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"wow!!!!! Great story!  you are such an amazing writer!"
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"I finished your story and you are an amazing writer!  I can't wait to read how this ends!"
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"love it .  on ch. 16 pg.49"
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"great story!"
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July 25, 09 i read it after renting the movie because that's all everyone was talking about, but the movie did not do the book justice, after reading the book, the movie made more sense. I have now read the saga so many times I have lost count but Twilight and Eclipse are my favorite and I never leave home without them.
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TEAM EDWARD, obvisouly. To love someone so much that you would do anything within your power to protect them and keep them safe, even if you hurt yourself. To care more for someone more than you care for yourself, that is true love. Jacob cares more for himself and what he wants.
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Twilight Twilight and Twilight Pictures Twilight News Twilight News Twilight Eclipse and Twilight Pictures Twilight-Quiz Twilight Quiz Twilight-Quiz Twilight Quiz Twilight-Quiz Twilight Quiz As Bella sat staring out her bedroom window life continued on as if no one was aware of her broken heart. She really had no concern for what time of year it was or what the world was doing outside her bedroom window; the only thing on her mind was Edward and why he had chosen to leave her. She had loved him with her whole heart and every fiber of her being but it hadn’t been enough he left her anyway. She had tried to lie and convince herself that she had been better off without him but she knew the truth. The truth was she would never be the same, could never be the same without him. So instead of venturing out to start a new life and moving on as everyone had told her to she sat curled up in her chair and watched life go on outside her window trying to live the memories they had shared. Alice had been by her side and had tried to tell her that Edward loved her and that the only reason he had left was because he had honestly thought it was best for her, safer for her. Bella blamed herself for everything that had went wrong and she blamed herself for the fact that in the end he had gotten himself killed anyway. He had left leaving her behind and not only that but he had tried to take everything that would remind her of him, but he couldn’t take her heart. Her heart remembered every touch, every kiss and every moment spent with him and she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he loved her, had always loved her. With that knowledge she and Alice had ran as fast as possible to Italy to try and stop him from making the most ultimate of sacrifices but they had been too late. He had stood in the middle of the plaza in the glaring high noon sun amid thousands and thousands of humans as they sat, stood and froze at the vision before them. Edward in the sunlight had been beautiful, magnificent. He was like a god, with rainbow shards glimmering on the sidewalk and reflecting off the windows, sparkling like a diamond. Of course the Volturi couldn’t let that happen so he had been seized immediately and taken beyond the palace gates to never be seen again. The crowds began to murmur but in the end they had been led to believe that it had all been an illusion, a trick of the brilliant sunlight. Bella and Alice had arrived just a minute too late. As they had raced as fast as they could down the corridors and up the winding steps that led them to the colorless, cavern like room that held him they could hear his tortured screams as his life ebbed away. As they barged into the room they saw him lying in the floor with his life already gone, his body a crumbled heap on the floor. Bella had held what was left him in her arms and cried hysterically begging for someone, anyone to bring him back to her for she knew she could live without many things but to live without the hope of ever seeing him again was impossible. She had already tried to live without him once and it hadn’t worked and she knew it wouldn’t work now for now all hope was gone, dead in her arms. Here she sat on the cobblestone floor with the pieces of her one true love in her arms knowing that from that moment forward she would never see his tousled bronze hair, his crooked smile or the love that would shine so bright in his eyes that it was impossible to see anything else. She had held him until the guards had taken him away and she smelled the fire and knew that her life as she had known it was over. So now here she was a lifeless entity with no thought of living but just barely existing. She was a shell of the person she had once been. She asked herself every day how had it ended like this? How was she supposed to go on now? She had given up on life and only wanted to live in her dream world where Edward was as alive as he had ever been. As she drifted further and further away Edward watched her and ached to ease her pain. He only asked for one more day with her or even just an hour he just needed to take her pain away. He too blamed himself for everything that had happened and only wanted to tell Bella that somehow, someway everything would be okay, that she would be okay. Edward never intended to enter Bella’s room, but he could see her curled up on her bed with tears still drying on her cheeks. She was clutching an old Harvard sweatshirt that had once been his. He was drawn inside by the very smell of her drifting through the open window; how many times had he been here before? How many nights had she left her window cracked for his late night entries? He wondered if she did this out of habit or in hope that he would somehow come back. He quietly swung his legs over the window seal and lowered himself soundlessly inside. The room was exactly as he remembered it. The soft sweet floral scent of her lingered in the air and just seemed to pull him in. He could see her Chap Stick and hair clasps strewn on the vanity; she had never been very organized. He laughed as the memories filled his mind, Bella looking for her keys or searching for her i-pod. As he continued to scan the room his gaze settled on a corner shelf and he felt his chest tighten. It wasn’t the deep blue corsage from prom or the crumbled movie tickets from their one and only attempt at a normal date nor was it the baseball from their very first date but it was the 5 x10 framed photos. He could see Bella in his mind’s eye chewing on her bottom lip and how she had objected to having her picture taken. He had tried to take everything that might cause her unnecessary pain when he left but Bella had clung to every memory like a lifeline. He could see the rocking chair where he had sat so many nights and watched her sleep. How many times had he sat in that very chair and wished to be a part of her world rather than his own? He crossed the room and saw his Cullen family baseball cap on her bed post. He realized that there were traces of him everywhere, as if she refused to let him go. He quickly gathered all these left over reminders and placed them beside the window as if their absence would wash away all memory of him. He had been wrong to think that she would ever let go or forget so easily. He now stood by her bedside and watched the soft moonlight illuminate her perfect face. He could see the faint tracks where her tears had fallen before sleep had finally taken over. His poor Bella, she would always be his Bella and it made his very being ache to see her in such turmoil. Edward tried to imagine what it would be like to never see her again, to envision her with someone else but the vision just wouldn’t come. He couldn’t think of her as anything but his, she would always be his. He just couldn’t fathom not knowing or remembering her. He continued to stand at her side mesmerized by the rise and fall of her uneven breathing and the beauty that was Bella. She began to toss and turn, tangling the sheets and he could see pain radiating from every pore of her body. He heard her call his name as if what was left of her heart was breaking into tiny fragmented slivers that would never be put back in quiet the right place again. He thought of Adrianna the angel of time and memory maybe she was right it would be better for everyone to forget. He could not bear to see Bella in such turmoil and unending pain, if forgetting would heal her and make her whole then that was what he would do. He touched the small flask in his pocket and the leather pouch that she had given him and he knew what he had to do. As he stood and lovingly watched her, trying to memorize every facet of her face and ever sigh and moan that escaped her lips she slowly opened her lovely brown eyes. She blinked twice and then smiled a radiant smile that shone brighter than the sun. “This dream is much nicer than the other ones.” He smiled as he walked to the edge of her bed and knelt by her side, to clasp her hand firmly in his. He saw the life sparkling back into her once dull eyes. She smiled so serenely and so lovingly it made him ache for what he knew would come next. “Bella, love I have missed you so.” “Oh Edward I can’t even put into words how much the absence of you has turned my world upside down leaving a huge hole where my heart should be.” Edward cringed as the words fell freely from her sweet lips. He knew that Bella had no reason to censor her words she would never lie to him, unlike the blasphemy that had poured out of his mouth when he had left. He regretted the harm he had caused her and would gladly do it over again if he could but he knew that would never happen. He drew a ragged breath and tried to form the words that he needed to say. “Bella please listen for I do not have much time. I need to share some things with you and I hope that you understand and that somehow you will remember that you once knew a boy who loved you more than life itself.”
Edward could see the look of confusion filling her eyes and worry knitting her brow. As she gazed into his eyes she pulled on her bottom lip and he knew she was already fretting about what he had to say. She reluctantly nodded her head and waited for him to continue.

