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<~~(Chelsi(front)&Juliet(back)***Julie- -runs away yelling- Matt, You PROMISED!!+Nattie- -starts to cry- K-kaleb!!!!

"I miss Screamin' and Fightin' and Kissin' in the Rain and it's 2am and I'm Cursin' your name. I'm so In Love that I act insane and that's the way I love You... Breakin' Down and Comin' Undone. It's a Roller Coaster kinda Rush and I never knew I could feel that much and that's the way I Loved You... "
Juliet "Julie" Simms Cullen/Volturi...

Hey hun... Yeah. My names Juliet. Call me Julie. I'm a vampire, and a vampire. Julia and Nattie adopted me into their family... I get along with wolfs. Big. Fricken. Whoop.
-growls- I'm 15, gonne ba 16 on New Years Day. -chuckles- I'm in love with him...-smiles- His name is Matt. Oh, and, people would describe me as Um... well, "Difficult and shy...and a 'sweetheart'.". -laughs- Oh, and, my vampire gift is being able to sheild anyone/anything and being able to feel and change emotions.
Full Human Name- Juliet Simms Underwood
Age when bit- 15
Actual Age- 85
Likes- Nice people...
Scared of- Most guys...
Status- WAS!!! Engaged to Matt!!!!! (((((Single now...)))))
Species- Vampire.
Smoke/Drugs/Drink- No/No/Yes

Fave Quote- "Love hurts."
Julianna "Julia Or June" Grace Clearwater

-smiles widely- Hey guys... -giggles- My name is Julia, and I'm a werewolf. I'm 17 and I'm gonne be 18 on Janruary 7th... -giggles- I'm Single.. -smiles- My little sister is Nattie and my adopted little sister is Julie. My sisters call me "Princess". -giggles- Cause I'm really girly.
Full Name- Julianna Grace Clearwater
Age- 17
B-day- Jan.7th.
Likes- Anything pink and fluffy...
Scared of- Spiders...
Status- Single..
Species- Werewolf.
Smoke/Drugs/Drink- No/No/No

Fave Quote- "I will protect you; even if I have to die to do so."
Nataile "Nattie" Anna Clearwater

Hola!! -laughs- Yeah, it's Nattie. Never, EVER, call me Natalie!!! -giggles- I just now figured out I'm a werewolf!! And I'm protective Julia's little sister!!! -giggles- I'm 11 years old, even though I look 15, and I'm taken by Kaleb!! -laughs- I'm most of a tom-boy,.-giggles-
Full Name- Natalie Anna Clearwater
B-day-.July 23
Likes- Anything...
Dislikes- Nothing really...
Loves- Kaleb... -starts to cry- (((((Single)))))
Species- Werewolf.
Smoke/Drugs/Drink- No/No/No

Fave Quote- "No matter how much you grow up, you will always be a kid inside."

Chelsi "Chels" Lynn Hale/Volturi

Well, My name was Chelsi Lynn... I don't remember. -chuckles- I'm a vampire, and I'm 15(Really 98). I'm single and I want it to stay that way.. I was just added to the family by Julie. We found out that she's really my twin sister... so here I am!! -laughs- They call me "Weirdo" Cause I'm kind of a tomboy-girly-girl. My vampire gift is being able to make people forget everything and light anything on fire just by looking at it... -sighs- I'm a monster...
Renesmee "Ren" Carlie Clearwater

Heya guys... My name is Renesmee. But, My friends call me Ren. I am a human. You hear me? A HUMAN!! Not a werewolf like my pack sisters. I am 14 years old, and I am single. Also, for only god knows why, my sisters try to protect me from everything. My nickname is "Little Human". -chuckles-
Renesmee's Kids-
Angel Crissabella Clearwater:

Edward Jacob Clearwater (E.J.)

Zayanne "Zay" Marie Clearwater

Hey everybody... My name is Zayanne. Please call me Zay. I am 9 years old, and I was just recently adopted by Ren. She's my big sissy now...-smiles- I'm a vampire, and I can hear peoples thoughts... -sighs- Also, I'm single, and my family calls me "Adrenaline Junkie".

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Family Pics!!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Chelsi (Right) and Juliet (Left)!!!!

Nattie (Right) and Julia (Left)!!!

Chelsi(Left) and Juliet(Right) as kids before they were bitten!!

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At 6:20pm on January 6, 2010, ღ .тнε cℓεαяωαтεя sιsтεяs. ღ said…
Sooo.... Single Members!!
Renesmee, Zayanne, Julianna, & Chelsi.
At 6:27pm on January 1, 2010, Josh. said…
-Laughs- i see that and Yesh everybody only i can call my sexy buddy ren here Smexy Beasty Buddy! :P
At 2:03pm on December 31, 2009, ღ .тнε cℓεαяωαтεя sιsтεяs. ღ said…
Hey Comment-Stalkers!!!!!!!
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