.

It's hard to admit we have been wrong. No one wants to admit they have been tricked, or made to look the fool. That view of ourselves hurts. But part of growing, learning, is being able to hold the truth above all else, even when it means we must admit to having held foolish ideas.

You can't expect to walk through life without stepping in the muck now and again. The important thing is to maintain your footing when you do, and not fall on your face and make it worse.

Their walls could make the stars cry.

The strength and beauty of the Midlands was in its diversity, even if some of that diversity was ugly. What was ugly to one was beautiful to another, and so it was that each land was to be left to rule itself, as long as it brought no force of arms to another. It was tolerant suffering of things repugnant to allow things beautiful to blossom.

Yes, you will, even if I have to command it, you will. I want you to feel the wonder of a new life, a new spirit, in your arms, so that you can feel magic other than that Agiel at your wrist. You will bathe him, and swaddle him, and burp him, so that you will know your tender care is needed in this world, and that I would trust my own child in that care. You will make foolish sounds to him, so that you can laugh with joy at the hope for the future, and perhaps forget that you have killed people in the past.

Morality comes from the top down, such as parent to child. The first step, then, is to set down just laws and show that all of us must live by their maxims. You can never stop all wrongdoing, but if you don't punish it, then it proliferates until anarchy wears the robes of tolerance and understanding.

We are not our bodies, we are our thoughts. As they form they define who we are, and create the reality of our existence. Between those thoughts, there is nothing, simply th ebody, waiting for our thoughts to make us who we are. Between your thoughts, I come. In that space between your thoughts, time has no meaning to you, but it has meaning to me. I am a shadow, slipping between the cracks of your existence.



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At 8:00am on February 7, 2014, Albino Mosquito: Kung Fu Girl said…


A-lalalala long, A-lalalalala long long lee-long long long! Come on!

At 12:31pm on January 26, 2014, Albino Mosquito: Kung Fu Girl said…


At 9:01am on July 26, 2012, Brown~Eyed~Girl said…

Sooooo many memories.....oh how the years fly by. :-/

At 7:09pm on July 25, 2012, Princess Calliope Xanoomity said…

All up in your page. 

And the music no longer plays. =/

At 8:22am on July 23, 2012, Cobra Kai for Life said…

Lol, I'm not used to this site anymore I tried using ppb coding for images.

I've seen a couple of bales but this summer I've been pretty reclusive, suffering through an abscessed tooth and an allergic reaction breakout rash to the antibiotics.

How about you? Anything fun going on?

At 7:40pm on July 22, 2012, Albino Mosquito: Kung Fu Girl said…

Right? I wish they actually were my lips, mine don't look that cool when I bite them :\

At 3:41pm on July 22, 2012, Cobra Kai for Life said…


At 3:25pm on May 6, 2012, Albino Mosquito: Kung Fu Girl said…

I'm booooooooored!



At 3:33pm on December 12, 2011, Albino Mosquito: Kung Fu Girl said…

*decorates with teh sparklehz

At 10:48am on December 12, 2011, Albino Mosquito: Kung Fu Girl said…

[Drive-by body pierce]


Pollyo's Blog


Posted on August 26, 2010 at 3:00pm 1 Comment

My first concert was Hank Williams Jr. when I was in 6th grade >.>

Grateful Dead - 8 shows

Phish - 28 shows

Widespread Panic - 8 shows (+ or -)

Dave Matthews Band - 5 shows

Ratdog - 3

Rusted Root - 3

Ziggy Marley

Medeski Martin and Wood

Galactic - 6

Dixie Chicks

String Cheese Incident - 14

Keller Williams - 6

Yonder Mountain String Band - 2

Bela Fleck - 3

Perpetual groove - 3

Planet Drum

Railroad Earth -…


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