“Bella I know when I leave here tonight you will have no memory of me or this conversation but I still feel the overwhelming need to explain and apologize for the things that I caused to happen. I have always loved you even before I knew you I loved you. I spent my entire existence waiting for you. I was wrong for thinking I could walk away from you and I am so sorry for the pain I caused you. I want you to know that nothing that happened was your fault if there is any blame it falls solely on me. I made my decisions and I alone am to blame for what came next. My love for you was so vast that nothing could measure the depth of my love for you. Bella before you my life was a cold, dark and miserable place and then you came along and pulled me out of the darkness that had become my life. It was you brought my cold dead heart back to life and at times it was as if I could hear it beating. I knew I should have left before things went too far but I wasn’t strong enough to leave you or to deprive myself of your company so I stayed. I am so sorry that my selfishness has caused you so much pain.”

Edward had to stop before he came completely undone and became a blubbering mess. He rested his head on the edge of the bed and felt Bella’s butterfly soft touch as she began to run her fingers through his tousled hair. He marveled at the exquisite feel of her hand and knew that was just one of the many things he would be missing tomorrow. She began to mummer soft words of love and comfort in his ear and he could feel the warmth of her breath and the touch of her lips grazing his skin. Edward struggled to lift his head and see her troubled eyes looking expectantly at him.

“Bella promise me something.”

He waited as she looked at him and nodded her head. Edward knew she wouldn’t remember him come morning but maybe she would be able to somehow keep this promise.

“Love please don’t stop living. You have to promise me you will get up each day and take whatever cards are dealt and make the most of whatever this life has to offer. I want you to believe in the gift of love. I know when I leave you tonight that all our memories will fade and our life together will be no more than a dream that never came true, our lives as we have known them will be over. I know that time will pass and life will go on, but Bella my heart will remember when you were mine and my heart will not let me forget. I know that if there is any possible way for my spirit to come back to this earth that I will find my way back to you. I love you always your name and memory will be etched in my heart for eternity and beyond and I will find my way back to you.”

