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heyyy all, talk 2 me!!!!

My Family, Please Join!!!!!!!!

Hi all!! I have a family that I would like people to join!! If you would like to join, here is my link!!

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Oct 15, 2012
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"hi :)"
Dec 2, 2010
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"Okay, I don't really like this disscussion. Reasons? Okay, I'll give them to you. ~This is totally mean. Seriously, this is a FAN CLUB, people, a FAN club. Fans are someone who LIKE the person they're a fan of. ~Why don't you…"
Nov 27, 2010
Rosalie Leah Cullen replied to ♥♥Sarah_Lynn_Black♥♥'s discussion Ways to annoy Rosalie!!! in the group Rosale Hale Fan Club
"We are all NOT team edwards here!"
Nov 27, 2010
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"so cool can you keep me updated plz?!?!?!?!"
Jul 10, 2010
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" have fun"
Jun 21, 2010
lil miss twilight replied to ♥♥Sarah_Lynn_Black♥♥'s discussion Ways to annoy Rosalie!!! in the group Rosale Hale Fan Club
"Guys dont fight we are all team edwards here we need to stick together in peace and harmony"
Jun 20, 2010
lil miss twilight replied to ♥♥Sarah_Lynn_Black♥♥'s discussion Ways to annoy Rosalie!!! in the group Rosale Hale Fan Club
"LOL tell he she is the uglyest thing you have ever seen"
Jun 20, 2010
Sarah Hannah Cullen replied to ♥♥Sarah_Lynn_Black♥♥'s discussion Ways to annoy Rosalie!!! in the group Rosale Hale Fan Club
"you could get all the werewolves to go up to rosalie and bark in her face"
May 4, 2010
escaily replied to ♥♥Sarah_Lynn_Black♥♥'s discussion Ways to annoy Rosalie!!! in the group Rosale Hale Fan Club
"ask her if she ever went for a degree in law , when she says yes, ask her what was like to feel "legally blonde""
May 3, 2010
Veronica :) replied to ♥♥Sarah_Lynn_Black♥♥'s discussion Ways to annoy Rosalie!!! in the group Rosale Hale Fan Club
"Wow...I think these would really work. Now let me think... Maybe put Jake's old shirt in her wardrobe? =]"
May 3, 2010
Isabella Burwell replied to ♥♥Sarah_Lynn_Black♥♥'s discussion Ways to annoy Rosalie!!! in the group Rosale Hale Fan Club
"chip her nails constantly tell her that she secretly loves jacob kiss emmett gooodbye in front of her GIVE HER OR ONE OF THE CULLENS A PUPPY AS A GIFT!!! :) LOL!!"
Apr 26, 2010
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"hi sooorry im a little bit busy i miiis you!!!!!"
Apr 16, 2010
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"hiya whatz up???? lol"
Feb 20, 2010

