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At 12:24pm on June 17, 2010, xXHeartXShapedXCoffinXx said…

At 3:57am on June 17, 2010, xXHeartXShapedXCoffinXx said…
I want this!

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I wants dish!!!

At 12:02am on June 17, 2010, xXHeartXShapedXCoffinXx said…

Dish ish what I want fow meh 17th birthday...

At 11:21pm on June 16, 2010, xXHeartXShapedXCoffinXx said…
I NEED ROLEPLAYING BUDDIES!!! if any packs want to host characters for me... that'd make me feel very special inside haha
At 5:31pm on June 16, 2010, xXHeartXShapedXCoffinXx said…

Hi... I'm Tobi... -sighs- I'm really normal... I'm only 16 years old. I think alot, maybe too much. I had this one friend, his name was Kurt, but he killed himself. I was his only friend. That was probably one of the reasons he did what he did. I'm alone, bored, depressed, -sighs- I miss him more than anything, but there was a weird thing about Kurt... it wasn't ruled suicide yet because they haven't found his body... they knew there was a gun shot, and a gun with only his finger prints on it and also his blood covered the floor, but there was too much of it to be from just one gunshot. My boyfriend also recentlly broke up with me. -sighs- I'm broken-hearted...

Name: Tobi Skye Zena Vail

Age: 16

Species: Human

Relationship Status: Heart-Broken... Not looking...

Crush: Hell to the No

Virgin: Yes,

Orientation: Bi-Sexual and Proud

Favourite Song: Heart-Shaped Box - Nirvana

Favourite Band: Nirvana

Favourite Colour: Blue-Violet

Favourite Animal: Cat

Favourite Candy: --

Favourite Food: --

Favourite Drink: --

My story...
Heart Shaped Coffin

“Aberdeen is a small-ish town located in Grays Harbor County, Washington State. The population as of 2008, is 16,042 . Kurt Cobain, a famous
singer/song writer back in the 1990’s, was born here, though he ended up killing
himself in 1994, his spirit lives on through-out the little town. I’ll never
forget him, that’s set deep in stone.” -Tobi Skye Zena Veil or me.

I sat in my window listening to music… I can’t quite recall who wrote it. but I remember each and every feeling as the words came out of the singer’s mouth. I was telling myself to hold back the tears. I
hadn’t cried during his funeral, why would I be crying now?

I knew why. But I didn’t want to think about why. I wanted to think about the positive sides of life at the moment. But it’s impossible to think about nothing.

I hesitantly released a tear from my left eye, it escaped down my cheek slowly as if it were sneaking away.

My best friend who was named after Kurt Cobain and looked up to him like a brother, Kurt’s death wasn’t normal, they ruled it a suicide but I had to debate that. Even though I was his only friend and he was never happy he
wouldn’t have killed himself. He was smarter, or rather, more original than
that. He wouldn’t have killed himself like ‘he’ did.

Kurt lived with his mom and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend constantly cracked jokes about Kurt’s not having a girlfriend. It was odd how much Kurt’s homelife took after Cobain’s home life.

The police found Kurt’s room ransacked with a shot gun. Only Kurt’s finger prints on it. But another thing was the blood. The endless amount of blood. It flooded the room, the gun was soaked in it and so were some of
Kurt’s journals. That’s another reason I knew Kurt didn’t do this.
He had always wanted to become a writer and he would never be able to do
that with all his journal entries covered in blood…

Kurt Was Murdered…

Chapter One.

I went over to Kurt’s mom’s house just to her how sorry I was about Kurt but she wasn’t there, I decided to walk around town, which is a good walk.

I stopped by the gas station to get a candy bar and saw one of the kids that used to make fun of Kurt, I felt like I had to say something to him, make him feel bad, if that was
possible for him to do, so I approached him, but something came out of his
mouth that I would never had expected.

“Look, Tobi, I’m sorry that I took him from you.” What? Mike Richardson saying sorry?

“Ehh…” I’m sure I looked utterly confused, “Did you say you were sorry, Mike?”

He looked kinda depressed now that I looked at him. “I know you don’t believe I’m saying this, but Kurt was a cool kid... he would never get pissed at us for bugging him, and
he would never make us want to ride up his azz any farther… I’m really sick for
making him depressed and all…”

“You think you made him depressed?” I actually smiled at this one, how did Mike not know about the crime evidence? His dad was the chief police officer…

“Well… wasn’t it ruled as a suicide?”

“No… Not yet, why’d say that?” Mike kinda seemed to be hiding something under his unusual behavior…

“I thought it was…”

My head screamed ‘IT’S BEEN 10 DAYS SINCE THEY FOUND HIS BEDROOM ALL COVERD IN BLOOD’ but I didn’t… I was always too shy to get anything out the way it came in my head. “No… There’s
been no time for a court… and I highly doubt they’re going to have one, Kurt
wasn’t that well known…”

Mike looked down as if this all were his fault “I guess so…”

I could tell by now that the gas station guy was on to Mike like files on fresh dog crap.

“Mike…” I started to walk toward the door of the gas station, motioning for him to follow. “You know it wasn’t a suicide” I whispered in his ear and started to
walk out the door. “We both know it wasn’t …”

He scoffed “What are you talking about?”

I crossed my arms. “Shut up and tell me what you know,” I pushed him onto some grass, I couldn’t believe he fell.

He brushed himself off and stood up. “Alright… Kurt … he didn’t kill himself… I saw him climbing out of his window that night… there was someone with him as well… I
wanna say it was Renee, ya know, the senior, that hot one that always wear-“

I interrupted him. “Yea, I know who she is.”

“Alright… well anyway… it didn’t look like anyone was dead…” He seemed a little scared of me, which wasn’t all that surprising since I almost used no force to push him into
that patch of grass.

“Okay… where’d they go from that window?”

“Forest behind Kurt’s house.” He was saying everything very quickly.

“You’re coming with me.”


I grabbed his hand and dragged him to the forest that was behind Kurt’s house…

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