Edward raised Bella’s hand to his lips and gently pressed them to each of her fingers, then her palm. He slowly made his way up her neck until he found her mouth that was parted waiting to meet him half way. He savored the feel of her lips and the teasing of her anxious tongue as it assaulted his. He felt very much alive as if a million tiny fireworks were exploding behind his closed eyelids and the sensations that ran through his body had him shivering in want. Edward struggled to bring this life altering kiss to an end even though it was the last thing he wanted to do. He carefully pushed Bella away and let her head fall to rest on his chest. As he held her close he felt the rapid beating of her heart and the shallow breaths she now drew in and out. She raised her head slightly and looked at him questioningly.

“Edward I know this is a dream, your lips are so soft and warm and the touch of your hand so soothing as if you’re taking all my pain away.”

He sighed and drew her closer to his chest so she would not see the truth hiding in his eyes. Edward never wanted her to feel an ounce of pain ever again. He knew she had endured enough for a lifetime already. He would not let her continue to suffer because of him and his poor judgment.

“Bella, my Bella I love you so much and it is for you I am doing the unthinkable. Please try to get up each day and put one foot in front of the other and see where this new life takes you. You just have to breathe in and out and know that there will always be someone out there who always has and always will love you.”

He eased her back on her pillows and stood beside her bed. She was watching him as silent tears began to fall down her face. He held out his hand to catch one and clutched it in his fist as if that would thrust all her pain onto him. He would leave until she fell asleep. He slowly made his way to the window before glancing over his shoulder.

“Edward please come back I don’t want to be alone anymore. Just don’t go until I have fallen asleep.”

He could see her outstretched arms reaching for him. That one simple request was all that it took and he was by her side. He lay beside her and held her close to his heart. He would do this one thing for her before he left, he would stay until sleep came.

“Love close your eyes and go to sleep. “

He lost all track of time as he closed his eyes and tried to ingrain every memory firmly in his mind. He would not let himself forget one second of his life with Bella. He had no idea how long it was before she drifted off to sleep. He lay perfectly still beside her and listened to her strong heart beat until her breathing evened out and her soft mummers fell silent. The time had come. He rose from the bed and gripped the pouch in his hand. Edward quickly before changing his mind shook the memory dust in the air and watched as it fell on Bella’s sleeping body. He could see the tiny particles floating like tiny dust fairies in the shimmering moonlight. He knew in the morning any memory or idea she had of him would be forgotten forever. Edward could hear her talking in her sleep and calling out for him. The hardest thing he had ever done was turn away from his heart and walk to the window. He gathered up all reminders of the past before looking over his shoulder one last time. He drank in the sight of his Bella, his love, the only heaven he ever wanted to know. He pushed himself off the window ledge and landed softly on his feet already running to the forest. He found a place to stop and he took the flask out of his pocket. He knew that Adrianna would be here soon and that he had to finish this. He removed the cork and turned the bottle up and drained the dark, bitter liquid it held inside. It took his breath away as he felt a burn going down his throat and then back up again. He had never felt such pain not even as a new born. He threw the empty flask watching as it shattered into the bushes. He cursed the vile fluid that by the light of the morning sun would have erased all memory of his heart.

“Edward come we have to leave.”

He looked up to see Adrianna standing before him. She was so graceful and beautiful in a majestic kind of way. When she took him in her arms and unfolded her golden wings it was mind altering. She was indeed a sight to behold. She took off and within seconds they were in Heaven’s gates. Edward looked around and nothing had changed it was just as it had been earlier. He could see the streets of gold, he could hear choirs of angels singing the most beautiful hymns ever written but amid all the beauty and perfection he still missed his Bella. He hadn’t been sure what to expect but he knew that at some point Bella would be gone from him forever.
He looked at Adrianna waiting to see what was to become of him now. As her eyes rested on Edward he could see mercy and pity shine in her angel’s eyes.

“Edward you know that I am the angel of time and memory. I don’t think you really understand what that means but I am going to explain it to you. When you went to Italy and begged to be killed I was watching you. As Bella and Alice raced to get to you but sadly arriving too late I was there too. I watched as Bella held your broken still body in her arms. She was devastated and she pleaded and begged for someone to give back her Edward. I heard her cries and that is why I brought you here. I feel that even though your heart had ceased to beat it was still a good heart. I feel that you deserve a second chance. I had to be sure that you had Bella’s best interest at heart, so I sent you to see her and to see if you would be unselfish. I know how you wanted to leave and not enter her room but you did it for her. I know how hard that was for you seeing her like that and then to talk to her and touch her for the last time and yet you never faltered you did the one thing that broke what was left of your heart. You chose to make Bella’s life better even though it meant her forgetting you completely. I gave you the potion that at first light will wipe your memory clean, at that time I am sending you back to earth for a second chance to be human. When you wake in the morning you will be human. You will not remember me or anything that has happened; your life will be what you make it. I hope you are able to have a chance at love and happiness because you Edward Anthony Masen Cullen deserve it.”