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hi wat up sarah i am bored :(:p
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hi sooorry im a little bit busy i miiis you!!!!!
At 4:21pm on February 20, 2010, Grace Elizabeth<3 said…
hiya whatz up???? lol
At 8:05pm on November 24, 2009, Onyx Madison said…
i posted on you banner shop can u make me one or r u not doing it anyomore?
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At 3:28am on November 13, 2009, Heather Lace said…
to chelsey below me..tht was really good..
At 3:19am on November 13, 2009, Heather Lace said…
hey havnt tlked to you in a while..wats up??
At 5:58pm on November 4, 2009, RussetWolfLuv said…
Dark Twilight- Chelsey’s POV
Alice had been attacked while she was hunting. I held her small, fragile hand in mine, as Carlisle slowly poured a weird colored liquid down her throat. She had been unconscious for the last few hours, and no one had any idea about what was wrong with her.
Jasper had found her body lying limp in the woods, when he had gone looking for her. She had cuts all along her pale arms, and burn marks on her face. I knew it was Nate’s doing, he was the only vampire in the Black Cross that could burn. I just didn’t know why.
“I don’t know what else I can give her.” Carlisle said sadly. He was such a good person. He was always doing the best he could, and he had helped so many people.
“Don’t worry Carlisle, she will wake up eventually, she might have just hit her head.” Esme said softly as she rubbed Carlisle shoulder. They slowly walked out of the small office, leaving me and Jasper in the room. His expression was so tortured. His eyes had huge purple bags under them, and I knew they weren’t from lack of feeding.
I reached out with my other hand and gently placed it on his shoulder. “Don’t worry Jasper, it’s Alice, she will be on another shopping spree before we even have time to worry.”
A weak smile pulled over his face. “Yah, she always did know how to shop.” His pretense made me feel a little uncertain. Alice would be okay. The Cullen’s …they couldn’t die…it just couldn’t happen.
“I’m going to go downstairs and talk with the others, come with me?” I asked looking him in the eyes.
“I guess so.”
Downstairs, everyone gathered into the big living room, and once again everyone looked at me to tell them what was going on. I stared back into 6 pairs of vampire eyes, and 2 pairs of humans.
“It was Nate. I can tell by the burn marks on her face.” I said cautiously.
“Why? Why is it him that keeps coming here and causing trouble?” Jacob asked. I could tell even though he didn’t like the Cullen’s, he didn’t like that one had been attacked.
I wasn’t sure how to tell this part of the story. I would have preferred only telling it to Jacob, but I had no choice now. “Nate and I…we were supposed to be.”
“Supposed to be?” Bella asked from behind Edward.
“Our parents arranged us to be together. But after this whole thing, things changed. He was the one that saved me from death…because he thought that if he saved me, we could run away together.” I let it sink in. Everyone looked shocked.
“When I told him I couldn’t…be with him anymore…he got angry. He never did have a good temper, and I made it worse.”
“So, you just decided instead of maybe having a nice little vampire life with him, you would bring him back here to hurt us?” Bella said angrily. She got up and walked towards me.
I didn’t have anything to say. That was exactly what I had done. I had led him right back here to the people I loved.
“So, when are they coming here to fight the wolves?” Emmett asked, changing the subject. Bella still glared at me, but I tried to ignore her.
“I don’t know, within a day or two I guess.” I said honestly. “I was hoping Alice could help with t hat.” Suddenly I got it. “Nate attacked her because he must have known that she was the future telling one, and he wanted to take us by surprise!”
Everyone looked shocked for a second then understood. “ That must be it!” Carlisle exclaimed!
“That sucks, because now we won’t know when they are coming exactly, how many, and where.” Jacob said glumly.
“Jacob, you and the wolf pack can’t stay here and fight.’ I stated. ‘It’s too much of a chance.”
“Chelsey, while you were….er…gone, we decided that we would fight. We would die fighting if we had to.” He said looking away from me.
“What? Why would you want to lead your family to death Jacob? There is a slight chance that any of you will survive it…the Black Cross is strong.” I couldn’t believe him. Why would Jacob do anything so stupid?
He took a step closer to me, so that he was only a few inches from me. “Chelsey, when I thought you were dead, there was no way I was going to keep going. I would have just jumped off a cliff or something, but since the leeches were coming anyway I saw it as a good chance.” He whispered, even though we all knew everyone could hear him.
Shock ran through me. He was going to die because I left? He was going to sacrifice his life, and the packs, so he wouldn’t have to live without me? That was a nice thought in a really sick way.
“Jacob, you can’t do that ever again. You can’t kill yourself just because I leave, or die.” I whispered fiercely. He shrugged his shoulders.
“Can’t make any promises.”
“Can you to please do this somewhere else? There are more important things going on than you two and your death wishes.” Bella said suddenly.
Jacob turned his head to look at her. “Shut the hell up Bella!”
“Don’t talk to her like that!” Edward warned as he stepped closer to Jacob. Jake leaned away his nose wrinkled in disgust.
“Well then, control your woman leech.” Jacob sneered, standing up to his full height so he was a good few feet taller than Edward.
“Well then control your backstabbing, double crossing, half-breed girlfriend!” Edward roared. Jacob didn’t hesitate, he grabbed Edward’s shirt collar, lifted him off the ground and threw him across the room. Everybody stood still as Edward got up slowly, the fiercest expression on his face.
“Your going to get it now you mutt!” He yelled as in a blink of an eye he smashed into Jacob, sending them broth flying through the glass window, smashing it to pieces.
As they rolled on the ground punching each other, everyone else kicked into action. Carlisle and Jasper struggled against Edward, trying to pull him back, while Emmett grabbed at Jacob. Bella began to yell at Edward and Jacob to stop fighting.
I could see through the flash of arms and legs, that there was a lot of blood coming from each of them. I had to stop this before Jacob got hurt.
I jumped over the shards of broken glass, beside the ongoing fight. With the flick of my wrist, I sent Edward flying to the left, and Jacob to the right. Everyone turned to stare at me, the fight forgotten.
I stumbled towards Jacob, to see the damage. He had bruises everywhere, along with a broken nose, where most of the blood was coming from.
“Are you okay?” I gasped. He got up quickly looking angrier than I had ever seen him.
“I’m fine.” He grunted. I looked back at Edward, who also had multiple bruises. All the Cullen’s surrounded him, along with Bella who was glued to his side. The Cullen’s didn’t look angry, but Edward and Bella did. Jacob glared at Edward, and Edward glared back. This wasn’t good.
“Come on Chelsey, we’re leaving.” Jacob said as he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me beside him.
“Jacob, what about Alice?” I said. I didn’t want to leave Alice, and I wanted to figure this all out.
“The leech will be fine without you.” He growled as he tugged me back, not turning away.
“Please Chelsey.” He begged, and when I looked into his dark eyes I knew he needed me. I nodded my head, and slowly we left the Cullen’s behind.

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