He watched as she began to sparkle so bright he had to cover his eyes and then in a shower of light she was gone. He had so many unanswered questions. He didn’t see how he could possibly not remember Bella and even if his human mind forgot he vowed that some way, somehow he would find her again.
He fought to stay awake to not close his eyes but eventually he lost the battle and he succumbed to the effect of the potion. He closed his eyes as visions of Bella filled his dreams

Bella sat in her room and watched as the daylight began to fade, she wondered why this time of day captivated her in such a way. As she sat watching the day come to an end she heard a still small voice in her head. She had been hearing this voice for a few months now but she had no idea whose it was or why she heard it every night at the same time.
‘It’s twilight,’ the velvet soft voice whispered in her head, ‘It’s the safest time of day for us, the easiest. But also the saddest, in a way…the end of another day and the return of the night. The dark is so predictable don’t you think?’
Bella knew she had heard that voice before but for the life of her she could not place who it belonged to. She watched as the clouds floated and the sun began its slow decent beyond the horizon where the light would slowly disappear. She found herself restless and she began to pace her small room and contemplate what this voice could mean. As she paced the floor at the foot of her bed her toe caught on a loose board. She stumbled and fell on her knees. She caught herself with her hand landing on the board and it easily moved at her touch. She found this odd but she felt compelled to look underneath and see what was hidden there. As she reached her hand into the space she felt a box so Bella being Bella pulled it out. She looked at the beautiful carved wooden box with a crest etched on the lid. It was beautiful a lion or maybe a tiger so powerful and strong and she yet again wondered where she had seen it before. She opened it slowly to see pictures, folded stationary and a CD. She began to look through the pictures and her heart swelled at the story they told. She could see herself with Alice and her sister Rose which she found odd because she couldn’t remember ever being with them except at school. She could see that the whole family was in these pictures and everyone was dressed up at some kind of party. She knew everyone in the photos except one boy who she could never see his face. He had his back to her in every shot but she felt as if she should know him. He had a head of messy bronze hair but that and his height was all that she could see. Her heart began to beat faster and she knew she was missing something important. Where had she seen him before? It was all so bizarre. She lifted the CD and the letters out and carried them to her bed. She popped the CD into her stereo and listened as a voice began to speak. It was the voice in her head, the most musical voice she had ever heard it touched her deeply and did odd things to her already frantic heart. She listened to the angel soft voice that had been haunting her and running through her head for weeks now.

‘Bella I know that you didn’t want any gifts for your birthday but this doesn’t really count. Alice has made a CD of all my music for you and I hope you like it. Please know that every piece on this was inspired by you. You Isabella Marie Swan are my life, my only reason for existing at all. I love you.’

Bella automatically swiped at the tears that were soundlessly falling unnoticed down her cheeks. She had no idea who this was or why he loved her but she couldn’t stop listening now. She heard the most beautiful lullaby floating in the air and surrounding her with a sense of peace and love. She had to know what this meant and why she felt as if she knew this boy whose face she could never see. She grabbed her phone and dialed a number and waited as it rang. She thought it would go to voice mail but at the last second a beautiful high pitched voice answered, “Hello?” Bella could hear the questions in the voice that she knew belonged to Alice Cullen.

“Alice is that you?”

Bella waited for an immeasurable time until she heard a soft sigh on the other end of the line.

“Yes Bella it is me but how did you get this number?”

“Oh Alice I don’t know I just thought of you and this is the number I dialed. I know you are going to think I am crazy but can you come to my house please I need to show you something.”

Bella could tell that Alice was weighing her answer before finally agreeing to come.

“Ok I live on…”

“Bella I know where you live give me five minutes.”

Bella agreed and hung up the phone and continued looking at the notes and letters in the box. There was a plain white piece of paper with the words ‘Be safe’ written on it and for some reason she felt it held great significance. Bella was brought out of her reverie by a knock on the door. She got up and crossed the room letting Alice in. Alice looked at her with such sadness and compassion that Bella had to look away. She motioned for Alice to follow her to the bed. She began to show Alice the things she had found.

“Alice I know that you and I used to be great friends. I can see it in the way you look at me when you think I am not looking. I feel comfortable with you more so than with anyone else. I want you to look at this and tell me what it means?”

Alice was sorting through the items on her now cluttered bed and Bella hit the play button letting Alice hear the beautiful mystery voice. Bella could see the look of amazement on Alice’s face as she heard her name. Bella wondered what she was thinking.

“Bella where did you get these things?”

“I found them under a loose board. Alice what does it mean and how is it that we used to be so close and yet I can’t remember you or your family?”

“Bella there is a lot that you don’t know and I am not sure that it is my place to tell you. I am afraid that by telling you the truth it would upset the balance of things and only bring you pain and sadness.”

Bella grabbed Alice’s arm and pulled her down to sit beside her on the bed. Alice continued to look at the photos that lay scattered on the comforter.

“Alice I have to know what this means and who is this boy whose face I can never see?”

“Bella that is my brother but he isn’t here anymore.”

“Alice did he love me at some point that I have forgotten?”

Bella could see the look of pain that was in Alice’s topaz eyes. She wondered what it was that had her so close to tears that never came.

“Please Alice I need to know. I have these dreams and they are always the same. I am alone in the dark and I hear this velvet soft voices telling me how sorry he is and that he will find his way back to me someday. Then every night at twilight I hear the same voice repeating the same thing in my head. I know I should remember but the face, the name always seem to evade me. Alice I need to know the truth.”

“Bella I am so sorry it is not my place to tell you. I hope that you figure it out but it has to be on your own.”

Bella nodded her head and watched as she crossed the room as if she had done it a thousand times before and soundlessly left. Bella couldn’t stand the now silent room or being inside a minute longer it was as if the walls were closing in around her and suffocating the life out of her. Bella ran down the stairs and walked outside. She began to pace and let her mind wander.

Where did she go from here? She felt this unbearable sense of loss for someone she had never met, someone whose name she didn’t know. She wanted to see his face, this face that danced in her dreams always just out of reach. She just wanted one day to see him to really know him. She wanted that feeling of peace that seemed to surround her whenever she thought of him or his voice flitted in her mind. She knew she was lying to herself she knew that one day with him would never be enough, forever wouldn’t be enough. It seemed so crazy to her how she didn’t know his name or anything about him, she only knew him from her dreams. She was afraid she had gone completely mad and had fallen in love with a figment of her overactive imagination, but his voice was so familiar, so real the loudest thing in her head. She found herself wondering if it was possible to dream of the person you were meant to share forever with before you actually met them. Okay so now even Bella was questioning her own sanity; but this dream, this man her Edward was so real so much more than a dream or a figment of her imagination. She stopped mid step and realized she had given him a name. She had no idea where the name had come from or why she had given it to him but she knew it was right and that it fit him. She sat on the bottom step with her hands on her knees and began to watch the sunset. She gazed at the sun as it began to shift from yellow to orange and then to different fiery shades of red before starting to dip behind the horizon.
‘It’s twilight,’ the velvet soft voice whispered in her ear, ‘It’s the safest time of day for us, the easiest. But also the saddest, in a way…the end of another day and the return of the night. The dark is so predictable don’t you think?’

Bella raised her eyes to see the most beautiful emerald green eyes she had ever seen. She felt her heart begin to pound erratically as if it might jump out her chest. She stood up and looked at the amazingly beautiful face that was watching for a sign of recognition.

“It’s you.”

She heard a soft chuckle and a warm hand take hers. She was mesmerized by the musical way his voice floated in the air around them. She knew this is what she had been missing, that this was Edward.

“Edward, your name is Edward right?”

“Yes love my name is Edward Anthony Masen and boy do I have a story to tell you. I hope you have an open mind because this is truly an unbelievable story. Trust me even I have a hard time believing it and I lived it.”

Edward pulled Bella off the step and into his arms. He breathed in the scent of her skin and the waves of strawberries that came from her hair. He kissed the tip of her nose and began to walk toward the woods and tell her the story of the life that they had once shared


Twilight Breaking Dawn


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Posted on February 23, 2010 at 10:28am 1 Comment

Robert Pattinson: ‘Breaking Dawn is a Burden’

Robert Pattinson ROBERT Pattinson says the fourth Twilight film feels like a weight around his neck — because he doesn’t know when he’s supposed to be shooting it.

The actor will reprise his role as vampire Edward Cullen in the final Twilight film based on the books Breaking Dawn — which may be broken into two…


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At 1:30am on May 21, 2012, Emma C. said…

S!!! How nice hearing from you!! I've missed you :) Ethan is SO cute!! Congratulations, he's lovely!!! Of course you can use the banner, no problem, I didn't understand where do lol but just curiosity you can use it without problem! Minn has her own site? do you go there?? I'd love the link! thanks :) And I'm so glad you have three stories on the run and that two have your own original ideas! Awesome S!! Very good luck with them!!!

I'm not writing right now but everything is fine school is good and familiy and everything, thank you :) and you?? 

Miss you, HUGS TO BOTH OF YOU!!!


At 1:00am on February 20, 2012, DaneiMarie said…
Hey Esme sorry I havent been on and fyi im on my phone and you know how that goes with typos. Lol ok so w are good,here carter and I are feeling so much better. I still have a lil bit of a stuffy nose but it will go away soon I hope. Lol I love the idea of your story it sounds really good. I like eother way just a girl or if you go with it being a b&e story I like how you would have the guys being there and Edwatd saving the day. Ok so im going to be busy all week but ill try and get on specially if your goinf to be updating! I need more of your writinf im hooked like a drug addict  to crack. Lol ok well im super tired and I have a busy day tomotrow even though carter doesn't have schiol we have alot of running around. Ill get on at some point not sure when but ill def make time for it. Big Em hugs to you and Ethan from us. 
At 11:57am on February 16, 2012, DaneiMarie said…

Hey Esme! Im feeling alot better and so is Carter! I hope I get to read some of you brilliant work soon! Im having withdrawls! lol Ok hope you and Ethan are having a great day! Big Em hugs to you both! Oh and I hope you had a good valentines day! Let me know how you guys are its been a lil bit since we last talked!

At 12:53pm on February 6, 2012, DaneiMarie said…

Hey Esme sorry my message was so short last night! It was my pleasure to help you! I loved helping and being a part of it! Carter is already feeling better and his fever has gone down to normal so thats good! He is back to running around and driving people crazy. lol I still kept him from school today just to make sure he was ok. I am feeling so good today I actually got a great nights sleep last night so I woke up and made pancake breakfast for the family and right after that I felt like cleaning so I cleaned the kitchen and the computer area I reorganized the computer desk so its really clean and looks 100x better! I am so beyond happy to get to the gym today since yesterday all I did was eat and lay around. My mom and dad go a lil crazy with snacks and food for superbowl. They actually watched it but I was watching movies and snuggeling with Carter. Im glad you and Zach had fun! Is that boy ever going to realize you two should be more then friends???? lol Ok well I have more cleaning to do before yoga! Big Em hugs to you and Ethan!!!!! I cant wait to vote for your story!

At 1:19am on February 6, 2012, DaneiMarie said…
Hey esme im sorry but this,is,going to,be short. Im so tired! Carter has been running a fever of 99-101 for 2 days now and ive been busy with him I watched a lil of the game but thats about it. Lol I am about to pass out so ill ttyl! Ill be on tomorrow. Carter isnt going to school so I will try and get on here. Big Em hugs to you guys from us!
At 7:45pm on February 2, 2012, DaneiMarie said…

Hey Esme im so sorry he is getting worse! That is no fun for either of you! I am keeping my chin up Im already over it. I am having a really good day actually. lol Im even more sore then earlier and yesterday but I love it. It makes me feel like Im working hard!Carter has karate tonight so I wont be on till like 10 or 11. I have to give my smelly son a bath and then I have greys anatomy tonight. I am so excited I went to old navy and instead of new jeans and tops I got more gym clothes! lol I have noticed I wear more gym clothes then jeans and tees. I spent way more then I wanted to but I love what I got so I am ok with it. Ok well I am off to clean up the kitchen and the rest of our messy house. lol big em hugs!

At 12:36pm on February 2, 2012, DaneiMarie said…

Hey Esme! I havent checked my email yet today but I will after I leave you this message. Stupid computer lol O well its all good. I am beyond sore today tuesday and wednesdays classes are killing me and I have a hardcore class in a little bit. Ugh oh well it should start paying off soon! I am pretty sad that I didnt get the job at the blood center but I just have to be positive and understand that it just wsnt the job for me and god has something better for me I just have to keep my faith and believe that it will happen! I am going to continue to look of course. Gym is great I am spending as much free time as possible and guess what my mom is going to buy me a juicer so I can start doing that because I need to find a better way to get veggies in me. lol I can eat fruit all the time but I have to make myself eat veggies!!!  Ok anyways lol I love that I get to help you dont worry! I like being able to help  you. Im going to get off here and check my email then get Carter and get my butt kicked at the gym then go shopping at oldnavy then carter has karate!!! Big Em hugs to you and Ethan! Oh and I hope that he is feeling better!!!

At 12:09pm on February 1, 2012, DaneiMarie said…

Hey Esme I hope Ethan is feeling better today! No worries I was very distracted and didnt even make it back on. I was watching Transformers revenge of the fallen! lol Carter did good at karate! He works with the younger kids so he doesnt do as well as I think he should. Im going to ask if he can work with the older kids since the lil kids goof off and make it harder for him to pay attention. I think auburn would look good. Next time I do my hair im going to keep my brown hair but add red or purple peek-a-boo streaks. Im pretty excited! I know that you will rock on the diet! You are a very dedicated women! Im good at working out but its the eating that kills me! I know how you feel winter always messes me up and sets me back! Ill email you from my yahoo account after I get done here. I will be on later today like 5. Im excited and so happy you asked me to help you! I feel very special! Ok well I have to go get ready for the gym. Today is my long day!!! I am actually excited! I have TRX then yoga right after it. I am pretty sore from yesterdays class to so I am very happy about it! I just have to watch what I eat now! lol Ok big Em hugs to you and Ethan!

At 10:42pm on January 30, 2012, DaneiMarie said…

Hey Esme! I am thinking that I really love the song enchanted and I think the idea you had would be the one I would want more and more of! I like haunted ALOT too! Oh I dont know how you do it! My head is going crazy with picking lol I love all of them and the ideas you have for the songs are all really good and I would like reading them all. Ok so I have to say everything is good here and that I dont know about the job and as for my room I keep getting things that have to be done so it keeps getting pushed back so I am thinking I will have to wait till spring to paint! Sad I know but it will happen. Carter is great. He is getting taller as always lol  he is learning how to tie his shoes by my sis not me of course I am a horrible teacher and we are also working on him reading! He has a leapfrog pen thing that helps him learn and the leap pad so its helping! I have been going hard at the gym still except my lil vaca kinda pushed me back so I have to get back into gear. lol my eating and working out werent on my top priorities list while I wqas gone. I havent seen either of those shows but I have been busy at night doing laundry and cleaning and I just have music on while I do those. lol I bet you adn Ethan are both really happy you moved his table. lol I know how that can make bedtime a lil hard. lol ok I have to get started on picking up before bed time. Ill be on tomorrow morning! Big Em hugs to you and Ethan from Carter and I!!!

At 8:12pm on January 30, 2012, DaneiMarie said…

Hey Esme ok so I feel sooooo special! lol Ive totally heard that song before but its been a while so thats why I didnt remember it. lol I really like it! Its perfect! Ill be on later so ill talk to you later! Im going to get carter fed and ready for karate!

At 1:15pm on January 30, 2012, DaneiMarie said…

Oh my Esme! The song you put on my page is my favorite out of all the ones youve sent me!!!! It is so true and beautiful and I can just imagine the amazing story that you will write to go with it! I am in love with this song! Who is the song by that you posted on my page? I wasnt the biggest fan of t swif but now I am thinking otherwise. lol I cant wait for more! Ill be on tonight! Big Em hugs!

At 12:37am on January 30, 2012, DaneiMarie said…

Hey Esme Im glad all is well there and yes my lil vaca was very much neded and I loved it but its good to be home! I missed my lil man! I am hopnig to get back into my regular flow! My sleep shedule is all messed up and I missed the gym! lol Tomorrow I am getting up realy and then I get back to my gym time too! I have yoga tomorrow which is the best way to get my weekend started! I am also going to call the blood center and talk to HR and see about the job. I am beyond tired so this is going to be short. lol I will be on in the morning since Carter doesnt have school I get to hang out at home. Ill check out the one shot group its on the other site right? Ill join and thats cool that you can enter 2!!! Ill keep checking back and see what I can do to help but Im sure what you have wont need much editting!!! Ok well I am going to pass out now since I barely sleep this weekend! Oh and I cant wait for valentines day Carter likes the little cards and Im sure he will want to do something nice for his girlfriends! lol Of course I could go broke with that idea since he has 100 gfs! lol Ok big Em hugs talk to you soon! Cant wait to read more of your awesome work!!!

At 11:42am on January 29, 2012, DaneiMarie said…

Hey Esme  Im back!!! I had a great time! The flight was fast and easy  I had an amazing time! I was barely sober the whole time. lol Went went to a ton of bars. lol We also went to the ocean fand her fiance went surfing. We played on the beach and went to lunch and then went back out. Her fiance went out the 1st night but was so tired from surfing to go out the 2nd night. We met up with some friends that live here but went there for a visit too. They got us into VIP at a really cool club. We had so much fun dancing all night. I havent walked so much in 3 days. lol I didnt mind it though it was actually nice but Im so sore!!! lol How was your weekend? Hows lil man? Oh I forgot so when I got off the plane at home Carter was waiting for me with my mom and when he saw me he ran and hugged me and told me how much he missed me!!! It was the best way to come home! He also took me to subway for lunch. lol Well I drove but he paid with help from my mom. It was his idea so it was sweet. Ok well I ahve to go make him breakfast so Ill talk to you later! Big Em hugs to you and Ethan from us!!!!

At 9:59am on January 26, 2012, DaneiMarie said…

Oh yeah and big Em hugs to you and Ethan!!!

At 9:58am on January 26, 2012, DaneiMarie said…

Hey Esme I just wanted to say ill talk to you in a few days!

At 6:41pm on January 25, 2012, DaneiMarie said…

Oh Esme dont worry and I absolutely love the first idea the song sounds sweet and I am LOVING your idea for the story!!!!!!!! Ok Im going to read the new chapter then get back to packing. lol Im only going for 3days 2 night but I cant make up my mind on what I want to pack and so I pack then repack and so on and son on. lol Ok Ill be on later too! Big Em hugs!

At 7:24pm on January 24, 2012, DaneiMarie said…

Hey Esme! I will try to think of a song too. I think its a good idea since you know more about Edward and Bella. Im sure you know alot about the other people. lol I dont remember thier names. Ok so anyways all is good here. I dont remember if I told you about the deal with my mom that if I lost 10lbs she will buy me whatever pair of shoes I want. Well I got them! lol Sorry if Ive already told you this a few times I swear my memory is horrible. lol I applied at the blood center here that I donate at. Ive been waiting for an opening there and I am really hoping I get the job. I really love that place and I think its a great thing donating blood. I am super uber busy this week. Specially tomorrow! I am starting off by taking Carter to school going tanning picking Carter back up going to donate blood then coming home relaxing/packing and doing laundry for my trip and then going to the gym later in the day then coming home and making sure I have everything packed and ready for my early flight out. So FREAKING excited!!! lol Ok well im going to go so I can make dinner and then get carter ready for karate! Big Em hugs to you and Ethan from us!!!

At 12:11am on January 23, 2012, DaneiMarie said…
Hey esme ok first thing yes I will be your beta! I would love to! Second idk about the hunger games I gues,ill just have to read, it. I have to say I'm all about edward and bella so there is my opinion but you are the best writer so I know it will be great! I didn't get much sleep last night or today so this is going to be short since I'm so tired, but dont worry I'm not over doing it. Ill try and write more tomorrow! Glad ethan is better! Big em hugs to you both! Ps I need,atleast 1update before I go on thursday! Lol
At 5:18am on January 22, 2012, DaneiMarie said…

Hey Esme I am shocked!!! lol I have to read the hunger games now. I am in disbelief they could be better that Twilight!!! lol All is well here other than my stressing over finding a job. lol its 215 am here and I couldnt slep because my mind was in over drive! Ugh tomorrow is going to be a very long day. I am happy to say that I am still loving the gym and all that. I also am kinda excited there is a job opening up at the blood center I donate at and I am hoping I can apply there and work there. I ahev been filling out applications alot lately. I am just going to put myself out there and see what happens. I am beyond tired so I know there will be way to many mistakes in here but I am to unfocused tto fix them sorry. lol Ok so I dont remember much about what I was going to say because I focused on your very last comment and I think that you should pick a linkin park song. You love them and they are powerful and emotional songs. I cant decide on one but I hope that helped a lil. Ok well I am going to check my mail and then try and get some sleep. I am planning a long day at the gym. I only have a few mmore days before portland and I want to do everything I can to look better. lol Ok big Em hugs to you and Ethan from Carter and I!!!

At 1:37pm on January 16, 2012, DaneiMarie said…

Hey Esme! Im sorry I havent been on here in a few days! I have just been keeping myself super busy. So my belly dancing class was fun! I really liked it so Im going to continue going to is every saturday. My gym schedule keeps getting busier and busier! lol I love it so its all good. My mom made a deal with me that since my shoes are completely trashed cause I am using them alot and Ive had them for over 5 years that if I lost 10 lbs she would buy me a new pair of gym shoes. Well I am almost there so she bought them but I cant wear them till I loose the last couple lbs!!!! I got the new nike shox that are grey and purple! I freaking love them and I cant wait to wear them! I took yesterday off of the gym and let me tell you I dont plan on doing it again. lol I wont over do it. Dont worry about that. On the weekends and monday I take easy classes like yoga /belly dancing/ or just treadmill time. I guess this week we are going to be getting ALOT of snow so that will be interesting! My mom and dad leave for vegas tomorrow and Carter and I will have the house mainly to ourselves. My sis will be here but hopefully not much. lol We dont get along that well. Its going to be so great to have some seperation for Carter and my mom. Those 2 are going to make me crazy and she spoils him completely!!! I absolutely freaking LOVE LOVE LOVED the update and I cant wait for more! I love that story if you cant tell. lol I am so glad Ethan did so well with surgery and recovering! I wouldnt be able to bounce back as fast as he did thats for sure!!! lol Kids are so cute! Ok Im sorry but I have to get back to cleaning and making my shopping list and I have yoga in less than an hour! I am just loving today! and yesterday I got to go long boarding! The weather has been chilly but sunny so we have been playing outside. Oh and I leave thurs the 26th. I come home on saturday afternoonish! Ok Let me know how you and Ethan are doing! Ok big Em hugs to you and Ethan from Carter and I!!!


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